What’s New at Habitat for Spring Summer 2018?

It is not just fashion that is seasonal. Furniture and interiors have seasons too. Would you like to see awhat is new at Habitat for spring and summer 2018? Most of the products will launch in February but here is a little preview of what is to come…


What's New at Habitat for Spring Summer 2018?


Habitat Spring Summer 2018

Where to start inside or out? Let us start with the colours and the Inspiration.

The Inspiration

Habitat’s new collection is inspired by global design and travel, with traditional meeting contemporary. For example, tech meets craft, luxe vs minimal, Scandi cool with Indian bright, I think you get the idea?

The Colours

As you may know, I love colour so I was very excited to read this…


…24 colours make up our colour palette for SS18. Key new seasonal introductions include the chalky greens of Sage and Moss moving through to brighter shades of Grass and Leaf.ew Purple tones of Lilac and Plum make an elegant statement alongside Raspberry,a  new warm, chalky pink. At the brighter end of the spectrum, a bright, positive Daffodil yellow and Satsuma orange nods towards brighter summer days ahead…


Textiles Cushions and Rugs:

Look at these gorgeous and colourful cushions?


  • Face cushion £40
  • Eye cushion Embroidered £60
  • Brightly coloured Ako cushion £35
  • Nora (fluffy cushion) £75 this one is my favourite

The eyes and face cushion are from the figurative range, inspired by the art of the 50’s and 60’s with a nod to the Easter Island sculptures.


“I have picked my personal favourite from the new S/S 2018 range to share with you, but believe me, there is so much more to see in store and online…”


My Favourite Rugs:


rattan chair


I love the Vida (£350)  rug above but This one below is my ‘top pick’ it would look beautiful in my conservatory I think!


What's New at Habitat for Spring Summer 2018?


Keogh 170x240cm multicoloured flat weave rug – £250 – www.habitat.co.uk

Also in pic: Hopkins Bookcase £695, Cuscin Sofa £1,700, Powell Cushion £50, Nestor Marble coffee
table £550.


I am pleased to say Habitat continues to champion handcrafted over mass produced, after all, there is so much beauty to be found in the irregular and the handmade which makes every piece unique…


3 vases from new habitat s/s 18


All from the ‘Figurative’ collection:

  • large pic Face Vase £45,
  • Easter vase top right £30
  • Visage footed vase £25



Black and yellow Dennis tableware caught my eye as I have been collecting yellow and black ceramics from the 50’s and 60’s for years and the old and the new will mix beautifully in our home…

Reasonable prices too for such beautiful looking ceramics with a paste bowl costing £12.


What's New at Habitat for Spring Summer 2018?


In the Garden,

How I am longing to get back out into the garden I am sure it is the same for you too? The dark days of January and February can be very long in the UK. Bring on the sunshine and those blue skies…

We have a lot of blacks in our garden, so I love the vibrant colours of these Leon window box Planters (£20) below.


habitat s/s18 outdoor planters


This is clever too: Pallas wall planter £30…



..and of course, there have to be deckchairs, this is England!


Maui deckchair What's New at Habitat for Spring Summer 2018?


Maui deckchair frame £70, Maui lounger frame £80, Maui deckchair/lounger sling £10.00 – www.habitat.co.uk


Well, that is just a little peep I hope you enjoyed it? Have you seen anything you like?


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  1. Tamsyn Morgans
    22/01/2018 / 09:16

    Gorgeous colours, I used to work at Habitat back in the 90’s! I worked at the Tunbridge Wells store and then the Manchester store. Such lovely memories! xx

    • 24/01/2018 / 15:38

      oh wow I used to visit that branch a lot !

  2. 19/01/2018 / 06:42

    I have long been a fan of Habitat. I think the rug would look great in your conservatory too! I also like the planters.
    Laurie xx

    • 19/01/2018 / 08:50

      me too!
      my conservatory actually needs a new rug but then so does the lounge !!

  3. 18/01/2018 / 15:05

    So much fabulous and fun inspiration here, Ashley!


    • 18/01/2018 / 17:44

      Thank you Shelbee I cannot wait for spring!!