The Accidental Capsule Wardrobe


Just like the title of the 1985 novel by Anne Tyler, The Accidental Tourist, I now have an accidental capsule wardrobe of which I’m very proud…

It really did come about by accident, even though it has been something I have aspired to for a couple of years. A quick rifle through my old overflowing wardrobes, convinced me I would never be ‘that girl’. Fast forward 2 years and at least 18 months of continual decluttering and I think I may have accidentally achieved my goal of a capsule wardrobe. Around the same time I stopped buying fast fashion, and turned down working with brands who no longer fitted my new slow fashion style.



summer minimal wardrobe



Fast forward 2 years & at least 18 months of continual decluttering & I think I may have accidentally achieved my goal of a capsule wardrobe.



summer minimal wardrobe



What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

In case you are not sure or always wondered, I googled a few definitions, all are different but this is the one I feel happiest with:

“… A capsule wardrobe is a limited, curated collection of clothing, shoes and accessories that can help you live with simplicity while reducing decision fatigue. It generally consists of a few key items that are used as your entire wardrobe for a season”



What is A Capsule Wardrobe



Simple Pieces, basic shapes…

My early Summer 2020 capsule wardrobe consists of 10 key items, 3 pairs of footwear, 3 bags and a black leather purse belt. To these I will add black, white and grey plain t-shirts plus a couple of sweatshirts, a pair of blue denim jeans and a pair of cream jeans. Later I will swap out the heavier pieces for lighter items.



summer minimal wardrobe


The Bags:

I could go over the top with bags, but how many do you really need? May I suggest one investment bag that will take you anywhere and perhaps 2 casual styles, one larger than the other? I treated myself to the Little Liffner bag below, because I had a rather good start to the year! It will be my ‘investment bag’ for some years to come. No flashy labels, no double Gucci G’s (heaven forbid) just a quietly stylish leather bag. After-all, as they say, if you know you know…

summer bag styles

The other 2 bags you can see above, are for casual use, my vintage basket, I took it everywhere last year.

Plus a squishy denim blue, over sized tote from Cos, I bought at the beginning of the year. I spotted a rather lovely denim one here, that would be perfect for summer.



The Shoes that every summer wardrobe needs..

I must admit I have given up on strappy high heels, toe posts and anything with adornments. I want simple, I want leather and a shoe that is not only comfortable but will take me from the city to the poolside and off out to dinner in a day…



classic summer shoes



White and Navy are from Vagabond shoemakers and the cream and khaki pair is from Cos. All bought in the sale. Go me…! So when we are finally allowed out I will persuade Marc to take some snaps and show you how it works IRL – in real life.


So at last after 18 months of donating all those wild prints to charity, I have a wardrobe with clothes in it that I actually wear…



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  1. 20/04/2020 / 14:14

    I’ve sorted my colours out, Now I need to invest in some special well made sustainable items. Very much liking the new bag. I’m surprised you haven’t featured the Chanel here though xx

    • Ashley
      21/04/2020 / 14:40

      Aha Thanks Laurie!
      I dont share everything! The Chanel, is not my style anymore Im not about the labels (been there seen it done it) Now Im all about originality and sustainability.
      Im loving your neutral colours too Laurie…
      take care.