Catching Up A Blog Award & My Boy is helping to change our world!


It seems ages since I last wrote a catch up post. You might think that when you stay home for 10 weeks there is not much to report re catching up.  Wrong! Staying home means there was so much more time to do things and think about life and stuff. The things that matter and the things that don’t, it all took on a new perspective…



on the beach catching up



On Catching Up

I used to write ‘lately’ posts that were all about where we had been, what we ate, who we saw and of course what I wore and bought. These things seem trivial now, uber trivial…!


These things seem trivial now, uber trivial…!  


A blog Award

I was awarded Best UK Eco Fashion and Beauty Blog as part of the the Health and Beauty Awards run by Luxe Life. Now dont get me wrong, it is always a pleasure to be acknowledged by others and I am proud to receive it. Indeed, it has actually helped me to narrow down my niche, so instead of a just a general  lifestyle blog, I am seeing Lazy Daisy Jones evolving into a Sustainable Lifestyle Blog. But in the grand scheme of things it is hardly life changing is it?


best UK Eco Fashion and Beauty blog 2020


The most I can hope from this award is that there are more eyes to see and read what I have to say. My words, my voice will takes it from there, to hopefully encourage you all to shop local, shop sustainably, choose well, buy better and consume less?



Helping Jacob to change the world.


A strong statement I know, so let me explain…

My Son Jacob, is 18.

Over these last few years, our roles have started to reverse. He now teaches me about his world, from the latest apps and technology, to learning to be more patient and show more tolerance (I get car rage!)

He is not an angel, far from it, his room is in a state of perpetual chaos, he ignores my requests for help when it doesn’t suit him and can be the proverbial pain in the you know what! But he is kind, has a huge heart, and cares about others. Not to mention what a hugely talented artist and photographer he is becoming, the print below is a self portrait, relief print…



Jacob cramp lino relief print boy in a beanie
Self portrait relief print


I’m Slowly Catching up with and beginning to understand his world.

So without going into all the details around the subject of the awful things happening in our world right now.

Jacob wants to do something to help others and has decided to shave off his gorgeous ‘lock-down’ head of hair for charity! The date is set for 15th July and the money will be divided equally between the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust  and  Black Lives Matter



Jacob wants to do something to help others, he has decided to shave off his gorgeous ‘lock-down’ head of hair for charity!  



Will you help us?

Can you help? Perhaps just by sharing this post via your social channels, or if you can manage a few pounds by donating to his page:

Please click the link below that will take you to his page, to help or share in anyway you can. Thank you to everyone who has already shared and donated….


Jacobs Page ‘shaving my Head’



raising money for the Stephen Lawrence charitable trust



A sobering thought:

Jacob at 18, is the same age Stephen Lawrence was when he was stabbed to death during an unprovoked racist attack.


So proud of my gorgeous boy…enough said I think?




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  1. 16/06/2020 / 14:02

    Ashley what a total star Jacob is – you must be immensely proud! Have donated to his page, it’s a wonderful cause… Stephen Lawrence’s death was an event I remember like it was yesterday. How sobering for you that Jacob is the same age 🙁

    I’m sure you’ll share a picture of the newly-shorn locks, can’t wait to see!!

    Catherine x

    • Ashley
      16/06/2020 / 23:50

      Catherine, Hellooooo!
      Thank you for donating, yes a sobering thought indeed.
      The date is set for the 15th July, I think we will video it…
      Hope all well with you and K and Suki?
      bestest wishes

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