A House Dress What is it? & Why I am Living in One


There has been a change in my summer wardrobe, a drift away from wearing my beloved jeans for leisure wear. I am now wearing dresses at home for comfort. I’ve seen others wearing ‘house dresses’ on my social media recently and it made me shout out loud ‘’YEAH, ME TOO!“  Because you see I have a house dress thing going on…


loving wearing a house dress



What is a House Dress?

To put it simply a house dress is what a housewife wore at home in the 1950’s. Along with a glamorous hair style and a full face of make-up.  Now I may be wearing a house dress or two, but my face is still bare (apart from moisturiser with an SPF) and my too long hair is held back with a scrunchie on most days of the week. So why do I love a house dress all of a sudden? For oh so many reasons…



wearing a dress to take the dogs for a walk



To put it simply – a house dress is what a housewife wore at home in the 1950’s.



black house dress



A House Dress is good for all types of English Weather.


Easy to wear, a house dress is a ‘no brainer’ a complete outfit. A dress that can be worn in all weathers. During hot UK days I wear mine with just knickers and sandals. On cooler days I wear a camisole under and a cardi on top. How simple is that?


The comfort factor:

You know I love a comfy outfit, I’m sure you do too? An added advantage of wearing a dress is that it does not dig in around my expanding waistline, unlike my jeans. Plus it is very handy to tuck around my feet when curled up on the sofa. Or even on a log pile…!



black summer dress



A House dress does not dig in around my expanding waistline and is handy to tuck around my feet when I am curled up on the sofa!



wearing a house dress to walk the dogs
Wearing a house dress to walk the dogs!


A dress can even be worn for dog walking…

It was so hot the other day, I wore an old summer dress on our daily exercise and dog walk. I was lucky, the teen agreed to snap a few photos for you. As we climbed up the hill a gentle breeze wafted the dress around my legs, it was delicious, you don’t get that with jeans.

This dress is an old one (possibly from Uniqlo) It had long wide sleeves, so I chopped them off and sewed in some elastic to the hems.



leather phone pouch from cos stores



Before you go, can we talk about that very useful leather pouch around my neck?


Not something I would normally mention,  but this little pouch is so useful both in and out of the house. Large enough for a phone and a pair of glasses. Then when we eventually get out again, it will be brilliant for tickets and cards, it has a slot for them at the bag. I even popped a lip balm in it the other day.

I bought it from COS Stores

there are a few other versions too, but I can highly recommend it to all. Even my 18 year old son thought it was cool. Now I always know where my phone is, win win I say!


a gentle breeze wafted the dress around my legs, it was delicious, you don’t get that with jeans.





I can highly recommend wearing a house dress, there are many similar dresses online at the moment:


My sneakers are from Mango they are on sale in white here


1. cotton shirt dress
Low dropped shoulders and long, voluminous balloon sleeves with buttoned cuffs. Open chest pocket and a rounded hem with high slits in the sides. also comes in white and khaki
2. black cotton off the shoulder dress
Voluminous, calf-length, off-the-shoulder dress in a cotton weave. Elastication and a flounced trim at the top, 3/4-length balloon sleeves with elastication at the cuffs, and a gathered seam and flounce at the hem for added width.
3. Wide caftan dress
Long, wide dress in a cool viscose weave with a slight sheen. V-neck, a yoke at the back, gathered seams on the shoulders and long, wide sleeves. Gathered seam under the bust and on the skirt, also comes in orange.
4. black leather phone Pouch
A modern take on accessorising. Crafted from smooth leather, this phone pouch is a functional addition to any look. 100% cow leather, lined in cotton. 2 compartments.





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  1. kate
    05/05/2020 / 20:45

    I love the idea of a house dress and sometimes manage this look myself. In my case, doesn’t work all day as twice daily dog walks wouldnt be possible in a dress – too much risk of ticks! (Much as I like the insta-vision of wafting across the meadows in a floaty dress…

    • Ashley
      05/05/2020 / 22:42

      oooh Kate I did not think of the tic problem!

      Ok so perhaps only once a week from now on and not every day for me, luckily my dogs are small and can only manage the hills around here once!

      bestest Ashley

  2. 02/05/2020 / 07:46

    Just the other day a other blogger was wearing a house dress and it reminded me of my grandmother! She wore those too. In the 70s. But not a black one, it was all colors then. I prefer yours ! Hope to see you on my Fancy Friday linkup party!

    • Ashley
      04/05/2020 / 16:35

      I think they are wonderful items of clothing and its obviously new trend for lockdown!
      Join the club Nancy ! xx

  3. 30/04/2020 / 18:22

    I like that your dress still has some definition at the waist so it is more flattering. It does look quite comfortable. I am wearing a black jumpsuit today that is probably not the most flattering on me but yet is is very comfortable and I will continue to wear it.

    • Ashley
      01/05/2020 / 23:08

      Yes the dress is very comfy with an empire line waist, so very comfy, not bothered about how it looks during this present time, i just want to feel cool and comfy!
      Thank you for your comment

  4. 29/04/2020 / 22:05

    I do like dress number 2 but would never wear it around the house as I’d be knocking things over with my sleeves and sweeping sundry objects into its voluminous folds. I tend to be rather clumsy, if you haven’t guessed 😀 But I do like the idea of wearing it for walks and shopping. The pouch is definitely a win-win. I’ve been wanting one for ages.

    • Ashley
      30/04/2020 / 02:11

      Aha! Lorna I do know exactly what you mean, those voluminous skirts also come in handy for moving stuff around the house, especially my crochet yarn…another bonus to add to the list?
      The pouch is a must have very useful…
      Thank you for your comment
      Ashley x