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Lazy Daisy Jones


Lazy Daisy jones is about 

  • Exploring the new, letting go of the old, embracing change.

  • Living responsibly so our children & grandchildren inherit a planet like the one we grew up on.

  • Finding joy in creativity not consumption.

Ashley Cramp

 A Sustainable lifestyle:

Not a fan of fast fashion, Ashley is an advocate for re wearing everything in her wardrobe. Vowing to buy less and buy better is surely the best excuse to shop at Arket and Cos ?


Restore, Recycle, Reuse

The whole family are avid recyclers, and restore and reuse where ever possible. Most of the furniture in the house has been handmade or found and restored.

Table handmade, chair restored…

Giant Beanbag Sparks Joy in Dorset Garden!
Restored Kandya 1950's chair


Natural & Cruelty free

Ashley love to discover and tries to use cruelty free, natural skincare products where ever possible. As we are all now aware of our impact upon environment, she would like her children and hopefully her grandchildren, to inherit a planet like the one she grew up on.

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