My top 3 Denim picks from JD Williams Autumn range.

Denim so I’m guessing you have several garments made with this fabric in your wardrobe? When I use or see the word denim my mind immediately conjures up a pair of jeans, but as the Gershwin song says ‘it ain’t necessarily so’

What exactly is Denim?

Let us start with the basics. For a simple answer I turned to the Levi’s website. I quote…

“…it is a durable cotton twill, textile, typically used to make jeans, overalls, and other clothing. To create the fabric, the weft (horizontal threads) passes under two or more warps (vertical threads) threads. This process makes diagonal ribbing of denim that distinguishes it from cotton duck, another twill fabric…”

My Style:

I have no need to dress formally these days. I mainly work from home and when we go out it is usually for relaxed country pub meals or city weekends away. Denim therefore serves us both well.

He lives in his Levi’s, with a t-shirt and a lambswool crew neck layered over the top . Whilst my wardrobe, apart from several pairs of jeans in various styles and colours, also contains denim dresses, blouses, shirts and let us not forget the classic blue jeans jacket!

JD Williams

How perfectly apt it was for me then, to be asked by JD Williams to pick my out some of my favourite denim pieces from their latest Autumn 2017 range.


The Versatile Dress

On this occasion I wore this ultra, useful shirt dress alone, merely adding a pretty clutch bag and nude shoes for a smarter look, as  we were going for lunch afterwards.

However I would also wear this over my jeans like a tunic top, or layer it over a long sleeved t-sht and jeans but leave it open like a soft tailored jacket! how about you, how would you wear it?


Denim dress from JD Williams Autumn range.

My top 4 Denim picks from JD Williams Autumn range.


The Ruched sleeved Shirt dress only £35 !

I love it because:

  • The sleeves are ruched and you can alter the length by tying them tighter .
  • The dress has a true ‘shirt hem’
  • The creases drop out easily and the fabric is cool and comfortable to wear.
  • Either use the self tying belt or add your own.
  • It buttons all the way up so you can leave it open and wear as a Jacket if desired.
I wore it with:

JD Williams shoes and embroidered clutch bag Heavenly Soles nude coloured trimmed court shoes                      embroidered clutch bag


The boyfriend Jeans with a difference.

This pair of jeans have been my best friend ever since the first time I wore them. No I’m not kidding! I even miss them when they are in the wash…


My top 4 Denim picks from JD Williams Autumn range.

My top 4 Denim picks from JD Williams Autumn range.


My Jade Distressed Boyfriends jeans

Why I love them.

  • They fit like a dream.
  • Made in the softest fabric ever.
  • The rips are ‘lined’ so no flesh shows!
  • perfect length to wear with boots or shoes.
  • Wash an tumble dry perfectly.
  • Look stylish without looking like mutton!

Worn with:

Animal print Cardigan and Sole Diva Lucy side zip boots.


Animal print crew neck Cardigan                      Sole Diva Lucy side zip boots.


Black bootlegs always a classic. 

Next I chose a classic pair of these black bootleg jeans, flattering to anyone and everyone (in my opinion)

I wrote about this all black outfit here too as seen and worn with the red stilettos …oh la la!

All details below…

So on Trend, my Sexy Baroque Red Lotus Shoes


I changed the look to a more casual style, albeit a cosy one, by changing my shoes and my knitwear…


My top 4 Denim picks from JD Williams Autumn range.

My top 4 Denim picks from JD Williams Autumn range.


Black bootleg jeans only £20!

Im wearing them with:

My top 4 Denim picks from JD Williams Autumn range.


Black suede embroidered boots                     Pink and grey patchwork knit               shoulder bag with patches


I will leave you with a pic of these beautiful churchyard steps, I’m imagining all the brides that have swept down these steps to their new lives…

churchyard steps dorset


bestest to you and yours

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I am proud to be working with JD Williams, a company based in Manchester. All garments worn were chosen by me and gifted by JD Williams. As usual I would recommend nothing to you that I would not buy or wear myself anyway. If you check out my instagram you will see me wearing these clothes again and again!


  1. old fashioned susie
    18/10/2017 / 11:08

    Loving those ripped ones too- not normally my thing but they really work!

    • 18/10/2017 / 18:04

      Thanks Sue, funny isnt it I used to say i will never wear ‘distressed’ jeans but ho hum there I am!
      Ash x

  2. 15/10/2017 / 18:23

    I really like the ripped jeans. I don’t like the skin showing either. I’m going to take a look xx

    • 15/10/2017 / 20:35

      Helloooo Laurie, Im back and yes I truly love this pair!
      speak soon?
      Ashley xx