6 Exceedingly Stylish Style Bloggers


I’ve wanted to write a list such as this for a long time. Following people online that inspire, keeps you fresh, they can open your up your world view and help you grow as a blogger. I have called them style bloggers rather than fashion bloggers, because I believe that style and fashion are two completely different things!


6 Exceedingly Stylish Style Bloggers


Style vs Fashion.

Style is innate, everyone has their own style, we are all unique. Celebrate your uniqueness, listen to your inner voice and you can’t go wrong…

There is a lovely interview with Caryn Franklin all about this, it’s fascinating stuff.

Do you have favourites? I dont mean your friends, but the ones you go straight to on insta and check out what they have been wearing or writing about lately…these are mine:


My Favourite 6 Exceedingly Stylish Style Bloggers

In no particular order!


Thats Not my Age  by Alyson Walsh

Alyson writes fascinating posts about the art of fashion and the real women who wear their clothes with unique style. As a former journalist her writing is a delight to read…


6 Exceedingly Stylish Style Bloggers



Style Memos by Alexis Foreman

In my opinion Alexis is one of the most stylish, style bloggers online today. I bumped into her last week and had the pleasure of telling her how awesome she is! She highlights simply structured, beautiful clothes and muted but rich colours. The photography is a dream…


5 Exceedingly Stylish Style Bloggers



Stop it right now Jayne on Instagram

Uber cool londoner, I love her instagram. Note her captions or lack of…!


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Man Repeller by Leandra Medine.

Classic, original, outspoken and sassy. Leandra and her team tell it like it is.  A free online magazine read…put the kettle on?




Fashion Foie Gras. By Emily Davidson

Emily is a pure joy to read, meet and work with. I am proud to say I have done all three. Emily is the real thing, no airs and graces here! A beautiful and kind lady…


5 Exceedingly Stylish Style Bloggers



Not Lamb by Catherine Summers.


Catherine is a Bloggers Blogger, always approachable and always ready to help you if needed. A woman after my own heart, she too loves colour and is not afraid to mix it up.

This girl knows how to dress and does it with style, what a beauty eh? Another blogger I am proud to call a friend.



6 Exceedingly Stylish Style Bloggers



You can buy fashion but you cannot buy style…


Lastly a note, a small observation about Instagram and style bloggers.

(I very much doubt any of the above bloggers would do this…?)

Lately I have a noticed a strange trend creeping onto my instagram feed. I have noticed  people who are very obviously, ordering clothes snapping them to put on instagram, then (I’m sure) sending them back. You never actually see them wearing the clothes in other pics of their daily life.

Surely sharing your own sense of style or ‘fashion’ means sharing what you wear and how you style it for all different occasions? In other words the many ways you can mix and match the clothes in your closet again and again to create different looks…

Surely it is not ordering heaps of clothes vlogging a haul then photographing for ig outfits posts them and sending them all back again!

I would love to know your views on this?


Style is innate, everyone has their own style, we are all unique. Celebrate your uniqueness, listen to your inner voice and you can’t go wrong… Lazy Daisy Jones



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  1. Sharon
    19/06/2018 / 21:53

    I love this Ashley .. your choice is spot on but I do have a favourite of favourites … Catherine ❤️

    Agree also about the clothes haul debacle. It’s what sucked the life out of me for Instagram for a while and I wrote about it … you might remember … ‘The Instagram Suck’.

    I think it gives people unrealistic expectations which in turn puts pressure on. I know to step away when I get a bit sick of the fake shit but not everyone can do that.

    I thought I had a fairly decent wardrobe til I joined Insta! ?

    • 19/06/2018 / 22:27

      Hiya Sharon my lovely!
      Love a bit of lamb anyday & not just on Sundays right?
      re insta, I had no idea people were driven to such lengths its ridiculous, they must feel so insecure to have to keep up in this way!!
      Sharon my friend you have a superb wardrobe because its all yours and you dont copy! Thats what I love about you…keep it real for insta…
      bestest wishes
      ashley xxxx

  2. 19/06/2018 / 21:03

    Great post – so many stylish ladies, and you are the most stylish of all! x

      • 19/06/2018 / 22:28

        Ahhh Natasha you are so kind to say that and coming from such a stylish lady as yourself its a real compliment!
        thank you
        bestest wishes
        Ashley xxx

  3. 19/06/2018 / 11:36

    Aaaaargh Ashley how flattered am I that you’ve featured me in this list… thank you thank you my lovely!! And such sweet words, I really appreciate them 🙂

    I couldn’t agree more about the lovely Emily, she’s wonderful. And she’s a perfect example of someone who DOESN’T do that thing of flogging clothes on Instagram. I’m certain the ones who do do it all for the affiliate links, it’s so tiresome and boring. I love honest bloggers like Emily… and yourself and many many others!

    • 19/06/2018 / 12:25

      Thank you Catherine, its the like to know it ones that get me!!

  4. 17/06/2018 / 18:58

    Adore Not Dressed as Lamb but I’m biased 😉
    I think shoot & return is & has always been indicative of IG. Just like selfies in the change room. Neither of those style accounts appeal to me in the slightest. I’m also growing tired of the new brigade of posh Mummies in a different designer outfit every day being faux humble “I’m just like you, see I’m also wearing Zara & I also hate my thighs & posing for the camera”
    Oh well whatevs…

  5. 16/06/2018 / 18:14

    Great post!