How to make a Modern Crochet Wall Hanging

Have you seen all the wonderful crochet wall hanging decorations that seem to be everywhere at the moment? This is my chunky crochet version. I made it in one day, would you like to see how?


picture of crochet wall hanging in dark grey room


If you can crochet you can make one of these, it is simple and easy…


picture of crochet wall hanging in dark grey room

How I made my Crochet wall Hanging

You will need:

  1. A crochet motif pattern. You could just whip up a good old granny, but for an interesting crochet wall hanging use one that fits together well or ‘tessellates’. I used Jane Crowfoots Mystical lanterns pattern.
  2. Some chunky scraps of wool.
  3. A 12mm crochet hook, or the correct size for the yarn you choose to use.
  4. Something to hang it from, I used a branch from the log pile, you could use bamboo stick or even a wire coat hanger?
  5. A large eyed tapestry needle
  6. Some cord for hanging.
  7. A pompom and or a tassel maker. You can make do without these and use the traditional circles 0f card, but I do find them handy to have around at all times. I use this tassel maker from clover also available from Etsy too. Or see my top tip below



Top tip!… you can easily make tassels by hand too.  I have a  step by step tutorial if you dont have a tassel maker yet? Its very easy take a look?


The Method:

  • When you have decided on your pattern motif. Decide how many you are going to use and in what colour. As usual keep it simple, perhaps just three colours? It might help to make a quick sketch too.


image explaining how to make a crochet wall hanging


  • Next sew in all your ends and thread up the tapestry needle with your chosen thread. Then simply oversew to the branch/stick picking up the work as you go. Its wrapping with thread, dont worry about being neat it adds to the handmade charm?


how to make a crochet wall hanging


Ready to add some pom poms and tassels?

Of course you are it’s the best bit right?


pompoms added to crochet wall hanging, tutorial on lazy daisy jones blog


  • Choose your pom pom colours and start winding up your pompom maker. You can use all pom poms or make just tassels it’s up to you. I made 2 pom poms and 3 tassels, the bottom tassel is a big one.Sew to each end at the top of the stick…


how to make a crochet wall hanging a diy idea


Next Add 3 tassels…


large clover tassel maker


  • Sew on your tassels and add a hanging cord, just tie it on…


How to make a Modern Crochet Wall Hanging


How to make a Modern Crochet Wall Hanging


What do you think? I used these colours to use up some yarn scraps, you could use soft pastels or black and white, the sky’s the limit if you let your imagination run wild right?




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Have a fabulous week! bestest wishes


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  1. Tamsyn
    26/01/2018 / 18:34

    Wow this is so beautiful Ashley!! Love the colours you’ve used too! Xx

    • 27/01/2018 / 02:33

      Hi Tamsyn,so pleased you like it!
      have a super weekend !

  2. 26/01/2018 / 14:47

    It’s stunning, what a wonderful DIY – you are such a creative lady!

    Have a gorgeous (Florida style) weekend! xx

  3. Susan
    26/01/2018 / 14:00

    Looks ace Ashley! I love how colourful your home is. Have a great weekend xx

  4. 24/01/2018 / 11:23

    Next time your here, you will have to show me how to crochet! I bought the grandaughter a pom pom maker at Christmas and couldn’t even get the hang of that!

    Laurie xx