Hydra Glow Sleep Mask & Other Natural Beauty Discoveries


Green beauty, clean beauty, organic beauty, natural beauty and skincare, so what does it all mean? It can become very confusing don’t you think?


Hydra Glow Sleep Mask & Other Natural Beauty Discoveries



Going ‘green’ means that we acknowledge how precious our Earth is and the importance of protecting our planet for our children and grandchildren.



Hydra Glow Sleep Mask & Other Natural Beauty Discoveries



Natural Beauty A Simple Explanation

Green beauty and clean beauty are terms used to describe beauty and skincare products that have been made without any proven or suspected toxic ingredients. Toxic not only to us but also to our planet. Organic beauty simply uses better quality products, just like in cooking! There are standards to uphold and not all green beauty is what it appears to be, so do read the small print.



Hydra Glow Sleep Mask & Other Natural Beauty Discoveries



8 Toxic ingredients Commonly used in Cosmetics.


A scary list!


  1. Parabens: preservatives found in everything from soap to lotion to makeup.
  2. Artificial Fragrance. Many synthetic chemicals in fragrances are derived from petrochemicals (petroleum-based), and can be harmful to human health.
  3. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is a chemical that’s commonly used in soaps, shampoos, shower gels and toothpaste. It works as a surfactant, trapping oil-based dirt so that it can be rinsed away with water.
  4. Toluene. Like a paint thinner, often found in Nail Varnish.
  5. Phthalates. a family of industrial chemicals used to soften PVC plastic and as solvents in cosmetics and other consumer products, can damage the liver, kidneys, lungs, and reproductive system — particularly the developing testes — according to animal studies.).
  6. Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) Petroleum-based compounds that are widely used in cosmetics as thickeners, solvents, softeners, and moisture-carriers. PEGs are commonly used as cosmetic cream bases. They are also used in pharmaceuticals as laxatives
  7. Formaldehyde. Cosmetics containing the most formaldehyde are hair straightening products and nail hardeners. Formaldehyde is used in preserving bodies by morticians.
  8. Oxybenzone. A benzophenone derivative used as a sunscreen agent. Oxybenzone absorbs UVB and UVA. Endocrine-disrupting chemicals such as oxybenzone may mimic hormones, cause endometriosis and can pose a risk to reproductive systems. Oxybenzone has been increasingly linked to early puberty in girls, low sperm count and male infertility, and an increase in hormone-related cancers in men and women.



After reading that list you can understand why I prefer my beauty products without chemicals!



My latest natural beauty discovery by Green People:


Age Defy Skin Care Regime From Cha Vohtz.

Charlotte Vohtz is the founder of Green People. The sensitive skin experts who have been pioneering certified organic personal care products since 1997. This range has been developed by Charlotte after years of exploration. Perfectly tailored to women over 35, age defy utilises cutting edge botanicals, plant stem cells and scientifically proven phyto-actives to deliver and define what skin needs.



Hydra Glow Sleep Mask & Other Natural Beauty Discoveries



Age Defy+ by Cha Vøhtz:
“Defy the signs of ageing by combining the miracle of nature with the brilliance of science for radiance, clarity and vitality.”



Hydra Glow Sleep Mask & Other Natural Beauty Discoveries
Hydra Glow Sleep Mask smells divine!


Age Defy Hydra Glow Sleep Mask


The Age Defy Hydra Glow Sleep Mask will definitely be on my Top 5 favourite products of the year! It feels so comfortable on my skin and the smell is divine. A warming blend of citrus that calms and soothes any nervous tension, perfect for bedtime. I definitely wake up with a softer, more hydrated feeling skin than the one I went to bed in! One day I wore it all day too, whilst working from home, I cant get enough of it! No stickiness, it absorbs quickly, so no messy pillow cases to contend with.


Hydra Glow Sleep Mask & Other Natural Beauty Discoveries



Age Defy Pure Luxe Body oil.

I put this on in the morning after a shower, it feels amazing on my legs which are drier than usual in winter. Satin smooth and hydrated is my verdict. A brilliant luxurious product for a reasonable £25 price tag. Again a little goes a long way, you dont need much and its suitable for people prone to eczema and psoriasis.  Made with 84%  certifies organic ingredients.




Hydra Glow Sleep Mask & Other Natural Beauty Discoveries
Age Defy Pure Luxe Body oil



Scented with a beautiful balance of essential oils including Mandarin and Neroli to uplift the mind and evoke feelings of joy.


Age Defy Ultimate wonder Balm

In winter I always change my skincare for richer products. Central heating is the worst culprit for drying my skin. This gorgeous Ultimate Wonder Balm is a multi tasker that now sits ready to hand on my desk. You can use it as a balm for cracked lips, rub it into cracked heels, or on dry elbows. It’s great for dry nail cuticles. You can use it as a cleanser with a warm cloth. Perfect for taming wild eyebrows too! It will last a long time as a little goes a long way.




Hydra Glow Sleep Mask & Other Natural Beauty Discoveries


Hydra Glow Sleep Mask & Other Natural Beauty Discoveries
I love this stuff!


I love this range so much I have just bought these skin supplements. I am a huge fan of ‘inner’ beauty products


These gorgeous products were gifted to me, with no obligation to post about them, as usual all opinions are my own. There is an interesting and informative blog post on The green People Blog about how to apply your products


Green people and the Age Defy Range use none of those awful chemical ingredients (listed above)  in their products and haven’t done for years! 10% of net profit is donated to charity. Green people have never tested on animals and do not ship to China for the same reason, as China demands animal testing on all imported products. More details onthe website including the cruelty free details.


All photographs taken By Charlotte Bryer-Ash photography




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  1. 06/11/2019 / 08:07

    Parabens are a complete no no for me. This brand sounds interesting Ashley. I look forward to hearing results in a couple of months. I’m a huge fan of body oils if the smell is good too xx