Sewing Plans & Inspiration For This year


At the end of 2019, my love for sewing returned. In the past few years I have sewn professionally for various occupations and reasons. However, the pressure this brings with it almost killed my love for sewing for myself. This year I have many sewing plans, I intend to sew slowly and fall in love with my sewing machine all over again!


Sewing Plans & Inspiration For This year



I intend to sew slowly and fall in love with my sewing machines all over again!



Sewing Plans & Inspiration For This year



Sewing Plans:

I will blame Instagram for this purchase, I was ‘influenced’ by a fellow sewist who was sharing her favourites from a batch of newly released patterns. This one caught my eye…love the sleeves.



Sewing Plans & Inspiration For This year
liberty fabrics: Thea boho sleeve shirt pattern


Sewing inspiration Little Women The Film by Greta Gerwig

There can only be one thing that will inspire us home sewists this year. Little Women the new film by Greta Gerwig. Prairie dresses and beautiful embroidered blouses with puffed sleeves have captured my imagination since seeing the film on Boxing Day. If you haven’t seen it yet and you like a good costume period drama, you must go and see it!



little women film sewing inspiration prairie dresses


Prairie style dresses will be everywhere this year!

Do you remember my Prairie style dress I made last year? I had lots of fun prancing around in the cornfield and the square version of this picture turned out to be my best instagram image for 2019! 


I Sewed A Wilder Gown by Friday Pattern Company A Review by lazy daisy jones



Will you be playing ‘Little House on the Prairie” this year or will you be styling it the Little Women way?



Sewing Plans & Inspiration For This year



Modern Wooden Sewing Tools

I also love wooden sewing tools, I have a lot of vintage ones, some over 70 years old! Wooden handled tools are a joy to use and hold. I buy new ones from Grace at Beyond Measure. Compared to the plastic ones we are used to for example just think of all the stitch unpickers you have used over the years. My new oak wooden stitch unpicker,  in the pic below will last forever, I will just buy replacement blades that cost £2.50. Talk about sustainable!

I also bought my wooden pin cushion from Grace too!



beautiful wooden sewing tools



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Sewing Plans & Inspiration For This year
Sewing Plans & Inspiration For This year


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  1. Sue K
    11/02/2020 / 07:37

    Oh my! That blouse pattern is the exact one that I loved when I saw it on Liberty’s site the other day. What great taste we both have!! 😉
    I treated myself to a new sewing machine with some Christmas money (partly inspired by your summer dress) and I need to find a good reason to sew…..for the first time in about 25+ years…..I think the blouse is the perfect reason (love a blousy sleeve!) & I am hoping I am not too rusty!

  2. 09/02/2020 / 20:14

    OOo Can you fit me into your plans for one of those blouses, please? I just know whatever you do it will look great. xx

    • Ashley
      10/02/2020 / 14:02

      Ah Thanks Laurie, Yes I did say I would make you one, ‘sew’ I must get on with it …!

      Ashley xx

  3. 07/02/2020 / 23:36

    I too, love your older machine. I am not a good sewer, but wish that I was. One of my sisters is though, and she was often the runway sewer for one of New Zealand’s top international designers (Trelise Cooper). Weirdly though, she never had the same interest in wearing those types of High End clothes.

    • Ashley
      08/02/2020 / 12:28

      How fascinating! i think when you experience so much of the same thing day after day in your working life, you steer clear of it in your own life perhaps?
      bestest wishes
      Ashley x

  4. Sian
    07/02/2020 / 17:54

    I love the choice of all the dressmaking patterns available nowadays. For years I struggled with Simplicity, vogue and New look pattern. The interpretation of the instructions left me with lots of unfinished projects!
    I’m looking forward to seeing the finished result of the Thea Boho Shirt. X

    • Ashley
      07/02/2020 / 21:04

      Hi Sian,
      Yes they were difficult to decipher even if you knew how to sew and they all did it differently, I agree!
      My favourite patterns are from ‘The Friday pattern company’ have you tried those yet?
      Thanks for your comment
      Bestest Ashley x

  5. 07/02/2020 / 12:07

    Is that your sewing machine in the first photo? It looks so much like the one my Nanna used to use. Hers was a Singer though. It sure brought back many happy memories to see something so similar. Have fun with your sewing. I can’t see to save my life but my Mum and Nanna were great at it and a lot of my clothes from when I was little were lovingly made by them. Unfortunately, my mum who is not a very sentimental person, held on to them for a while and then threw them all away when I was about 18. I guess we needed the space but I wish she’d kept a couple.

    • Ashley
      07/02/2020 / 15:19

      Hi Lorna!
      ….yes that is my machine and I have a similar Singer one too and treasure them all. Most of them still work! I bet my modern computerised one will not be working in a hundred years time.
      lovely to hear from you, thanks for your comment.
      bestest wishes
      Ashley x