Interior Greenery in our home, it’s a Jungle!

Interior greenery? No I’m not talking about the pantone colour of 2017 but the real thing – houseplants.

We have lots of them in our house these days. The trend shows no sign of abating thank goodness!

Interior Greenery in our home, it's a Jungle!

It started with a spider plant just the one. From that little plant grew many Chlorophytum Comosum babies (technical term dont you know, get me?) they are still going strong.

Interior greenery in da house!

At first I kept them in the conservatory, because afterall thats what conservatories are for right? Then during the winter I realised they preferred the warmth of the room next door. i mixed them in with with the cacti. I followed all the rules and watered sparingly during winter, then as the days got lighter I fed them some plant food.

Interior Greenery in our home, it's a Jungle!

Well look at this little lot, they are in the rudest of health and are heading for their third re-potting.

Everywhere you turn there is either a tin or a pot full of interior greenery and I couldn’t be prouder of my newly discovered green fingers and thumbs…

Interior Greenery in our home, it's a Jungle!

Interior Greenery in our home, it's a Jungle!

Interior Greenery in our home, it's a Jungle!

Interior Greenery in our home, it's a Jungle!

Marc made the little block shelves below from an old palette, they wont take too much weight but they are perfect for a tin of greenery. I love to reuse and recycle, the tins are old baked bean or tomato tins!

Interior Greenery in our home, it's a Jungle!

However, you still can’t beat a vase full of freshly cut blooms. Flowers make a house into a home…

Interior Greenery in our home, it's a Jungle!


Those sunflowers cost just £3.00 from Lidl, now that is what I call getting your money’s worth.  I love Lidl luckily one has just been opened a short walk away from us. Is it sad that this makes me happy?


I wrote another post about my Spider plants, its definitely turned into an obsession..

I also made a hanging mobile plant holder here from tin cans if you want to see?

I buy lots of my plant holders from Homesense (not sponsored just a fan!)

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how to make a hanging planter from baked bean cans



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  1. 16/08/2017 / 15:42

    I’m not too good with plants inside, they tend to have a limited life! You seem to be appearing regularly again in my reader…how weird, but great. Aldi & Lidl are tops.

    • 16/08/2017 / 16:33

      Fiona Yay for appearing in your feed and a double whoop for Lidl!!
      (I have yet to explore Aldi)
      best Ashley xxx

  2. Julie
    16/08/2017 / 07:19

    Love houseplants too. I haven’t had a spider plant for years think I will seek one out.

    How many black and yellow cats do you have? Looks a fine collection. I have one which was my grandmother’s. Not many people have, but have you ever studied the back of them……..?

    Julie xxxxxxx

    • 16/08/2017 / 07:59

      Hi Julie I do love these little spider plants and yes they remind me of my childhood too! I have 5 cats, no whats on the back?
      thanks for your comment great to hear from you!
      best ashley x

      • Julie
        16/08/2017 / 14:23

        Another cat face if you look carefully
        Julie xxxxxxx

        • 16/08/2017 / 16:30

          Thanks Julie thats very interesting I will check them all out!
          best ashley x