I Learnt To Zoom & Rag Rug In A Morning!

Whoever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks was wrong, you can! This old gal recently learnt two new tricks. I learnt to Zoom and Rag Rug all in one morning and it only took a couple of hours…


I learnt to rag rug



Serendipity & Elspeth from Ragged Life.

We have a large and beautiful Moroccan rag rug and matching pouffe in our lounge. Last week my son asked me if I made it, I replied that I did not, but one day I would love to learn how to make a rag-rug. Low and behold the very next day Elspeth from Ragged Life emailed me and invited me to take part in one of her online rag rug classes, serendipity or what?



Elspeth from Ragged Life
Elspeth from Ragged Life.



Elspeth’s Story


Elspeth kindly agreed to answer some of my questions, I always want to know how people got to where they are now and how they feel about it.

How did you start?


When I was 14 I was asked to make a costume for my school’s recycled fashion show. I’d grown up with my mum’s rag rugs all over the house and thought it would make the perfect medium for my outfit. Hours and hours and t-shirts and t-shirts later, I finished my costume… which was possibly the most uncomfortable outfit ever made (try telling a teenager they have to line something). I won second prize for my efforts, but decided that rag rug clothing wasn’t exactly the easiest place to start… a rug would do for my next project. That’s where my story began and I’ve been rag rugging ever since.



one of Elspeth's rag rugs, made from denim strips
one of Elspeth’s rag rugs, made from denim strips



When did you start Ragged life?


I founded my company “Ragged Life” in 2014 after noticing that more and more people were looking to get into rag rugging. I started out running workshops at weekends and in the evenings in London and Hertfordshire, but as demand picked up I left my old job to rag rug full time. I’m now a published author, have appeared on national TV and am a regular in craft magazines. I love spreading rag rug cheer by running workshops (online at the moment), as well as selling rag rug kits and handmade commissions.



Elspeth's rag rug book
Elspeth’s rag rug book


Can you name an achievement or a project that you are most proud of?


For a crafter, choosing your favourite project is kind of like choosing your favourite child 🙂 But, if I had to select one then I’d choose the leopard print clutch bag I made recently for Mollie Makes Magazine or the rag rugged laundry basket attached. Both have playful patterns and bold colour schemes. I’m a true colour lover!

Find out how to connect with Elspeth  and book a class with Ragged Life at the end of this post! 


An Online rag rug class via Zoom.

Elspeth sent me a kit with everything I needed to get started (available here)

The moment it arrived I booked a class and investigated the Zoom App. Elspeth included very specific, easy to follow instructions on how to set up Zoom. You sign in and enter your invite codes at the agreed time. So easy, there were 3 of us which made it simple to ask questions if we were unsure of anything.

The time passed in a flash and by the end of the class I had learnt some very basic rag-rugging lessons. More importantly I had learnt some top tips to make it easier and was able to directly ask Elspeth her advice on future projects…

We made a trivet in the shape of a sunflower.  My completed version has been put to good use on the garden table, as you can see below.



rag rugging kit



We made a trivet sunflower, mine has been put to good use on the garden table…



a small trivet rag rug mat
I made a small trivet rag rug mat, now on the garden table.


Why I love a Rag Rug

So many reasons:

  1. 100% Sustainable, using old clothes that are not good enough to go to charity like old t-shirts etc.
  2. Handmade with love, lots of ‘memory’ fabrics can be used, that favourite dress that is not too small?
  3. Super easy, saves money and the whole family can join in.
  4. So many projects, from baskets to wall hangings and of course rugs in all sizes.
  5. Very easy to care for the more you wash them, the better they look.





100% Sustainable, using old clothes that are not good enough to go to charity like old t-shirts etc.  





The First project:

My First project is going to be a bath mat for my sons bathroom. I’ve ordered some hessian for the base and while waiting for it to arrive I am ripping up and cutting strips to size.


More Ragged life Details:

You can buy basic kits from Elspeth’s Shop

Website for online classes: Ragged life

Instagram: RaggedLife

YouTube: Ragged Life

Facebook: Ragged life Rag Rugs







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