How to Graffiti your Garden Shed with Banksy

Are you a fan of Graffiti Art? I don’t mean the needless vandalism of property ‘graffiti’ I mean actual Art with a capital ‘A’  as in the graffiti style. There are so many talented artists, Selwyn Senatori being one that I have actually met! We love graffiti in our house. I even wrote an easy DIY for you to do in your own home. Of  course Banksy is the most famous graffiti artist in the world, most people know his name, but does anyone know his real name?

Have you heard of Stik or even JR? Better get googling then…!


How to Graffiti your Garden Shed with Banksy



I don’t mean the needless vandalism of property ‘graffiti’ I mean actual Art with a capital ‘A’  as in graffiti style.


Stencil Revolution

I remember the stencils of the 90’s do you? Flowers and borders and lots of fancy stars. I didn’t really see the point back then. Now however, stencils are having a new moment. They are back but with a difference. you can buy huge mandalas to decorate your walls and there is a Banksy for everyone.

I recently chose 2 brilliant stencils from Stencil Revolution. They have a huge choice, I challenge you to have a look, I bet you will find something to amuse you…



How to Graffiti your Garden Shed with Banksy


Banksy stencil

I chose Banksy’s ‘Rage Flower Thrower’ in an 18″ x 12″ size. I knew exactly where I wanted to place it. On our Black garden Shed! I also chose a huge Mandala, I have plans for this one inside the house.

All the stencils are reusable, made from 10 ml mylar a strong plastic, simply clean and reuse. I find the details fascinating, obviously i know this is no a real Banksy but you can clearly see this guy has his baseball cap on back to front and is using the neck of his jumper as a mask.



How to Graffiti your Garden Shed with Banksy


How we did it:

I say ‘we’ but of course it was Marc that did the technical stuff. As the garden shed is black, I decided on white for the stencil,but Marc brought home a light grey colour too, this became my final choice…

You will need:

  • Your choice of stencil obviously.
  • Your colour choice, any spray paint will do (Marc calls them rattle cans)
  • A temporary glue/and or tape, we used the spray mount glue that picture framers use.


How to Graffiti your Garden Shed with Banksy



  1. Spray the temporary adhesive to the back of the stencil, lay it on a piece of paper first to stop any mess.
  2. Carefully press in place be sure to check all the details are pressed flat to the surface, for a good finish.
  3. Mask edges to stop the frame showing, spray slowly and evenly from side to side, you dont want any drips!
  4. Carefully remove stencil BEFORE the paint dries.


How to Graffiti your Garden Shed with Banksy


We turned the image around so it looks like the protestors are throwing flowers at each other!

Clean very carefully after use, see spray paint info on the cans for how to clean.


How to Graffiti your Garden Shed with Banksy


That Dog…

…runs up to me every time I get the camera out in the garden. He then assumes a pose and will not budge, I kid you not!



How to Graffiti your Garden Shed with Banksy


I recently popped a pic of this up on my instagram account did you see it?

Have a super week! How are you managing to stay cool?


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  1. 14th July 2018 / 23:09

    Murphy stealing the show! I love the stencil. I would like that on a large vase? Wonder if that’s possible? xx

  2. 9th July 2018 / 13:52

    That’s a resounding yes from me! I love graffiti art & as you know I’m a HUGE fan of stencils and stickers. These look fab Ashley x

    • 9th July 2018 / 16:13

      Hi MT yes and I love your new wall stickers fabulous with a capital F!

  3. 9th July 2018 / 11:35

    I have said it before, I love that Banksy stencil! It looks fabulous!

    • 9th July 2018 / 12:55

      thanks Nancy its lots of fun isnt it? Wait till you see the next one!
      bestest ashley xx

  4. 8th July 2018 / 22:40

    This is great! I have a friend who is obsessed with Banksy, she gets so excited everytime we hear of a new “Banksy” in NY and she rushes in to find and photograph it! Who knew there were stencils! Brilliant! I sent her the link to this post, maybe she’ll Banksy HER shed 🙂


    • 9th July 2018 / 12:56

      Hi Bettye
      So pleased you sent her the link, that company have lots more Banksy stencils too and very reasonable prices!
      bestest wishes
      Ashley x

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