Patio Picnics Summer holiday fun ideas

Patio Picnics have you ever had one? Let me explain…

Patio Picnics for summer entertainment


Now the school summer holidays are here we are chilling and relaxing. It wasn’t always like that. I remember when my son was small we spent our days visiting attractions and museums (I used to know the Tank Museum in Bovington like the back of my hand!) Now he is older we go shopping in London, or to the movies followed by lunch or supper (yessssss!)

Day trips are all very well, but you can end up spending a lot of money. Petrol, entrance fees, snacks and drinks etc it all adds up. So how to entertain your kids without spending too much money? This is one thing I used to do…

Patio Picnics

It is a bit like entertaining them on a rainy day by making a ‘den’ under the kitchen table with pegs and blankets.

For a patio picnic I round up every cushion in the house, apart from my best velvet ones, heaven forbid! Then I drag out all the blankets and rugs and cover the patio with them.

Patio Picnics for summer entertainment


“For a patio picnic I round up every cushion in the house apart from my best velvet ones… heaven forbid!”

A top tip is to turn the patio furniture around to form a ‘cave like’ structure, then layer and overlap the rugs and simply scatter the cushion and blankets around. More is more with a Patio Picnic, you can never have too many textiles. I even use some astro turf as a base…

Cushions and Rugs

I recently shopped in the Tk Maxx home department and found this marvelous floor cushion for less than £30. I think it looks very much like the Orla Kiely flower pattern. It has a leather handle which makes dragging around the house very easy.

Patio Picnics for summer entertainment

As I was planning a patio picnic I added the 3 cup Bodum french press and this gorgeous set of handpainted plates.

Patio Picnics for summer entertainment

I went with a list but as usual, ignored it once I saw all the gorgeous bargains in stock at my local store…

t k maxx patio picnic ideas

More Patio picnic accessories from TK Maxx

  1. Triangle print footstool
  2. Floor cushion
  3. Lantern
  4. Grey patterned Rug
  5. Beige pattern footstool


Moroccan style textiles are the best for Patio Picnics.

I fancy this whole look to be a little Moroccan in style dont you? Can you see that beautiful, colourful floor cushion? it even has a matching rug to go with. It is my latest obsession I am in love with it.

The moroccan bazaar rug and cushion

Both are handmade they are called  boucherouite cushions and rugs and are available from beautiful  The Moroccan Bazaar you must check out the rest of their home accessories too.

They are perfect for Patio picnics, imagine having the lanterns lit up at night and snuggling under the blankets to watch shooting stars flash by!

These are a few other thing things on my wish list…

Moroccan Bazaar collage for patio picnic ideas

Patio Picnic accessory ideas from The Moroccan Bazaar

  1. Set 6 Tunis Tea Glasses
  2. Salt and pepper tagine set
  3. Set 6 Cristo Tea Glasses
  4. Bolster cushion
  5. Safi Moroccan Jug
  6. Myriam Mourabit Turquoise tea light holder.


Decide what meal

My family love a late breakfast brunch, so this is a simple one to start with. Just add warm pastries, fresh coffee,  juices and fruit. Job done!

Patio picnic, summer holiday fun ideas.

By the way did you know Perrier have just relaunched back into the UK? They have two new flavours too…Perrier green apple and Perrier Lemon

Perrier and a Patio picnic, summer holiday fun ideas.

Here’s a non alcoholic drink recipe idea why not get the kids to make it for you, slosh in a secret shot of gin and enjoy the patio party!

 Perrier Apple Cinnamon 


–    20 ml (0.7 fl. oz.) lemon juice 10 ml (0.3 fl. oz.) cinnamon flavor syrup 


–    120 ml (4 fl. oz.) PERRIER® Apple 


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We have had houses with decking in the gardens, but I dont think you can beat a good old patio!

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  1. 12/08/2017 / 19:50

    Lovely picks here, Ashley. So colourful. Making me want to crack open the picnic basket for tomorrow!

    • 12/08/2017 / 20:32

      ha ha ! i know what you mean Lucy, thank you! xx
      Ashley xx