Interior Collections In Our Home Then & Now

I am a contradiction in terms a collector who loves to declutter! Our personal interior collections represent our passions and hobbies. These change over time and as I was sorting out old albums on the computer, I came across some delightful pictorial memories, of things we used to collect.

Our ever evolving Home

As with everything our homes evolve over time, children grow, rooms are swapped, the garden no longer needs that sandpit or climbing frame. Those many toys that took up space, have become smaller, morphing into computer games, iphones and vinyl LP’s. Mind you we still find Lego and plastic soldiers in the garden and I treasure them!


Interior Collections In Our Home Then & Now
Our kitchen back in 2016…


Interior Collections

Again ever evolving, some we no longer collect and some are new and growing. I always like a collection to have a home and to be appropriately displayed as a group. Perhaps in a vintage cabinet, on its own shelf or displayed as a group on the wall.


Vintage Glass Pyrex in the kitchen in 2016.

This is one of mine. It brings back memories of my childhood, of being 6 years old and being allowed to scrape the bread and butter pudding from the blue and white Pyrex dish. We no longer actively collect it, but if I see a very special piece then it comes home with me!



vintage pyrex our interior collections


vintage pyrex our interior collections



Today in 2019 the shelf looks like this



Lately December 2018 6 Things Marc Made Restored & Fixed. kitchen shelf scaffold planks



Quality Street Tins and Jars of Buttons Nostalgia Reigns!

More Vintage, again I think I may be a sucker for nostalgia? Quality street tins and buttons. Buttons because I sew and when you see old tins full of buttons at boot fairs well you just have to rescue them and take them home. Those tins contain memories of other women’s lives. baby buttons, old coins, bridal trimmings a life in trinkets…



vintage buttons interior collections in our home



vintage quality street tins another interior collection in our home



Magazines and Polaroid Cameras: spare room 2015 to home office 2018.

My office used to be the spare room and back then my love of vintage trinkets was very evident. I still collect the children’s Heirloom books, because they are beautiful. However but the trinkets have gone, replaced by Vintage Polaroids and my vast collection of magazines,30 years worth of Vogue and Elle decoration.



vintage children's heirloom books


Spare room circa 2014


…the trinkets have gone, replaced by my vintage Polaroids and a vast collection of my magazines. 30 years worth of Vogue and Elle decoration.  



old Vogue Magazines and Elle decoration



vintage Polaroid collection home office inspiration



Marc collects Vintage Anglepoise lamps:

They can be seen all over our house (although these days I prefer the neutral colours) He enjoys taking them apart, restoring them, putting them all back together in perfect working and safe electrical order. As you probably know if you are a regular reader Marc is also brilliant at restoring old furniture which he picks up for pennies at Auctions and boot fairs…Did you read about this beautiful chair he recently restored?



vintage anglepoise lamps



vintage plastic woven chair



Mid Century Modern Kandya Chair Rescued & Restored



Vanity Case storage shelves and vintage glass:

A couple more from me, the vanity cases hold all my sewing paraphernalia and I now have more of them, Marc built me a shelving system to hold them all. Last but not least our vintage shop cabinet, displaying a few ceramics. We still collect Italian ceramics from the fifties because they are so beautiful and each one is unique, but not so much glass these days…



storage ideas Vanity cases My collection




vintage shop cabinet and glassware from the 60's


So there you have it, a brief glimpse of our the interior of our home then and now and the collections that fill it! Do you collect anything, let me know in the comments below!



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  1. 31/08/2019 / 11:05

    It’s so fascinating to see people’s homes and treasures. I too, love nice tins and buttons. And, I so wish that I had kept all of the old vogues and such that I loved so much. You are wise indeed to have done so.

    • Ashley
      01/09/2019 / 11:43

      Thank you, it was hard to keep them when I was younger and renting my home, I had to lug them everywhere with me!

  2. 16/08/2019 / 22:08

    I’m a huge glass lover and can’t help buying that. I am as we speak de-cluttering. You already know how much junk we’ve got! xx

    • Ashley
      17/08/2019 / 11:52

      I will believe you are decluttering when I see it with my own eyes!!
      good luck with it!