Lately 5 things I got up to in March 2018

March 2018 Dorset and the rest of the UK was covered in snow. The weather dominated the news, schools were shut and roads were blocked. The supermarket shelves were empty and our town was silent.


Lately 5 things I got up to in March 2018



It was lovely for two days, we lit the fire, cosied up in front of the TV and thanked our lucky stars we weren’t caught up in the mayhem outside…

March 2018;

1.The Igloo

On the coldest day of the year, my 16 year old spent 4 hours in the snow building this amazing Igloo. He is a keen engineer and is very interested in architecture. What better way to learn about structural problems?


Lately 5 things I got up to in March 2018


The igloo was at least 7ft tall when finished. I wish I had taken a picture of the inside before it melted, the light was so beautiful from the interior. All sound was blocked and for a few hours it was a magical place. The next day it had ‘bowed out’ and the day after that it had imploded and collapsed upon itself.


Lately 5 things I got up to in March 2018


We were very impressed with his tenacity at finishing the job, I popped out for a few minutes to join him, but it was so cold I had to run back inside to warm up!


2. New Garden project: Lower Patio Area.

Marc started a new garden project. Our garden is not large and is on two levels. The lower level has been sorely neglected. The walls were collapsing, the tree had outgrown its space and was creating major problems because of its roots…


Lately 5 things I got up to in March 2018


We decided to clear and tidy the entire area, which unfortunately, meant the tree had to go. This was a huge job that Marc tackled by himself. The hardest and the biggest part of the job was getting rid of the stump and the roots. For this he hired a stump grinder…a heavy piece of machinery that fascinated us all.


Lately 5 things I got up to in March 2018


Phase 2 will be to re pave the floor and design an new seating area. Don’t tell him but I have a long list of design ideas and I can’t wait to get going on them. Watch this space…


Lately 5 things I got up to in March 2018

3. The puppy is growing fast

Murphy the Shih Tzu pup, the latest addition to our family, is growing fast and is an absolute delight. He keeps us all in fits of laughter at his peculiar antics. Our older Shih Tzu has graciously accepted him, sometimes they even share his basket.

Shih Tzus do not shed their fur, it just grows and grows. This means when they get wet they must be completely dried or their fur becomes matted.

In March 2018 Murphy he had his first bath and blow dry…this was the result!


Lately 5 things I got up to in March 2018


4. Hair maintenance for me.

Sometimes Ineed a complete M.O.T. at the hairdressers and sometimes it’s just a little maintenance like my roots, that needs attending to. In this way I can spread the cost and keep my hair and colour in tip top condition. Therefore, I always book at least two appointments in advance. Talking of hair I have just completed a campaign for clairol. Keep an eye on my Lazy daisy Jones instagram account to see what I came up with. It was lots of fun!


Lately 5 things I got up to in March 2018


5 International Women’s Day and testing Beauty Products.

March the 8th was International Women’s Day. I joined in the worldwide celebrations by posting this pic on Instagram…


I feel lucky to have been born into a country that at least treats women as human beings.


Lately 5 things I got up to in March 2018


Behind the scenes I have been testing some new beauty products. I have given myself 4 weeks to really test them and will be reporting back very soon. Some are old products that have been updated and improved, some are new to me and others are brand new.

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So that was March 2018  Hello April!


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I hope you had a fab Easter weekend?

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