Lock Down Shopping! 12 ish Random Online Purchases


Lock down those 2 little words that make headlines around the world. Even a few weeks ago we had no idea  our lives would be changed forever and we would say things like ‘ so how are you keeping busy during lock down?’ I have to admit to occasionally keeping myself amused by browsing online! That famous Oscar Wilde quote comes to mind…


Lock Down Shopping! 14 Random Online Purchases

Disclosure I bought all these products, some links are affiliate.



I can resist everything except temptation – Oscar Wilde  


Lock Down Shopping, Random Online Purchases.

Yesterday I had to pop out to Boots, talk about a child in a sweet shop…I went a little over the top on shower gel, hairbrushes and shampoo. Buying in real life is so much more fun than buying online, especially when you haven’t done it for ages.

The act of physically getting my purse out ‘in real life’ reminded me, to check my online purchases. I was amused to find a random assortment of ‘essential’ items and thought I would share what I have been buying lately…


For the house: Cushions and candles.

What else do you need in a lock down situation? Cushions and candles are the perfect antidote for stress free, scented evenings either inside or out…

Two Zara Candles and one bottle of fragrance, from the Zara collaboration with Jo loves  – Jo Malone. Amalfi Sunray sold out fast but there are still other scents left.  Waterlily tea dress is light, sweet and fresh.


…well what else do you need in a lock down situation?



zara emotions candles



One Beauty Pie Candle

This is my fourth and quite possibly my fifth Beauty Pie candle. I love their candles very much. Similar in size, quality, packaging and fragrance to the Diptique collection that sell in John lewis for £47 !

However if you join beauty pie and you can buy these candles for only £17. If you use this link you get your first month for free!


Beauty Pie details.

I subscribe for £10 a month, this allows me ‘into’ the club to buy at a greatly reduced rate. They are the same high quality makeup and skincare products, made in the same factories, but at a fraction of the cost because BP cut out the middle men and the celebrity advertising. You are only charged for the product and packaging and a small overhead cost.


And Other Stories sell very similar candles, I have purchased them many times in the past I rather fancy ‘Ode a la Paresse’ Reminiscent with the scent of Tuscany including, wild fig, leather and white birch hmmmm



candle from and other stories Lock down shopping



One velvet portrait cushion from RE Found Objects:

RE are a site I have been visiting a lot during lock down, they believe in fair trade and also sell recycled and rescued items. Do take a look!



RE velvet portrait cushions perfcet for lock down living



For Me: A few face and body beauty Favourites:

I love a pedicure and I dont have the patience to do it for myself, so these DR GLYCOLIC™ SOFT FEET 7-DAY PEEL SOCKS from Beauty pie are superb and really work.

NOTE you may have to wait at least 10 days to see results!




These amazing Korean single-use foot peeling socks are formulated with high-percentages of Glycolic and Lactic Acids, Natural Fruit extracts of Grapefruit, Orange and Lemon, plus Sweet Almond and Coconut extracts to:

  • Exfoliate and smooth cracked heels and dry skin
  • Smooth and soften dead skin cells and calluses
  • Re-hydrate, soothe and condition
  • Give you baby-soft feet in 7- 10 days



feet wearing Dr glycolic beauty pie feet peeler socks



L’Oreal Magic Retouch for those lock down roots!

I do not want to dye my hair myself (believe me box dye mistakes take time to rectify) So  I contacted my wonderful hair colourist, she suggested this product: I finally believe in magic!

Use this I implore you, it works simply spray in and wash out when you next shampoo your hair. There is even a video to help you apply it. I use dark blonde to cover my grey roots, but there are a variety of other colours that will match your own colour.



I contacted my wonderful hair colourist and she suggested this product… finally I believe in magic!



l'oreal magic touch root touch up for lock down hair problems



Beauty Pie New Soul Providers bath and shower products:

The latest bath and shower products from BP are divine, with natural ingredients, this one is my favourite:



beauty pie soul providers body scrub and bath oil





  • DEMERARA SUGAR – To instantly slough away dead skin cells
  • LEMON EXFOLIATOR – A natural exfoliating ingredient derived from Lemon Peel
  • SWEET ALMOND OIL – Deeply conditioning
  • APRICOT KERNEL OIL – Rich in vitamin A and Linoleic Acid
  • VITAMIN E – For antioxidant protection and deep skin moisturization
  • EVENING PRIMROSE OIL – Rich in Essential Fatty Acids and vitamin E
  • INDIAN GOOSEBERRY EXTRACT – Sourced from the Amla fruit,known for its high content of vitamin C and its antioxidant activity
  • HOLY BASIL EXTRACT – Taken from the Tulsi plant, which promotes purity and lightness, while cleansing toxins to leave skin conditioned and nourished
  • CEDRAT LEMONGRASS FRAGRANCE – To uplift and revive






BTW The Nursem hand cream I will cover in another post about hand care in more detail


To wear: 2 traditional nighties and a pair of slippers for outdoors:


A nightie I know! Who knew they would be so comfy? so pretty and keep you cool and/or warm, due to the natural cotton fabric. One from good old M&S another from Zara Home. They are presently on rotation, one in the wash and one being worn.



Zara Home Nightdress

I have this one from Zara Home



Zara Home also do some lovely quality, well priced footwear. I bought these felt clog slippers to wear outside, but they appear to have almost sold out, even though they came in four colours! Do take a look at Zara Home, its separate from the Zara clothing stores and in my opinion, much better quality.



Felt clog slippers from Zara Home



For getting your craft on:

If you are wondering why there is some sack-like fabric on that table? I bought some hessian to make a rag rug to use up some old t-shirt fabric. Have you read my rag rug post with all the details here?



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12 random online purchases for beauty home and to wear





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  1. 15/05/2020 / 21:42

    You’ve made some lovely purchases. I agree about Zara Home. I love their stuff. I’ve never bought a piece of Zara clothing though. HM. Maybe the clothes are for the younger crowd. I’m off to take a look at RE. It sounds very interesting.

    • Ashley
      15/05/2020 / 22:46

      Hi Lorna,
      RE is wonderful, I first discovered them in Liberty when buying a gift for a friend. they have some lovely and unique products from other countries! well worth a browse, enjoy