Gifting & sharing Inspiration #2

This is not a Christmas guide because I’m fed up of reading those are you? As a family we dont go overboard on gifts, preferring to spend the money on days out and weekends or nights away. Making family memories and sharing laughter means far more to me than a present I don’t really need. This is my second post on gifting and sharing. Last week it was makeup and jewellery today I’m sharing a super suprise hamper and its contents, a lingerie set and some incredibly delicious teas that I will be buying myself when it runs out!


Gifting & sharing ideas #2


A little note on being authentic:

I do hope you dont think I’m bragging about the gifts I receive as a blogger? I rarely do those ‘unboxing videos’ on my instagram stories for this reason. I’m sharing because these are great products that I didn’t know existed until I received them. I’m not trying to sell them to you, I just thought you may like to see and read about them too?


Gifting & sharing ideas #2



My Views on Gifting & Sharing at Christmas


We dont go overboard on gifts, preferring to spend the money on days out and weekends or nights away, making family memories and laughing means far more to me than a present I don’t really need.Gifting and sharing with others is more meaningful and you can’t disagree with that.



A Hamper full of goodies.

The Bloggers Hive very kindly sent me a wonderful Hamper full of all my favourite style of surprises…


Gifting & sharing ideas #2




1: Something pretty and tasty to munch from Biscuiteers. As you may know I am a fan of biscuits (cookies for my US readers) I love a good choc chip cookie!  I wrote more about Biscuiteers when I received some tasty and Biscuiteers last year. Needless to say they are tasty too and they post all over the world. I have just bought some for my Mum in Florida. (hoping she doesn’t read this before they arrive)

I quickly ate my Secret Santa Jolly Ginger Biscuit and I can confirm it was delicious!


Gifting & sharing ideas #2


 Joe’s Tea Co.

2: Something to sip from Joe’s tea. Joes supply tea to Claridges, Artist Residence The Mondrian, the breakfast Club and many more prestigious and stylish restaurants and hotels. The tea is grown organically from sustainable plantations in Sri Lanka (Ceylon). 

My Cup Of Joe’s Ever so English Breakfast Tea went down a treat with my Ginger Bread Santa !


Gifting & sharing ideas #2


Joe Says… 

Joe’s passion for the finest cuppa begins on small organic tea plantations nestled high up in the misty hills of Dyatalawa, Sri Lanka. This is where Joe sources all his tea because, unlike other tea blends, a cup of Joe’s tea is brewed up with 100% organic Ceylon loose tea leaves – for the most outstanding, pure and fresh flavour possible.

Joe’s Teas have also won many awards for their teas and are members of the Organic Soil Association.



3:  A Luxury Travel Red leather Jewellery Box.


Gifting & sharing ideas #2



The star of the show! The quality of this jewellery box took my breath away. After I had unwrapped it, I could not put it down, turning it this way and that, in order to gaze at the stunning details. The finish, the softness of the leather, the detail and commitment to design that has gone into this little box has to be seen to be believed! 



Gifting & sharing ideas #2



The quality of this jewellery box took my breath away. After I had unwrapped it, I could not put it down, turning it this way and that, in order to gaze at the stunning details…


Gifting & sharing ideas #2



I have to say I will treasure this box and am already looking forward to using it on my next trip away. Do check out the link above to see more of Wolf’s jewellry boxes, watch holders and luxury travel accessories.  


I have this gorgeous red leather travel Jewellery box: 


Gifting & sharing ideas #2




  • Storage: 7 ring rolls, 4 compartments and 3 necklace hooks with pocket
  • LusterLoc™: Allows the fabric lining the inside of your jewellery cases to absorb the hostile gases known to cause tarnishing. Under typical storage conditions, it can prevent tarnishing for up to 35 years.
  • Material: Leather



Able Labels

4: Last but not least this cute mug, (perfect for drinking tea) from Blogger hive and Able Labels. It is presently sitting on my desk full of pencils. I’m actually thinking of ordering  some personalized pencils to go with! Able labels will print all sorts of gifts and labels with either photos or your personalised designs.


Gifting & sharing ideas #2



Two other gifts I received this month:

Wacoal lingerie

5: A lace affair bra and pants set in rose dust.

Hands up if you think lingerie should be for life and not just for Christmas eh? I am very lucky in having a man that thinks up brilliant ideas for presents, he listens to me throughout the year and mentally taking notes of what I need and want. Sometimes he even makes me gifts and those are very precious to me.

He sensibly does not buy me lingerie although he very much appreciates it when I come home from the Fantasie press shows with new sets to review! 

This set as usual with Fantasie, fits perfectly and has stunning lace details…



Gifting & sharing ideas #2



Lace Affair’s underwire bra showcases intricate cross-dye lace, featuring a two piece cup with vertical seams to provide great fit and support. Open seams also offer a flat fit, great for layering under slim fitting clothing. Available in a B – F cup


Gifting & sharing ideas #2



Adagio Tea

6: A selection of loose leaves.

I am a coffee fan but at last I have begun to fully appreciate and enjoy the ritual of tea drinking. I dont mean the slap in a tea bag, add a splash of milk and slurp type of tea drinking. Oh no, I mean the careful selection of some loose leaf tea, the steeping, aka allowing time for the perfect cup and of course using the right equipment type of tea drinking.As my teen would say ‘Proper’ tea drinking.


Gifting & sharing ideas #2



I dont mean the throw in a tea bag, add a splash of milk and slurp, type of tea drinking…


Gifting & sharing ideas #2



Adagio Tea sent me a wonderful selection of their teas to try and my mind has been opened. My favourite so far is the Lemongrass and Ginger taken during my morning break and for the evening I like to sip the 40 winks blend. For someone who has trouble falling asleep due to a busy brain this is the perfect solution…But dont take me word for it…give it a go!





Adagio Tea say:

We’ve combined valerian root, which is commonly used as a sleep aid, with the familiar flavours of soothing chamomile, spearmint and lavender. One cup before bed makes for an ideal way to unwind and lull yourself into a deep slumber.


Gifting & sharing ideas #2


Not only that but the tea actually looks beautiful too. I want to empty it into glass storage jars and keep it on our open shelves just for its beauty! Our kitchen would look like a modern day apothecary dont you think?




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      Its lovely, a ‘proper’ cuppa !
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