Vintage Bags Vs Luxury Handbags Which Would You Choose?


Flicking through a recent issue of Vogue, I notice many of the clothes and accessories are similar to those my Mother wore circa late 60’s – early 70’s. Of course, this is bound to happen, and I quote (I believe it’s from the bible?) –  “there is nothing new under the sun” The older I get the more I have seen it all before and I am sure you will agree with me? For example handbags, I have a small but beautiful collection of vintage bags from various eras. I use them all the time, especially my baskets in summer.


I store them, nestled inside large modern baskets…


Vintage Bags Vs Luxury Handbags Which Will You Choose?


With this in mind it was interesting to note, that the January 2020 issue of Vogue the one with Taylor Swift on the cover, was advertising some beautiful, luxury handbags that are so similar to some in my vintage collection!


My Vintage Bags

I have many unique vintage bags. Most I use on a regular basis and some are on display to keep them safe. All are from charity shops, or boot fairs and each of them were bought for less than £15, some for just a few pounds…



Vintage Bags my collection



The difference between style and fashion is quality - Giorgio Armani Click To Tweet



I have winter bags, spring bags, evening bags and of course my favourite basket bags. I have so many basket bags,  they deserve a post of their own.



An assortment of vintage bags



Modern designer luxury bags compared to my vintage collection.


Little Liffner

Little Liffner is a Scandinavian accessories brand known for their refined handbags with street smart appeal offering accessible luxury with a playful twist. These are two of the bags I like very much however, they cost approx £450 and £275 respectively- gulp!



little liffner brown lizard handbags



…and look what I found amongst my collection! A 1960’s ‘Waldybag’ made in England by H Wald & Co. Beautiful quality inside and out soft leather, lined in suede, comes with a coin purse and vanity mirror included. This one had never been used, the label was still on it when I found it in a local charity shop. There are some in the V & A museum, but you can still find them on eBay too!

There is also an interesting page on Facebook that has more information, with photos and some history of Waldybags

What do you think? I think it is gorgeous and plan on using it very soon…



vintage english waldybag
Vintage brown leather Waldybag from the collection of Lazy Daisy Jones.



waldybag label, coin purse and vanity mirror



Fashions fade, style is eternal - Yves Saint Laurent Click To Tweet



inside of vintage waldybag



I have three vintage Waldybags and I use them all, you cannot beat vintage quality



Vintage Bags my collection
3 vintage Waldybags



Shrimps is a fashion label from the young London-based designer, Hannah Weiland, launched in 2013. The brand grew from faux fur outerwear and brought the material to the luxury sphere, leading the conversation on cruelty free fashion. The brand is renowned for its accessories, especially its beaded bags that retail at around £475!


Shrimp designer beaded bags



My two versions, the Navy one was made in Italy, in perfect condition and I even found confetti in it when I bought it from a boot fair years ago!  The beaded lilac one I bought online from Etsy, a good place to shop for vintage stuff.



vintage Italian beaded bag





Gucci Evening Bag.

This ‘Broadway Shell’ evening bag costs over £2,200 and is slightly similar, to my very old shell clutch bag, I could just add a chain…?gucci evening bag

From my collection a compact vintage shell clutch bag with a hidden suprise inside.

This very old 1950’s evening bag contains an unused mother of pearl powder compact and a lipstick holder…



vintage shell compact bag

vintage shell compact


I have more to show you but this post is getting a bit long so I will split it into two and share the rest later?


I have also written a series of posts on actually wearing vintage, without looking like an extra from a historical movie, take a look if you like vintage stuff!



Wearing vintage clothes and accessories from lazy daisy jones blog





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  1. jodie filogomo
    08/01/2020 / 04:03

    I loved seeing these Ashley!! I have some of my grandmother’s purses and treasure them.

    • Ashley
      08/01/2020 / 09:49

      Hi Jodie
      Happy 2020!
      They are fab arent they? Hoping to acquire a few more this year!
      Ashley xxx

    • Ashley
      08/01/2020 / 09:49

      Hi Jodie Happy 2020! They are fab arent they? Hoping to acquire a few more this year! Ashley xxx

  2. 02/01/2020 / 12:23

    I hope you’re going to feature that gorgeous Chanel bag you have? I’ve been very tempted to buy a designer bag, the Chloe Tess is a bag that’s been calling me for a while but I just can’t press the buy button! Loving the Waldybags. xx

    • 02/01/2020 / 22:55

      Hi Laurie!
      Yes one day I will get all my designer bags out and share!
      I haven’t heard of that one, I will look it up!
      Happy 2020

  3. 01/01/2020 / 17:21

    What a fabulous collection. I love the beaded lilac bag.

    • Ashley
      05/01/2020 / 20:20

      Hi Lorna,
      Yes I love that one too and cant wait to use it in spring!
      thank you for your comment!
      Ashley x