Ribena now you can Doodle your world too!

Ribena the very word, let alone the smell of that drink for me conjures up some very special childhood memories; pretending to be a grown up and asking to have it served in a wine glass with ice during the summer… being tucked up in bed with a warm mug of ribena by my side when I was ill in bed in the winter. Spilling it on my favourite summer dress oops!

doodle your world with ribena

Ribena played a part in my own child’s early life too. However in my day the most fun thing to do with ribena (apart from drinking it) was to slowly peel off the gold foil wrapper that covered the cap. Now just look at all the fun things Ribena inspires us to do…

Ribena Doodle your World and make it more Ribenery!

Nowadays there are Apps to play with, plus you can scan bottles and win stuff! What am I talking about? The Ribena doodle your world app thats what! have you seen it yet?


Its so funny, it makes me smile, cheers me up and definitely makes my world (and our home) more Ribenary!

Yesterday the other half had a ‘challenging’ day at work and was feeling the stress. I showed him a picture of what I had been playing with  working on for this post…well what can I say his face lit up and he started to giggle.

Cheers Ribena!

The Doodle your World ‘Ribenary’ Details

If you want to join in and have a go at Doodling your world simply download the free app to your phone: To make it easy for you you can use the link below to take you straight there!

Ribena Doodle Your World

After downloading, open up the app, choose a cute little doodle to work with, then drag him up into your picture and watch him do his stuff! Next you can either snap a pic, or record a little video and share with your friends and family via your social media

I challenge you not to smile!

Try it out with your pets (oh yeah and your kids of too!)

Instagram Ribena Competition

doodle your world with ribena

Over on Instagram via Lazy Daisy Jones I am hosting a competition. You could win an exclusive Ribena prize.

So if you have an instagram account come on over and have a look? To enter all you have to do is is download the Doodle your World ‘ app and post a pic of one of your own doodles on your own account tagging me @lazydaisyjones and adding the #ribenary to your post, when the competition finishes I will choose a winner and they will receive an exclusive prize! Are you ready?

Doodle your world with ribena

Good luck and best wishes!


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This post has been supported by Ribena® but all thoughts and doodles are my own!

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  1. 25/07/2017 / 09:20

    I can imagine the fun you’ve had with this! I’m downloading now! xx