What I Learnt From Losing My 15.8k Instagram Account.

Life lessons can be hard and believe me at 55 I’m still learning lots of them. I learnt lessons galore from losing my big instagram account at the beginning of the year. Lazy Daisy Jones my old insta account was last seen with an organic growth of 15.8k followers. Before I explain what I gained from this experience, let me fill out a few lines of history…


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A brief personal history of my old instagram account


Lazy Daisy Jones this blog was started in 2013. Back then I used to post just one photo and write a brief description for a blog post (sounds familiar? believe me I hadn’t heard of instagram back then!) Not being at all ‘technologically aware’ I slowly stumbled my way along unfamiliar paths. Back then you couldn’t even pay people to do this stuff for you, no template designers or blog advisers. I blogged about my crochet, sewing, my vintage finds oh and our cats we had 3 at the time!

Eventually people found me, and through them I discovered Instagram, a whole new world of craft and friends opened up to me. I had discovered what I now know to be my ‘Tribe’



How to wear a Vintage Blouse & make it Look On Trend for Autumn


I had discovered what I now know to be my ‘Tribe’


My Instagram Tribe:

For the next few years I ‘grammed‘ with the best of them! I attended craft workshops, I met my insta friends IRL (in real life) I launched monthly competitions, I set the post prompts for the month and yarn brands and magazines contributed prizes for the winners. My instagram account numbers grew rapidly, it was fun, we were connecting in a way that us crafters had not had the chance to do before. Can I emphasise something here? It was fun! 

Then the algorithm changed…


What I Learnt From Losing My 15.8k Instagram Account.



 Algorithm: a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.



What I Learnt From Losing My 15.8k Instagram Account.



Algorithm? What the heck was that? I had no idea, but I soon learnt. It was harder to see new posts in the right chronological order. So for instance we saw images of people’s breakfast in the evening or even the next afternoon and vice versa. Things changed for many people on instagram at that point. Me? Trooper that I am I carried on as usual, but change was in the air…


My new instagram audience.

Another year passed and my craft and my instagram account was was on a roll. I had designed a sewing and a crochet pattern for Simplicity Patterns. I had been featured in many magazines, both here and abroad (see my press page ) but I wanted to move on to fresh subjects.


The Stories Behind the Scenes of 5 Instagram Images



Our house was going through lots of wonderful updates and redecoration. I was now mixing my craft ideas with my new obsession for interiors. My instagram account became all about our home, I was interiors mad! Of course some people who followed me for my crochet and sewing dropped off, it was only to be expected. I gained new followers and made some new friends from the world of interiors. The highlight of my new interiors obsession was travelling to Milan with DFS! I talked wallpapers, I blogged about Marc’s restorations. My numbers were still growing but the growth was slower.



Another image of 10 Interior design books I use for Inspiration



The highlight of my new interiors obsession was travelling to Milan with DFS!


LDJ Instagram Account in 2017…

In 2017, I started a new account solely for my outfit pictures, I didn’t think my craft and interiors followers would like any more changes, in 2017 Instagram was a different world. It was now all about the numbers, fake followers were being bought by many. Some accounts I followed were growing way too fast for the normal growth pattern of the time. (I know this can still happen today, but you need to have been featured on huge accounts like Instagram’s own ‘WHP’ aka the Weekend Hashtag project for this to occur naturally , or to have had a ‘shout out’ from another very big account! The magic and the fun had faded into statistics …


The magic and the fun had faded into statistics …


Black faux fur gilet worn by lazy daisy jones


When disillusionment set in.

I stopped posting every day, I was tired of everyone scrabbling for followers, those ‘hashtag roundabouts’ were not for me, it was not what IG meant to me.  You know the thing, its when someone dreams up a hashtag and you have to use it on a relevant image to get ‘featured’ on their account…I have to admit I was bored and mightily disillusioned. By Christmas 2018 I did something I had not done before over 5 years of gramming… I took a long break from instagram.


Christmas 2018 I did something I had not done before over 5 years of gramming… I took a long break from instagram.


Hacked then deleted.

Low and behold when I tried to log back in at the beginning of January something was amiss… a picture I had not posted was on my grid and also briefly on my FB, the two were at that time linked (never again) In short my account had been hacked and a few days later it was deleted completely, all 15.8k followers and friends and all those precious early pictures gone in a flash.

Of course I contacted IG, I left messages everywhere after Christmas (bad time of year perhaps?) To no avail. They did answer, but I had the feeling that if I was someone with a 50k+ account I would have been treated differently

At one point they suggested I or someone with access to my account may have deleted it? WHAT ? WHY?

