Lately, Musings Seeing Making Learning & Real Green Beauty

I haven’t written a lately post for a few weeks. This last weekend being a long one in the UK, I’ve had time to relax and reflect and muse on a few of my favourite things. A catch-up post has been rattling around my brain for days so I think it is time to get some words on the page. Let me start with my thoughts on green beauty and what it really means…



Lately Musings etc Seeing, Making, Learning & Real Green Beauty


On sustainable Green beauty

Green beauty is the hot topic right now and its taking more money than ever before. Of course, I’m pleased I’m a huge advocate for organic, natural and sustainable beauty, but are brands cashing in on our need to help save the planet? How can we tell what is truly green and cruelty free?


What to look for:


You need to look for the COSMOS label that the soil association awards to truly green labels. For non-animal testing look for the leaping bunny/hare logo which certifies a product has passed rigorous animal-cruelty checks.


Vogue have a wonderful article on what sustainable beauty really means and how to make sure a brand is truly ethical. For instance, it’s not just about the ingredients its also about how the brand disposes of their waste products.



Lately Musings etc Seeing, Making, Learning & Real Green Beauty


Good Reads:

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From Lazy Daisy Jones:  a few midlife Beauty posts from me: read about the sustainable products I use and love…


Lately Musings etc Seeing, Making, Learning & Real Green Beauty


News & a small claim to fame, behind the scenes

Exciting stuff; even though I can’t show you or tell you much yet! I have been involved in a lovely campaign, with some gorgeous other ladies for a new product that is just about to launch in the UK. In the absence of more information, here is a pic of me getting my hair done by the lovely Patrick Wilson, who the very next day styled Jodie Comer’s hair!

In case you’ve been away, or you don’t watch TV (gasp) Jodie is one of the stars of killing Eve! Series two launching in the UK in June.


Lately Musings etc Seeing, Making, Learning & Real Green Beauty



Martin Parr ‘Being Human’ exhibition, National portrait gallery


Having had 2 weeks of school holidays that ended today. My teen boy and I took ourselves up to London last week for a day of culture and laughter. We shopped, we ate; we went to the movies and we viewed an excellent photographic exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. Being Human is an aptly named collection of Martin Parr’s eclectic and authentically true British photographs…

You may have heard of Parr via the Gucci campaign he shot recently?


martin parr National portrait gallery 2019


I so want to be like this old gal when I’m in my 80’s, what a doll!


martin parr National portrait gallery 2019




Create and Escape Workshops with Mel Ward.

I will write more about Mel and her superb workshops soon, Mel is worth a whole post to herself. A few weeks ago, I spent an idyllic couple of hours with like minded women getting messy and having fun! We were learning how to print with wood blocks. Mel has a beautiful studio at the bottom of her garden, just look at what we made….


Lately Musings etc Seeing, Making, Learning & Real Green Beauty


… & more Crochet

I made a crochet succulent also known as ‘a string of pearls’ using Emma Varnam’s lovely book called ‘Crochet Succulents’ I plan on making more as they are very quick to hook up. Very low maintenance you won’t kill this one, talk about a green beauty !

Plus two new crochet bags have been started…watch this space crochet fans.


Lately Musings etc Seeing, Making, Learning & Real Green Beauty



So did you eat all the chocolate this weekend? I hardly had any, well 2 packets of mini eggs dont really count do they?

Spill the beanz, are you trying out green beauty alternatives yet? I’d love to know your thoughts, views and better still any good recommendations, so do drop me a line in the comments below…


…wishing you lots of happy and sunshiny days!


Lately Musings etc Seeing, Making, Learning & Real Green Beauty




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  1. 25/04/2019 / 07:50

    Like the sound of the workshop. I look forward to hearing more about that. And of course the beans on the campaign xx

    • Ashley
      26/04/2019 / 11:56

      The work shop was such a lovely escape from my normal Saturday routine!
      Thanks Laurie

  2. Jo
    23/04/2019 / 15:30

    I’ve started using Freyaluna. It’s an indie company, it considers the eco-cost of packaging, it’s natural and holistic and it’s really, really nice!

    • Ashley
      23/04/2019 / 16:33

      Hi Jo
      I will check this out, I love a new Natural and Eco product recommendation! Thanks so much!
      bestest Ashley