The Pyjamas Edit my Top 10 picks


I’m been shopping online for a couple of pairs of cosy ‘stay at home all day’ pyjamas. I won’t call it loungewear because I won’t be lounging around until christmas and I can’t exactly call it work wear can I? Even though there is a strong possibility I may wear them all day whilst sitting on the sofa writing blog posts on my laptop thats working right?


I have, very patiently, explained  to my other half that it is only shopping if you press the checkout button and lo and behold a postman arrives the next day!


 My Pyjama ‘research’ is not shopping!

Therefore at no expense to you I have taken it upon myself to go ‘researching’ you know looking on line and putting stuff in your basket. I have explained to my very patient other half that it is only shopping if you press the ‘checkout button’ and lo and behold a postman arrives the next day!

…I have searched high and low but not too low I haven’t visited Primark the products may be cheap but  they dont even last a season! This year when I buy new pyjamas I want to pack them away for next year come springtime, and not throw them in the rag bin…

The Lazy Daisy Jones Pyjamas Edit:

In no particular order, apart from the prices, lowish to highish. This is what I found. Can you guess what pair I actually bought?

Answer at the end…if you can stand the suspense!

M & S

Of course any ‘research’ of this sort has to start with good old M&S. These two pairs are of the silky variety

The black and white pair are the cheapest at £25 ‘trés glamorous’ I say!

The Pyjamas Edit my Top 10 Choices

  1.  Satin Printed Revere Collar Pyjamas in black and white. Enjoy a blissful slumber in these cosy pyjamas. Satin gives a feminine and slinky feel that drapes beautifully. Available in sizes 6-22
  2.  Satin Revere Collar Printed Pyjamas with birds. I think the bird print is so pretty. I would slink around in these in the evening whilst watching netflix, how about you? In sizes 6-20


White Stuff

A superb brand with beautiful and unique prints and the quality is lovely… pair number one is going on my christmas list right now!


The Pyjamas Edit my Top 10 Choices



  1. Chinoiserie Bird Pj Set Cut from soft brushed cotton and beautifully finished with a clashing print at the hems. sizes XS to XL
  2. Chinoiserie Birds Pj Bottoms
    They’re cut from soft brushed cotton in a straight fit that looks more like smart trousers. With discrete side pockets and a ditsy print lining at the cuffs, so they look just as pretty turned-up with slippers. Team them with a vest top for lounging.

Laura Ashley

I Fell in love with pair number one immediately, monochrome print with a dash of red, who wouldn’t ?


The Pyjamas Edit my Top 10 Choices


  1. London Scenes Pyjama Set: Featuring imagery of classic British icons like the Houses of Parliament, red buses, and the timeless red telephone box!
  2. Black Floral Notch Collar Shirt and Drawstring Pants Pyjama Set 

The pj bottoms have a wide satin ribbon drawstring for a comfortable fit, and the set is made from cotton sateen for a breathable night.

Sea Salt

I love the the prints on Seasalt garments, I have a couple of summer skirts from them, that I wear year after year. lovely quality and they wash well too.

The sizing on these PJ’s starts at an 8 and goes up to size 26…


The Pyjamas Edit my Top 10 Choices


  1.  View point Pyjamas are the same style in two different prints, I want them both. Please and thank you!
  2. Sunday sail mid swirl



So I saved the best for last…

I came across this beautiful brand entirely by accident. Hand drawn prints, cotton sateen, the stuff luxury is made of I think?

Allow me to quote from the website..



“Our pyjamas celebrate the joy found in doing something you love – whether that’s hanging out with friends, writing a symphony or curling up with a good book.

What we love is making beautiful pyjamas. From our super-soft, bespoke cotton to unique, quirky hand-illustrated prints with hidden details, our pyjamas are designed to feel great, look fabulous and to make you smile.”




The Pyjamas Edit my Top 10 Choices


Float away pj set;  A classic pyjama style in a lighter weight cotton sateen. designed in collaboration with galeries lafayette…


The Pyjamas Edit my Top 10 Choices


Port in a storm Pj set: 

Inspired by seaside holidays on the great British coast it features lighthouses, large waves – and just try to find the hidden whale (he pops up infrequently)!

The Round up:

These are on my Xmas list…

These will be on my back as soon as the postman arrives… 

and these are on my wishlist…

Do you have an opinion on PJ’s? if so I’d love to hear from you! Now I’m off to light the fire and curl up with the dog in some cosy pyjamas…

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  1. 29/10/2017 / 04:53

    Have you ever tried Yawn’s cashmere socks? They are the best! I love the Laura Ashley London scene PJ’s xx

    • 29/10/2017 / 11:19

      I will check them out! sounds expensive?
      Ashley xx