Crochet Yarn Trends my Top 5 for Autumn Winter 2017

Crochet yarn and knitting yarn are of course the same thing. It all depends on how the ‘big yarn brands’ choose to market/present them to us. As in fashion and interiors, trends come and go and whilst the turnover may not be as fast as in other sectors of the market, we can see new trends and colours emerging.

Crochet Yarn Trends

I am not a market trend forecaster (I wish I was) and this is not a sponsored post. I am a crocheter therefore, I am looking at these trends from a crochet perspective and sharing my ideas on what I feel will continue to be big for autumn winter 2017 and what I see as new emerging trends.

I am a crocheter therefore, I am looking at these trends from a crochet perspective…

New trends can be inspiring and invigorating. Here then are my ideas, let me know if you agree?

My 5 Top Crochet yarn Trends for Autumn Winter 2017

1 Hand dyed yarns and shawls.

Hand dyed yarns are hot right now and will continue to be well into next year, you can even buy kits to do it yourself. I haven’t tried it yet, preferring to buy from the professionals. There is an amazing selection of rainbow hues available to buy on Etsy

Crochet yarn Kat Goldin's and Joanne Sacre's Shawl project books,

However, hand dyed yarn is not cheap for obvious reasons, so what to make with this yarn and keep the prices reasonable? Judging from my own Instagram feed the make of choice appears to be mini or lace shawls, some of which are incredibly beautiful. The yarn colour changes are so subtle they look fantastic in the lace combination stitches of crochet.I have recently seen a lot of patterns made from Kat Goldin’s and Joanne Sacre’s Shawl project books,

I have raided my archives from 2015 to show you one of my favourite makes a shawl pattern from Cecile Balladino The ‘sea glass shawl’ I feel sure if you use some hand dyed yarn to make this it would look exquisite.


Crochet Yarn Trends my Top 5 for Autumn Winter 2017


2. Super Chunky Yarns

I have long been a fan of these super chunky yarns also known as ‘rovings’ They are very popular on Instagram too, I have seen them made up into large throws for your sofa or cosy snuggly blankets for your bed.

My friend Sarah from Annaboos house recently published her third book called Supersize Crochet it includes some super patterns that can be made up using chunky yarns. It truly is a fabulous book, I made a pet bed from it you can read my review, here then take the blog hop to see what everyone else made too?


Super size crochet pet bed


I also covered a wire coat hanger using the same yarn this is how I did it.

My lovely friend Andrea from Woolly Mahoosive sells this amazing yarn Don’t you just love that name? so appropriate too.


wire coat hanger recycled with crochet


3 Neutrals and Neon

This is a newer and slowly emerging trend going forward into Winter. I realise it may not be for everyone, personally I am loving it.neon and neutrals crochet yarn trend

I even embraced the trend and made up a Wool and the Gang kit in a Grey and Zingy Orange recently. Actually I have to admit I had lots of help I’m wearing it in this pic…do you like it?


azy daisy jones' tina tape evertime scarf by wool and the gang


4. Long, Chunky, Oversized Sweaters

These sweaters are always classic, but this is a trend I predict will be huge this season and can be translated easily into crochet and knitwear patterns. Although not a yarn trend but perhaps a style to make up in the new yarn trends? All the knits in the pic are from Zara. Look out for similar patterns…


oversized sweaters to crochet in the new yarns


5 Tactile and textured Yarns

Previously regarded as novelty yarns I have a feeling these soft and fluffy yarns will come into their own for the next couple of seasons. Faux fur is a fun look for fabrics and when made up that is exactly what these textural yarns can look like. Lots of fun I think, especially when used for childrens patterns?

I found this knitwear pattern and yarn on the Katia website. If you can find a crochet equivalent of this cute cardigan jacket then please let me know!

crochet yarn trends


I hope my choice of crochet yarn trends has inspired you, do you agree with my predictions? I am itching for a new project to get stuck into…

Bestest to you and yours


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  1. 05/08/2017 / 11:09

    I used to knit all the time and once I learned to crochet, it just seemed so natural that I rarely knit anymore. I love to crochet. The neutral w neon! Love it! And I have a bunch of chunky yarn, mostly single skeins, that someone gave me. I’ll see if I can find those books and get some gift ideas. Great post. Loved it. And very cute dog bed!

  2. 03/08/2017 / 15:46

    The neutrals and neon are right up my street.

    No matter how many times I try to crochet I just can’t, looks so much fun, maybe I shall do a course once the kids are all in school

    • 04/08/2017 / 17:44

      Hi Kara, you really should give crochet a go it is soo much fun!
      best ashley x