Straw Basket Upcycled 5 ways Is Back Again For 2020!


My favourite straw basket was purchased very cheaply, the equivalent of 3 UK pounds, in Marrakesh a few years ago. Since then, it comes out to play every summer, it is simple lightweight and I wish I had bought another! This year it is in need of some brightening up and some TLC!


Straw Basket Upcycled 5 ways & back again For 2020!



Upcycled: ‘reused in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original’



How to Upcyle a Classic Straw basket bag and use it again and again.


I know some of these tips are very obvious, but sometimes when you see an image it reminds you about your own favourite things that are tucked away. It does for me, I read a blog and think oh yes I have one like that I must wear it again!  So get out your old scarves or a favourite piece of fabric, it could even be a tea towel?



liberty print scarf tied to a straw bag



A list of embellishment ideas that you may have laying around to trim a Straw basket or bag:


  1. The classic scarf, tied several ways, in a bow or left loose or tie around the handles.
  2. New Tea-towel with a smart printed design,
  3. Hair clips, or silk flowers or even crocheted ones!
  4. Ribbons, badges, clip on sun glass case, and you hopefully will always know where they are?
  5. Clip on A tassel? In 2018 I wrote a tutorial on how to make your own tassels using a book



How To Make A Tassel for your basket bag Using A Book!
How To Make A Tassel for your basket bag Using A Book!



As a collector of Vintage Liberty Silk Scarves I always enjoy a chance to show them off…



vintage liberty silk scarf Straw Basket Upcycled 5 ways & back again For 2020!



I found these crocheted flowers from a previous (still unfinished) project and put them to good use…



crocheted flowers on straw basket



You could wrap the scarf around the handles…



wrap a scarf around the handles of a summer basket



Below is my favourite, a shibori scarf, handmade for me by a friend and I treasure it. I wear it a lot and it even keeps me warm as a light summer wrap…



large tie dye scarf tied in a bow, on a straw bag.
Using a large tie dye scarf tied in a bow.



Double Bag it!

How about adding another small bag to your basket, keep your sunnies and sun cream handy…?



add another small bag to your basket
Add a small bag to your basket? This one is from Zara


So will you be raiding your drawers for scarves, fabric and tea-towels?



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