7 Green UK Hand Care Products A Beauty Review

At the beginning of 2020 could anyone have predicted what a hot topic of conversation hand care would become? All of us now know we must regularly wash our hands, but what about the toll this takes on our poor old hands?


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My hands are now so dry and flaky from all the hand washing, they look like the hands of a much older woman!  


Hand Care Problems and a few solutions all made in the UK.

Dry skin, peeling cuticles, age spots, you name it I have it, dont mention bitten nails! Therefore in the name of vanity I have researched a few ‘new to me’ products. After trying several out on the family, here are a few of the favourites…

Disclosure this post does not contain affiliate links but products marked * were gifted. However I love them so much I would buy them myself next time !


Green People:

Green People, are the UK’s most loved natural and organic skincare brand. The use sustainably-grown plant ingredients that are clinically proven to care for your skin.  Cruelty free, no harsh chemicals and certified organic, what more could you ask for? £1 from certain items will be donated to the NHS. More details on the site. I recently wrote about their superb age defying skincare collection.


This is Marc’s favourite handwash, because its unscented and does the job!

With an unprecedented increase in demand for hand soap, Green people have responded with the launch of a new scent free hand care duo, designed to provide everyday protection for the whole family…


Green people hand wash and cream duo
Green people hand wash and hand cream duo




  • A fragrance-free, organic Aloe Vera hand wash for everyday use.
  • Vegan, scent-free and suitable for all the family
  • Ultra-gentle on sensitive skin of all ages, with no SLS or irritating soap
  • pH balanced to cleanse without irritation
  • Organic Aloe Vera leaves hands soft and hydrated


Cruelty free, no harsh chemicals and certified organic, what more could you ask for?  






  • A natural, fragrance-free hand cream for everyday use
  • Vegan, scent-free and suitable for all the family
  • Ultra-gentle on sensitive skin of all ages, with no synthetic fragrance
  • Naturally abundant in the Omega-3&6 fatty acids that are essential for healthy skin
  • Leaves hands nourished, soft and protected against dryness


*Deep cleansing hand Foam (perfect for travel 100ml)


Natural, alcohol-free hand sanitiser and hand wash…I love this because it does not dry my skin and it fits in my handbag and the glove compartment in the car.

  • Naturally foaming and pH-balanced for sensitive skin
  • Use with water for a thorough hand wash at home
  • Use without water for stop-gap germ-busting when out and about
  • Freshly scented with light notes of Lemon Tea Tree
  • Featuring moisture-retaining Aloe Vera and free from drying alcohol
  • 91% certified organic ingredients (certified by Organic Food Federation)

green people deep cleansing hand foam



I am sure by now that many of you will have seen this product, if you are a nurse you definitely will know about it! I love every thing about Nursem,their mission, the back story, the branding but above all the lovely products! I mentioned them first in my post about my recent online random purchases

Nursem Mission

Nursem promise that for every hand care product sold they will give a month’s worth of free Nursem to a nurse or a midwife.

The story behind the product.

Antonia the founder,worked for 11 years as a paediatric nurse. She often came home with sore, cracked and bleeding hands as a result of the constant hand washing needed to keep her patients infection free. In 2011 this became so bad that she was forced to take a week off work. Antonia needed to find a solution, so after teaming up with her husband, a group of British nurses, laboratories and Newcastle Science City Nursem was born!


Nursem hand care for nurses



I love every thing about Nursem the story, the branding but above all the lovely products!


The products I bought:

Caring Hand Wash:

Cleans, protects, smells glorious and is free from the usual nasty parabens and chemicals and is certified cruelty free.

Caring hand cream:

I actually bought the smaller version for 9.99 but that is sold out until the end of June. Next time I will buy both, one for my handbag and one for the kitchen sink!


Key Active Ingredients:

  • Glycerin
  • Manuka Honey NPA 15+
  • Pro-Vitamin B5
  • Allantoin
  • Salicylic Acid
  • Vitamin E
  • Soya Bean Oil
  • Passion Flower Oil
  • Pomegranate Seed Oil
  • Grape Seed Oil


Nursem hand care for nurses



Ark skincare hand care products:

Ark skincare is an old favourite a truly comforting beautiful quality skincare range, suitable for all ages. Can you tell I’m a fan?

These are new to me products and obviously they can be used on your body and your hands bonus! I have been using them for the last couple of days and am delighted to report they do not disappoint.

Formulated for Body and mind and I absolutely agree. Used together, these two combined, not only make your skin feel silkier and softer, but the 100% natural fragrance will soothe your soul.  A fresh gentle scent, blending Rosemary and Clary Sage with soothing florals…


*Vitality hand and Body wash 250ml:

Smells so good! Great for sensitive skin, the hand and body cleanser with Vitamin B5 and Amino Acids. Produces a luxuriously rich lather which hydrates skin as it cleanses and ensures the integrity of the skin’s natural moisture barrier is maintained.


Ark Skincare body beautiful set, hand and body lotion and wash



*Nourishing Hand and Body lotion 250ml:

Deeply nourishing hand and body lotion with Shea Butter, Kukui Nut and Coconut Oils, plus Minerals and trace elements, Amino Acids and Vitamin B5 . Instantly hydrates and helps to protect the skin, improves elasticity, and reinforces the skin’s natural moisture barrier.



Ark Skincare body beautiful set, hand and body lotion and wash


You can save £20 by buying them both together Here and receive a free gift bag too!


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