Does The rise of the Barette Mean The Demise of the Hair Slide?


No of course not! Because they are the same thing, with a different name. In my day we called them hair slides, hair-grips and clips. Today we use the American/French term and we call a hair slide a barette !



Does The rise of the Barrette Mean The Demise of the Hair Slide?


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The Barette

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary:


…a small, decorative piece of plastic, metal, or wood that a woman or girl wears in her hair, often to stop it falling in front of her face


Like this….!

Does The rise of the Barrette Mean The Demise of the Hair Slide?



Hair accessories are a huge trend that is growing week on week. Does this mean that long hair is also on trend, surely you need a certain length of hair to hold a barrette? My hair is long and fine, very often a large barrette will not stay in place and quickly slides out of my silky soft locks!


Cos Hair Accessories:


Here are a few simple but elegant suggestions for you, I love to shop at Cos the quality is superb and I think you may find these prices are surprisingly acceptable


1. Smokey Tortoiseshell Barette £12
2. Silk Hair Tie
Designed to simply knot or tie as a bow in your hair, this tie has a curved rubber-coated metal structure in the centre and long, fluid silk ties fixed at either end.
3. Brushed metal hair clip £7
A clean design, this hair clip is made from brass with a brushed finish and classic fastening to the back.
4. Curved hair Barette £12
Lightweight and wide, this hair clip has a curved profile in glossy plastic and it is finished with a gold-toned steel clip fastening.
5. Coloured Hair Clip £10
This rectangular hair clip is made from lightweight steel with a matte-textured coating and a slightly curved profile.
6. Slim Hair Barette Gold £12
Simple and elegant, this metal hair clip has a curved shape and is secured with a clip fastening.



More Summer 2019 Hair Accessories From And Other Stories:


Not so much a barette slightly softer and very feminine. Superb Summer hair accessories!


1. Woven Straw Headband
Cinched woven straw hairband with an elasticated easy-wear band.
2. Water colour Knotted head band
Watercolour hairband with an elastic band and a knotted detail.
3. Pink Satin Hair Scrunchie
Shiny satin hair scrunchie. Elastic
4. Orange Beaded Headband
Knotted hard hairband with beaded detailing.
5. Printed Voluminous Headband
This voluminous headband features a chic twisted design and an elasticated fit.
6. Multi coloured tie hairband
Soft hairband tie in a multicoloured stripe pattern.



My Favourites are number 3 from Cos and number 4 from and other stories, which ones do you fancy?  


A little note to add:

The hair slide I am wearing is pretty. but it broke very easily, and was more expensive than some of my suggestions above! So I won’t recommend this one to you. It did come in handy as a pretty pocket accessory!


Does The rise of the Barrette Mean The Demise of the Hair Slide?





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  1. 07/05/2019 / 19:56

    A pocket accessorie! Well never heard of those. 😂😂I bought a hairband, and have to use it yet. And I was also looking for some hair accessories. Can’t find reasonably priced ones though.

    • Ashley
      08/05/2019 / 09:20

      I do think Cos are very reasonably priced and the quality is superb!

  2. 06/05/2019 / 22:32

    Despite the fact that I have a mass of hair, I don’t actually know where to wear one on my head! I was with a friend looking at them the other week and we tried them on and she was amazed that I couldn’t find anywhere on my head where I could wear one convincingly. But yes, I love the accessories in COS, always so simple and stylish. AND much more affordable than people give them credit for.

    • Ashley
      07/05/2019 / 16:02

      Hi Sue
      I agree, and cos items last and last, unlike some high st stores!
      Bestest wishes
      Ashley x

  3. 05/05/2019 / 07:42

    I’ve been eyeing up all the pretty hair accessories in the shops too. Not sure how I would wear them with my mop though!