In Honour of National Lipstick Day…

It is National lipstick day on Saturday July 29th, so in honour of this auspicious occasion (?) I am clearing out my old lipsticks and having a refresh of my collection. I may even treat myself to a new lip colour to truly get in the spirit and celebrate in style.

Were you even aware such a day existed? Me neither until I looked it up.

In Honour of National lipstick day...

Whilst we are on the subject of these funny ‘National’ days let me give you a heads up and inform you that it will be National Girlfriends day on August 1st. I’m thinking that this is girlfriend as in your best friend rather than ‘girlfriend’ as in boyfriend are you with me?

National Lipstick Day

My form of celebration may appear unusual to you, there will be no bunting, no cakes or fizz, hmm well maybe some wine just to get the party started. However, I can assure you however, that my form of celebration ie. having a clear out will be joyous to me because I love chucking out old stuff and making space for new…

In Honour of National lipstick day...


My lipsticks

Only 8, not as many as usual because I recently had a major make-up de clutter that will be ongoing. This exercise is  a ‘refresh clearout’ I want to make space for one new one.

In Honour of National lipstick day...

In Honour of National lipstick day...


How long should you keep lipsticks for?

I would say about a year? Most of my lipsticks have a 12 month expiry date. Sometimes you can tell when the pleasant fragrance starts to smell a little like chemicals, then you know it is time to toss it. plus think of the bacteria and we put this stuff on out mouths after fishing it from the bottom of our handbags (well I do)

The eight pictured below are:

In Honour of National lipstick day...

  • Rouge Dior in Nude #169 my favourite, a natural colour to wear all day and any day.
  • Max factor Pink Brandy 825,
  • Tarte ‘Birthday Suit’ New, love this a matte creamy texture, wand application..
  • Bellapierre ‘cat walk’ I think this came in a glossybox or birchbox?
  • Chanel Rouge Coco in Adrienne #402 an oldie but a goodie.
  • Stila lipstick balm in ‘Olivia’ marvelous product.
  • Bobbi Brown lip colour in ‘Salmon’ #1
  • lip gloss by ‘Beautiful lips’ another glossybox or birchbox sample.

Keeping 5:

  • Rouge Dior in Nude #169
  • Tarte ‘Birthday Suit’
  • Chanel Rouge Coco in Adrienne #402
  • Stila lipstick balm in ‘Olivia’
  • Bobbi Brown lip colour in ‘Salmon’ #1

In Honour of National lipstick day...


Trashing 3:

In Honour of National lipstick day...

  • Max factor Pink Brandy 825, (past its best)
  • Bellapierre ‘cat walk’ (I no longer like this)
  • lip gloss by ‘Beautiful lips’ (I’m no longer a glossy lips fan)

Buying: Jonathan Adler Limited Edition Clinique Pop™ Lip Colour + Primer

I am a sucker for not only a well designed product but also a good collaboration so when the name Jonathan Adler A designer I admire, popped up in my in-box along with the Clinique brand, I was drawn in to discover more…

 “Good design has the power to transform your mood, like a big squishy sofa you sink into. Makeup is like that, too. It can literally transform a woman’s day,” says Jonathan Adler

I bought the new ltd edition Limited Edition Clinique Pop™ Lip Colour + Primer in Melon Pop, I am enjoying all the coral shades around at the moment and luckily it is a colour I love and wear a lot.

This lipstick mixes a velvet smooth texture with a primer which means it moisturises without the stickiness.

I like!

In Honour of National lipstick day...

Will you be celebrating National lipstick day? Oh go on, pucker up and pop on a colour you know you want to…

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Enjoy National lipstick day…


In Honour of National Lipstick Day…



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  1. 28/07/2017 / 08:54

    The Tarte brand is popping up everywhere. I need to invest! The mother has already bought into the brand, and as per usual her 85 yr old self is way in front of me in the beauty info! xx

    • 28/07/2017 / 17:32

      I saw loads of it in America I love it! like benefit but better quality I think!
      love ash xxx

  2. 27/07/2017 / 05:34

    Oh love this.
    I shall not tell you how many lipsticks I have and how old some of them are.

    I may do a little cull myself. I may even try to share my top 5.
    A Chanel Coco Rouge is in mine too. Can’t remember the name of the shade.

    Enjoy your new lippy xxx