The whys and hows…

I now know, that an app I had long forgotten about, had access not only to my instagram account but also to my FB and twitter and may have been responsible for my loss. I also had forgotten to reset my 2 factor authorisation after IG had been updated. Be warned!


My Marrakesh story with Wood Wool Stool.



What I learnt…

So lets get to the core of all this shall we? and in big letters! After being completely devastated for a couple of weeks I learnt that:

Instagram is not real life, its a social app on your phone!

Not everyone you communicate with on IG is your friend! Not unless you later meet, connect and actually ‘like’ each other in real life!

Brands dont like you for ‘you’ they like you for your social numbers and reach (with very few exceptions)

Some nasty people will send you sarcastic messages about being ‘sorry’ for the loss of your account, Others will discuss it on their ‘whats app pod chats’ and decide not to support you (oh yes, I kid you not)

However, you will also discover who your real friends are. Catherine from Not Dressed as Lamb and Helen from not about the kids even wrote posts about it for me! Laurie from Vanity and Me mentioned it too on her blog and I found some incredibly kind new people…

If you are lucky some of the authentic brands you have built relationships with will stick by you. I will be forever grateful to them.

The Biggest thing I learnt?


…never ever EVER rely on just one social media account, spread yourself around, but keep it centred on your blog.


Week 7 Ashley and Laurie Linkup



Today and a new Instagram Account

Today its all about all about reconnecting, finding my old tribe, posting what I am passionate about. My engagement is  high and my reach is huge for a tiny account, and you know what? I’m happy with that!

I dont post every day, I post whatever I want when I want, I rarely look at my follower numbers. Talk about being reborn!


Update: Almost a year later in December 2019, I finally was able to use my original ‘Lazy daisy Jones’ account name again, perhaps now some of my old friends will come and find me… 


Have you joined me yet? Come on over!


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  1. 06/04/2019 / 08:58

    Oh Ashley, I loved this post. I’m as guilty as anyone of spending too much time on IG (it sucks you in!) and was so sorry that you lost your account. But I agree, blogging forever and I will keep plugging away at mine. I think we first “met” on IG over crochet and I LOVED your monthly crochet challenges so much, and it was wonderful to meet you IRL last year. Onwards and upwards my friend. Xx

    • Ashley
      08/04/2019 / 11:23

      Gillian thank you so much for your lovely words old friend, yes it was great to finally meet up with you too albeit breifly. I have picked up my crochet hook again and am also presently choosing a new Sewing machine…swings and roundabouts and all that eh?

      So yes here’s to looking forwards and not backwards

      Ashley xxx

  2. 05/04/2019 / 23:06

    Wow! That’s all Very Big. What a big heartache. I simply cannot work out Instagram and have finally started twitter. Most of my blog traffic came from facebook but with all of the ever changing algorithms, my readership plummeted. Ironically someone whom I know has had massive increases in blog readership for no definable reason. So, I guess it’s the old ‘you never can tell’. I am on Instagram, though, and shall join up with you. Best wishes. ps all that you have done is so inspiring and amazing.

    • Ashley
      08/04/2019 / 11:25

      Hi Ratnamurti

      Thank you for reading…

      Instagram and indeed all of social media is a funny old world isnt it? Everchanging, this year i will be pleasing myself on all channels.

      sending my bestest wishes

  3. 04/04/2019 / 13:35

    Good post and very true. I am a very new blogger and it is interesting to see how the numbers can affect us. I am trying to take it with a grain of salt and focus on my blog and using my account to get the word out more.

    • Ashley
      04/04/2019 / 15:11

      Hi Mireille thank you for joining in the discussion.
      I think the answer is all about remaining true to yourself and not getting sucked into what everyone else is doing?
      good luck with your blog!
      best wishes

  4. Ruby
    03/04/2019 / 13:00

    I followed you for a long time as a blogger, way before IG. I was fairly late to the IG party actually.
    What you write partly resonates as I’ve not heard a peep from people who have always been very chatty and connected to my posts there, but hey presto since a hand injury last year has prevented me from any craft – silence.

    I already knew it’s not real life, it can be rather shallow but that’s not to say lovely and real people who become friends later aren’t there, just that people shouldn’t rely on social media in any concrete terms. It can be fun, inspirational and help you connect when feeling a bit urgh, it’s nice to spend a few minutes looking at pretty pics, but ….

