The Quest For My Perfect Mascara Continues: 5 reviewed

Can you believe that recently, whilst decluttering my makeup drawers, I found 12 mascaras?! Only one was old and the rest were all from the last few months. Then it dawned on me, a light bulb moment if you like (insert light bulb emoji here) that I am on a continual quest for my perfect eyelash enhancer!


The Quest For My Perfect Mascara Continues: 5 reviewed


Note that I wrote ‘my’ perfect Mascara, not ‘the’ perfect mascara



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My Perfect Mascara

Did you notice that I wrote my’ perfect Mascara, not the’  perfect. Why? because my perfect product is probably not yours and vice versa, therefore it follows, that the ‘perfect’ mascara does not exist, as we all require different things from our trusty wands (phew are you still with me?)


The Quest For My Perfect Mascara Continues: 5 reviewed



So back to the 12 I found whilst decluttering…

After sorting them into piles, checking the state of the wand bristles and sniffing them all. Yes sniffing! Top Tip if your mascara smells strange chuck it! I decided on my favourite 5 to share with you.


The Quest For My Perfect Mascara Continues: 5 reviewed


…my perfect mascara is probably not yours and therefore it follows that the perfect mascara does not exist, we all require different things from our trusty wands…


Favourite Five Reviewed

In no particular order although I will reveal my favourite at the end! Do remember this is my personal choice, your choice depends entirely on how you want to look. I want to look natural with slightly more enhanced lashes. I do not want to look like someone else and I am not trying to look younger!


What I want from a mascara…

  • Natural looking lashes
  • A fine combed wand
  • For it to last the day.
  • Easily removed.


…& Things I don’t.

  • Thick gunky lashes.
  • A wide spaced wand
  • Bits flaking off onto my face.
  • Any irritation.


First One, * Etmore Beauty Forever Fibre Lashes £7.99:

Etmore Beauty is a brand I like and have used previously. They use argan oil in their products, so they are not too drying. I like their eye-shadows, great colours and nice textures.

Back to the review; if you want huge false looking lashes then this one is for you. However, its not for me, it takes time to layer it on (you use both products one is a base and top coat, the other is the fibres building mascara)

I just looked ridiculous, like I said personal choice…


Etmore beauty mascara forever fibre lashes


if you want huge false looking lashes then this one is for you!


Second one, Diego Dalla Palma Ciglione Mascara

Love and use this one frequently! Big brush but fine combed with a twist that makes for easy and quick application, stays on, no flaking and easy to remove (although I do cleanse twice for each eye) Makes my lashes look naturally thicker and longer.

Available from Marks and Spencer’s too very handy!


Diego Dalla Palma Ciglione mascara review


Love and use this one frequently!


Third one: * Poppy Sloane Tres Chic Smudge Proof Mascara

New to me but I’m already half way through this one! perfect for a ‘no makeup’ makeup day if you know what I mean? Very natural results but definitely lengthens and thickens… easy to remove just with water and a baby bud or two.


Poppy Sloane Tres Chic Mascara


Its all 100% vegan too No Bees Wax used !


Poppy Sloane says:


  • Formula: curling, natural look
  • Features: waterproof, smudge proof, smear proof, flake proof
  • Sensitivity: hypoallergenic
  • Other features: cruelty free, bee friendly, not tested on animals
  • Recommended use: everyday, swimming, gym, rain, holidays, weddings


Poppy Sloane Tres Chic Mascara reviewed


I say: We (the royal we) like, and I use this regularly. To put it simply it does what it says on the box!


The Fourth & Fifth Ones, Eyeko ‘Lash Alert’ and *Look Fabulous Forever ‘Fabulous Lash’


Eyeko are a fabulous brand for all things eyes, lashes, brows, eye kits and shadows… I love the curved brush on this one. I think it came in my M&S advent calendar. However I have also used the black magic mascara and I like that too. The only problem I find it hard to get them off and always have smudges under my eyes the next morning.


look fabulous forever and Eyeko lash alert mascara review


Look Fabulous Forever Fabulous Lash. I like the consistency, its not too ‘glumpy’ my word a cross between gloppy and lumpy! The wand lets this one down the brushes are spaced too far apart


…its not too ‘glumpy’ my word a cross between gloopy and lumpy!


My favourite is *Poppy Sloane Tres Chic!

It delivers everything it promises, is kind to nature, being Vegan and cruelty free and does not contain Bees Wax. A winner all the way for me.


Poppy Sloane Tres Chic Mascara reviewed

Warning Did you know you should always throw/recycle your mascara 6 months after opening? This keep everything clean and fresh and prevent eye infections or irritation occurring. Thats what the little jar symbol with the 6M in it means!


The Quest For My Perfect Mascara Continues: 5 reviewed




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  1. 07/03/2019 / 21:26

    I use one from Rimmel for years, but I it’s my absolute favorite. But the last time they didn’t have that particular one and I bought another one. Not nearly as good.

    • 07/03/2019 / 22:46

      Hi Nancy when I find one I really like and that works, I buy two !
      Have a great weekend
      Ashley xxx

  2. 07/03/2019 / 08:45

    I agree. It is difficult to find the perfect one to suit. I’m very sensitive in the eyelash department, so I’m wary of trying different brands. Glad you found “THE ONE” xx

    • Ashley
      07/03/2019 / 11:08

      Hi Laurie I dont believe there is just one I am still on the look out! you know me ever the perfectionist!
      Ashley xx