Giant Beanbag Sparks Joy in Dorset Garden!

Giant Beanbag Sparks Joy in Dorset Garden!

Summer appears to have arrived in Dorset. Such superb timing as it is the long Easter Weekend Holiday in the UK. As you can imagine sunshine makes us Brits very happy, we dont see it that often. A bank holiday is usually the signal for rain, but not this weekend! We have a busy few weeks coming up so we will be spending the long weekend at home relaxing with our new giant beanbag.

Bean Bag Bazaar.

Bean Bag Bazaar kindly gifted me this beanbag, please see my disclosure page here for more info

I have often seen these giant colourful beanbags in other peoples gardens and on TV. They were definitely on my radar, but I was yet to discover that I needed one or maybe two? 

Luckily I have a 17 year old boy who I can rely on to inform me of the things we ‘need’ so when Bean Bag Bazaar got in touch to enquire if I would like to feature a Beanbag on Lazy daisy jones, well of course I jumped at the chance, I am sure you would have done the same?

Our Garden Layout:

We have a small garden on two levels. Last year Marc cleared the entire lower level, no small feat, it involved taking down an overgrown tree in a small space bordering two other gardens. That man is a miracle worker! He then laid some beautiful large porcelain grey tiles over the entire area thus enabling us all to use the lower level as a second patio area. 

Giant Beanbag Sparks Joy in Dorset Garden!

As we prefer to have our garden colour provided by Mother nature, I chose a black giant beanbag. One that could be used inside and out.


A minor miracle occurred:

Lo and behold, on arrival of said giant beanbag, my 17 year old boy immediately volunteered to clear and tidy his room. An activity rarely undertaken unless nagged at by me for at least 4 weeks until he finally obliges by emptying his overflowing bin and declares ‘job done’.


Lo and behold, on arrival of said giant beanbag, my 17 year old boy immediately volunteered to clear and tidy his room.

Giant Beanbag Sparks Joy in Dorset Garden!


The wine glass and bottle is mine! The minute I got up from the (very comfy) beanbag, he jumped into my place to test it out!

I have now come up with a compromising plan if he tidies his room to my specification, he can use the bean bag as a ‘gaming chair’ when ever he wants. He was pleased as punch and agreed to everything, so far so good? Watch this space.


The Details: Giant indoor, outdoor beanbag.

BTW: its presently on sale reduced from £129.00 to £59.99 … go click!

The Bazaar Bag® is the UK’s most loved, giant bean bag floor cushion.

This super bean bag will quickly become the heart of the home, made in 180cm x 140cm size, anyone can use it for a variety of activities, indoors and outdoors.

Even the dogs love it, it brings us nearer to their level!

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  1. 24/04/2019 / 06:56

    I know who would take that as her own if that were in my house! I love the feel of a good squishy beanbag! I’m looking forward to hearing how Jake is bearing up with that agreement too! xx

    • Ashley
      24/04/2019 / 12:49

      Haa Laurie!
      He has adopted the bean bag as his own and the cleared floor lasted 1 day, but hes happy and so am I and I guess that is all that counts eh?
      bestest xxx