My Marrakesh story with Wood Wool Stool.

Marrakesh I have always longed to visit that magical, mystical city in the kingdom of Morocco.

My Marrakesh story with Wood Wool Stool.


Marrakesh first came to my attention when I read Esther Freud’s (daughter of the painter Lucien Freud) 1992 autobiographical novel ‘hideous Kinky’ based on her unusual childhood, brought up by her hippie mother in Marrakesh, along with her older sister Bella (the fashion designer)


My Marrakesh story with Wood Wool Stool.

Wood Wool Stool.

Ingrid writes a beautiful blog called Wood Wool stool and has written about our week recently.

She designs stylish, simple and contemporary crochet patterns that you want to make immediately you see them.

Add to this one of my new year’s resolution ‘to travel more’ this year and you can understand why I jumped at the chance to be part of Ingrid’s ‘cool crochet workshop’ that she hosts annually  in Marrakesh. I booked in advance and promptly forgot all about it!

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As part of the workshops we each made a crochet cover for our little locally handmade wooden stools.


My Marrakesh story with Wood Wool Stool.


We visited various locations with each of the projects that we were set. These included a Kasbah in the Atlas Mountains and a desert hideaway, where we lunched in the wilderness under canvas and watched the sunset from the top of a hill with a 360 degree view. Plus we crocheted at several local cafes and restaurants in and around the city…


My Marrakesh story with Wood Wool Stool.


My Marrakesh story with Wood Wool Stool.


I took my stool on ‘tour’ and snapped a few pics of the views for your entertainment!…


My Marrakesh story with Wood Wool Stool.


My Marrakesh story with Wood Wool Stool.



Well what can I say, Marrakesh I fell head over heels with you and I am coming back with my loved ones asap next year because I think they will fall in love with your elegance, colour and your people too!

My Marrakesh story with Wood Wool Stool.
Our finished stools, what a lovely variety we made from one pattern!


You can see a few more pictures in this post

I am planning more posts on this trip this one was from the crochet point of view, the next ones will be about the places we went to and what I packed to wear in the heat. Both are things you may be interested in reading if you plan to visit to Morocco one day?

bestest wishes to you and yours

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  1. jodie
    26/10/2017 / 13:48

    Wowza…that’s so cool!!
    I crochet a little. A very little. I’m a much better knitter however!! But I made some converse baby sneakers for my nephew—I only had to crochet 5 of them to be able to have 2 that remotely looked like each other…LOL

    • 26/10/2017 / 14:43

      Haha thats so funny about the baby sneakers, I bet they were cute? I think we are either knitters or crocheters?
      bestest Ashley xx

  2. 26/10/2017 / 07:20

    Your stories said it all. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing what you got up too. What a picturesque place and I admire how brave you are to travel on your own xx

  3. Old fashioned Susie
    25/10/2017 / 07:21

    What a fun trip! I’d love to visit one day

    • 25/10/2017 / 18:52

      Hi sue,
      It was an amazing trip I do hope you are able to visit one day I think you would fall in love with Marrakech too?
      best wishes
      Ash xx