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Hello! I’m Ashley I write ‘Lazy Daisy Jones’, a creative midlife and style blog, based in the UK.


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Ashley 2018.


About Ashley…


  • I live with my family and 2 dogs in a beautiful, rural area in the south west of England
  • Now in my mid fifties I do not believe that my age should restrict how I dress.
  • I am a collector who dreams of being a minimalist, A colour lover who embraces monochrome!
  • Creativity is my middle name! I sew, crochet and dream up ‘stuff’


My favourite quote:

“It is never too late to be who you might have been.”

-usually attributed to George Eliot


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About this Blog

Created in 2013 Lazy Daisy Jones is the place I enjoy documenting my creative lifestyle. Here you will read about:


  • Fashion and beauty for the woman over 50, my style, my way.
  • Our colourful home, which has been featured in magazines both in the UK and the US.
  • My love of Interior design.
  • Diy and restoration ideas to make with yarn, fabric and paint.


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Lazy Daisy Jones’s House



Lazy Daisy Jones Brand Collaborations and Campaigns.


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‘We’ve worked with Ashley for a number of years and are always impressed by her amazing photography and attention to detail. She really understands home and puts a creative spin on any brief we give her’

Claire Eden – Publicasity



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