Restyle & Rewear : 25 year old Cowboy Boots

This year I am determined to buy far less clothes than I did last year. I am aiming to rewear and restyle as many outfits as I am able to from my existing wardrobe. I will be writing about my endeavors on this blog so you can keep up with me to see if I fulfill my goals!


Restyle & Rewear : 25 year old Cowboy Boots



February Restyle & Rewear: Vintage Cowboy Boots

For my first rewear post I have pulled out my 25 year old cowboy boots! Bought in R Soles in the kings road in the early 90’s (possibly 1994) They were expensive but remember this was my pre family era I only had myself to look after! However they have lasted and lasted and will go on for years to come, an investment buy. You can see a similar pair here for sale today for £350 pounds! 



Zara studded black wool jacket and cowboy boots



I couldn’t justify spending thist on a pair of R Soles boots today, but I’m so glad I did back then because 25 years later I’m still wearing them!



Restyle & Rewear : 25 year old Cowboy Boots



Take one pair of 25 year old R Soles Cowboy Boots…

So last weekend we spent a chilled afternoon together and popped into a local pub for a Sunday roast. I combined it with a quick photo shoot,and I do mean a really quick one, it was freezing!

From my wardrobe I pulled out a 2 year old Zara dress, my cowboy boots and a jumper, jacket and scarf, layered everything together and off we went…


By the way, Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge has several pairs!



Restyle & Rewear : 25 year old Cowboy Boots



Add in a 1 year old Zara silver studded black wool Jacket…

My Mum bought me this tailored black wool jacket. A brilliant buy from the Zara Sale, regular readers will know know she lives in Florida. One of the best thing about sales in Florida (for obvious reasons) is the coats and jackets are always left at the end and reduced to fabulous prices whereas, its the opposite in the UK. We are always left with skimpy summer dresses and t-shirts on the bargain sale rail in the middle of winter!



Zara studded black wool jacket and cowboy boots



…and a 2 year old Zara grey embroidered folk Dress.

I bought this dress in 2017, they also produced it in white. I have worn it many times since then, in both the Winter and Summer months. It is beautifully made  (unlike a lot of Zara garments) fully lined in a fine cotton, heavily embroidered with super details on the sleeves. I wore it over some thick opaque black tights and a turtle neck jumper.



Restyle & Rewear : 25 year old Cowboy Boots



I thought the pattern on the dress matched my boots perfectly



Restyle & Rewear : 25 year old Cowboy Boots
The sleeve details


Nothing new at all, job done I say, what say you?


Similar cowboy boots to those I am wearing, but much much cheaper!

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  1. 07/02/2019 / 16:58

    All my most expensive items are still in my wardrobe and still being worn. So the proof is in the pudding right? I’m toying with the idea of buying a designer handbag like your Chanel but I keep looking and thinking no way can I justify that. Something to hand down though maybe? xx

    • Ashley
      08/02/2019 / 12:03

      Exactly I agree!

    • 07/02/2019 / 15:46

      Thanks Maria !
      Although being 23 years apart I just got lucky on the matchy matchy theme !