    • Ashley
      03/04/2019 / 14:16

      Ruby thank you for taking the time to comment by adding to this interesting discussion on social media, very much appreciated.
      best wishes

  5. 03/04/2019 / 00:01

    Interesting saga!
    I’ve been on IG since 2011 and have over 9000 pictures in one account! I DO have my phone set to make a copy of any “new” photos that I take in IG, so I can download and back up everything.
    You are SO CORRECT about not relying on only one social platform.
    As for blogs — I’m wondering what’s going to happen on all my Blogger blogs when Google+ is discontinued (sometime this month).

    • Ashley
      03/04/2019 / 14:19

      Hi Ann
      I was wondering exactly the same thing, thank you for your comments. I think you are very clever to back up everything, I wish I had done that!
      best wishes

  6. 02/04/2019 / 23:04

    I remember you’d been hacked and wondered what happened, luckily you’re on my Bloglovin list so I’ve read this & refollowed on Instagram. It’s reminded me that a lot of people are just using us for their gain, I’m sure you’ll find some good real people through your new account as it grows.
    Lorraine x

    • Ashley
      03/04/2019 / 14:21

      Lorraine, thank you so much for following and reconnecting. Yes good and bad on all social media these days?
      Now however I dont take it so seriously.
      Have a wonderful week I will come and find you on IG!
      best wishes

  7. 02/04/2019 / 04:00

    I was so happy to have found you again! Your blog post is so inspirational and everything you write is so true.
    Big love my friend xxx

    • Ashley
      02/04/2019 / 10:59

      Thank you so much!
      Your kind words mean a lot to me! take care of yourself and bump!
      sending lots of love xxxxxx

  8. Bean
    01/04/2019 / 23:44

    I’m so pleased you documented this. It’s both important for you to share, but equally as important for us to understand your perspective and what went on.
    I’m still gutted for you – it’s horrible losing old photos and yes, all that you’ve worked for of course… it was a labour of love.
    But, it’s also good to hear you have such a philosophical mindset and you’re right, blogging is king. (Queen?!)
    Bean x

    Ps I never launched ‘my’ hashtag. It snowballed from people joining me… and featuring them was all I had to offer as a reward. I feel embarrassed reading about it (though I know you’ve not singled me out!) on your blog! Eek!!

    • Ashley
      02/04/2019 / 10:58

      Yes a post from the heart that I did indeed need to share!
      Rest assured you are most certainly not who I meant re ‘those’ hashtags (I will DM you right now on ig) …No its all the other very silly ones, do you know I even got told off for using one inadvertently that ‘belonged’ to someone who demanded I tag her!
      best wishes for a super week Beanie!

  9. jodie filogomo
    01/04/2019 / 17:11

    It is a crazy world, isn’t it Ashley. We get so caught up in certain things that seem important at the time. Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest through the trees.
    But you have a great perspective, and I need to remember it myself many days!!

    • Ashley
      01/04/2019 / 17:21

      Thank you Jodie, my thoughts exactly! After-all it is only a social app, how did I get so hooked up on it!
      I’m should be old enough to know better…
      Thanks for reading.
      Ashley xx

  10. 01/04/2019 / 15:32


    This is a great post. I’m still so sorry you lost all Your followers but it looks like it turned out for the better for you.

    I will always support you. I think the way forward is blogging and yours is great [,AND the people in the Warsap group should seriously have a word with themselves ! ]

    Tracey xx

    • Ashley
      01/04/2019 / 15:53

      Haaa haaa!

      Tracey you do brighten up a dull day so thank you for that!
      So pleased you liked it, and yes after a few weeks of thinking the world had come to a stop, I re assessed and went back to basics. I haven’t looked back since!
      Instagram is not the same world it was 5 years ago, but it is still lots of fun and its people like you that make it worthwhile.
      Blogging is the icing on the cake for me, It will always come first.

      Ashley xx

  11. 01/04/2019 / 08:36

    It worked out well in the end though huh? You are so much happier now xx

    • Ashley
      01/04/2019 / 10:31

      I am Laurie, and I am enjoying using instagram again just for fun, which is what it should all be about right?
      Thank you laurie xxx

  12. 01/04/2019 / 08:07

    Wow, Ashley. I didn’t know about this. I guess there are positives in everything and now you have a kind of clarity others lack.

    • Ashley
      01/04/2019 / 10:33

      I certainly do Juan, a manual reset if you like?
      Still lots to learn though as always……xx

  13. 31/03/2019 / 22:19

    Hi Ashley! This post is ace! Completely agree with all that you’ve written.
    Also just a quick FYI- you might want to search Pipdig on Twitter. Just a heads up, you’ll be able to see what’s happened over the weekend xx

    • 31/03/2019 / 22:32

      Thank you Sue will do !