99 Ways To be Popular In 1958

I am in the middle of a massive declutter. Every room in the house is taking a turn. At the weekend I started on my office and found a large box of vintage ‘Woman’ magazines from the late fifties. What a treasure trove of social history it contains. This 1958 cover caught my eye with its 99 ways to be popular subheading!


vintage woman magazines 99 Ways To be Popular In 1958



This 1958 cover caught my eye with its 99 ways to be popular subheading!


99 Ways To be Popular In 1958


Woman Magazine November 29th 1958

Woman magazine in 1958 came out weekly on a Wednesday. Only the cover and the adverts are in colour, the stories and features are all printed in black and white. The paper is like newsprint paper, I’m amazed these magazines have lasted so long. Just think this one will be 60 years old in November this year! Its actually older than me.


99 Ways To be Popular In 1958


This 1958 issue is filled with make up tips, hair styling tips and how to act correctly.


99  Ways To Be Popular

I bet you are wondering aren’t you? So is the suspense killing you are you scrolling down already…?


99 Ways To be Popular In 1958


This 1958 issue is full of make up tips, hair styling tips and advice on how to act correctly in social situations. Obviously it was every girls dream to be popular. Do you think it is still the same today? Probably, just with the added pressure of social media thrown in (dont get me started on that one)

Woe betide any young lady who didn’t follow the ‘popularity rules’ in 1958 eh?


99 Ways To be Popular In 1958


The rules to follow if you wanted to be popular in 1958.


Some of these rules are simple common sense and reading between, the albeit dated lines, many still apply today. The words are different but basically they are saying be kind, be considerate to others and dont be selfish:

I can’t list them all but here are Twelve that I have enjoyed reading, some are very funny:



“Let people know you like them-and they can’t help liking you”

“A present is the expression of a kind thought whether it cost nothing or a weeks salary. “

“If you like serious music better than Pop, dont be afraid to say so. It would be a dull world if we all thought alike”

“If you liked a meal don’t forget to praise the one who cooked it.”

“Keep your stories short and to the point, remember someone else is just longing to tell you theirs”

“If people can depend on you in a crisis, you will never lack friends”

“If you are really hurt- sulking will only make you feel worse”

“Respect the confidences of others and dont try to confide in everybody”

” If your girlfriend has a broken heart it’s unkind to flaunt your latest conquest”

“If you’ve left your swimsuit behind dont forget that others may still want to go swimming”

“When a friend asks your help in buying a hat – keep your attention on her, don’t take off on a shopping spree of your own”

” Don’t be ready to take offence where no offence is meant”


99 Ways To be Popular In 1958



My favourite is this one:


” When you make a promise to visit someone, do an errand, write a letter – keep it. If you are apt to be forgetful about things like that tie a knot in your handkerchief”



99 Ways To be Popular In 1958


Right I’m off to tie a knot in my handkerchief 1958 style. Then I wont forget to take the dogs to the ‘furdressers’ on Friday… How about you?


I wonder what the Woman Magazine editorial team of today would think about this list?


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  1. 25/08/2018 / 15:03

    Such a great post, Ashley! How funny some of these tips are and how far we have come in 60 years. But kindness and consideration for others still reigns!


    • 25/08/2018 / 19:17

      Hi Shelby!
      Yes thats exactly what I thought too! Kindness rocks!
      bestest wishes & have a super weekend
      Ashley x

  2. Beryl Wiltshire
    02/08/2018 / 21:26

    Hi Ashley, What a lovely post -so proud of my daughter. Love Mum xxx

    • 03/08/2018 / 17:39

      MDM you did it!

      Now whose proud? love and miss you madly xxx

  3. MT
    02/08/2018 / 19:07

    Hahaha too funny! I remember finding old 1940’s newspapers when we pulled up a floor once. They were obviously used as lining for the linoleum & were incredibly still in tact. The first thing I noticed was how the use of language has change so much, very formal compared to todays reporting. In hindsight I probably should’ve kept a sample of it.
    Thanks for sharing your buried treasure Ashley xx

    • 02/08/2018 / 19:31

      MT I was thinking the exact same thing about the language. How it has changed even in our lifetime,

  4. 02/08/2018 / 11:06

    Haha, it is all so polite! Fantastic!

    • 02/08/2018 / 16:54

      Hi Nancy its wonderful isn’t it? very gentle and very polite I agree!
      ashley xx

  5. 02/08/2018 / 09:23

    Oh wow what a fantastic list Ashley – I love finding these sorts of things in old magazines!! I have a huge stack of Vogues from the 80s and 90s, I can’t wait for them to get even older (we love looking at the property at the back and seeing how much luxury houses in London were back then)!

    My fave on your list was “If you’ve left your swimsuit behind don’t forget that others may still want to go swimming”… what a wonderful analogy!

    Thanks for sharing lovely lady x

    • 02/08/2018 / 16:53

      Hello Catherine!

      Isn’t it a funny but rather lovely list! If only we were all as considerate and polite today eh?
      I hope you are settling in well?

      Ashley xxx

  6. 02/08/2018 / 07:46

    Great post Ashley. I wouldn’t throw them away…collectors items! Incidentally I have a handful of Country life Magazines from the early 1900s when a country pile with approximately (obv soo many the agent got bored of counting) 20 bedrooms for a cool £2,100 Now that’s what I call an example of inflation!!!

    • 02/08/2018 / 16:51

      oh my goodness Sarah if only we could turn back time when it suits eh?

  7. 01/08/2018 / 23:16

    Loved this! I love the Max factor print. I would have to frame that. I wouldn’t have got any clearing out done if I came across that lot. You know me! xx

    • 02/08/2018 / 16:50

      Hi Laurie yes the adverts are amazing!Remind me of my childhood!