New Blouse and Bag Outfit favourites

I have a new blouse and I want to wear it every single day. Do you ever fall in love with just one piece of clothing? I frequently do.

Favourite new blouse by Asos

 My New Blouse Story

This blouse and how I came to buy it has a little story attached to it…


Favourite new blouse by Asos


Favourite new blouse by Asos


I was in the hairdressers having my ‘balayage’ freshened up. As I am sure you all know, having your hair coloured takes time, you sit on your backside, drinking too much coffee and thinking of all the things you could be doing instead.


“Yes I am that woman at the hairdressers, the one who hogs the Vogues, so annoying I know but needs must…”


I decided to use this spare time for a little ‘research’ That is to say some Autumn winter 2017, outfit research. I gathered up a pile of Vogues. Yes I am that woman in the hairdressers, the one who hogs the Vogues, so annoying I know but needs must. Ho hum…


Favourite new blouse by Asos


I spotted this blouse, talk about love at first sight. I was smitten, the colours, the neckline, the sleeves and it is a perfect example of the Victoriana trend too. It was from Asos


Favourite new blouse by Asos


…now forgive me, but at this point my head was dripping over the sink and my phone was back at my seat so what to do? I couldn’t ask for someone to get my phone and take a quick pic, as I was just about to be rinsed off?  So I surreptitiously ripped it out and hid it in my pocket, I know shock, horror, gasp! I felt like a naughty child and incredibly guilty too, I also felt sorry for the next reader , who will wonder what she is missing.


“…I surreptitiously ripped it out and hid it in my pocket…!”


The minute I got home, I fired up the laptop and went shopping, a moment later the blouse was in my cart. It arrived very quickly, came up a perfect size 12 and the sleeves were TDF (to die for!)

Now I just needed to work out a few outfit possibilities, you will be pleased to know a quick raid of my wardrobe produced quite a few. This is the first one.


Favourite new blouse by Asos



I wanted to photograph more but it started raining and the wind was monstrously fierce, as you can see it almost took my hair off! I will be back with this blouse worn another way very soon.


Let’s talk about the Details


Blouse  £36.00 Asos

Grey velvet chain handle Bag  £36.00 JD williams

Distress boyfriend Jeans JD williams £30.00

Trim Nude Court Shoes £30.00


This bag is one I have had my eye on for some time, grey velvet with heavy chains, it goes with anything and everything, a superb size too. The shoes are super comfy and true to size.I am a 5.


JD williams shoes and bag


So do you love my new blouse as much as I do?


Favourite new blouse by Asos




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I was gifted the bag and shoes by JD Williams, but I chose them myself and I love them, so as usual, all the marvelous adjectives come from me.


  1. 19/09/2017 / 17:00

    Love it Ashley!!! I can totally see why you ripped the page out — I’ve done that before too!! I bet the next person that reads that mag was DESPERATE to know what was in that little tantalising rectangle that had been removed!!! LOL!! Gorgeous!! 🙂 Cxx

  2. 12/09/2017 / 09:44

    I love the blouse! I’m surprised that this type of neck on the blouse is not everywhere? Maybe it’s in the pipeline. I hope so! I saw this type of design at a fashion show nearly two years ago and I thought to myself That’s going to be a huge trend. I’m waiting! I love, love the bag and tempted to buy.
    Laurie x

    • 12/09/2017 / 12:16

      Hi Gorgeous, Yeah i’m so ahead of my game (haaaaa)
      I love this bag it will be going everywhere with me soon!
      Ashley xx

  3. 11/09/2017 / 06:58

    It is such a pretty blouse. I love a Victoriana feel.

    That bag. I have already said it on Insta but gorgeous.

    • 11/09/2017 / 13:34

      Hi Kara, so glad you like my bag I do too, but i did wonder if its a bit too glitzy for everyday use? I guess not then?
      Hope all is well with you and yours?
      Ashley x

  4. 11/09/2017 / 00:49

    The romantic Victorian style blouse is right up my alley, thanks for pointing it out.

    • 11/09/2017 / 13:37

      Hi Terra, so pleased you like it, I really do want to wear it with everything I love it sooo much.
      Ashley x