Titan Joseph Joseph Trash Can Compactor or Transformer?

Titan even the name conjures up ‘godlike’ proportions and majesty!

Titan Joseph Joseph Trash Can Compactor

When my son was young we both loved to watch the transformer movies. I particularly admired how one thing could become another especially when it incorporated clever design.

Power rangers too, does anyone else have a son that had the complete Power Rangers set? Those pesky plastic toys were the bane of my life and the noises they made. (oh, happy days) But it was the nifty hidden designs that always caught my eye.

So how does all this nostalgia fit into my post for today…? With a Titan that’s how! It may look like just a bin but it hides a clever secret just like those transformers…

May I introduce to you my Titan Trash Compactor by Joseph Joseph…?

Titan Joseph Joseph Trash Can Compactor

Joseph Joseph

Joseph Joseph are one of my favourite brands read more here

Founded in 2003 by twin brothers Anthony and Richard. They specialise in creating design-led products for the kitchen and the home with a strong emphasis on form, function and quality.

Titan Joseph Joseph Trash Can Compactor


Definition of titan.

1 Any of a family of giants in Greek mythology born of Uranus and Gaea and ruling the earth until overthrown by the Olympian gods.

2: One that is gigantic in size or power: one that stands out for greatness of achievement.

Titan is a cleverly designed trash compactor, featuring an innovative compaction system that’s hygienic and mess free.

Titan Joseph Joseph Trash Can Compactor

Odour Free.

Discreetly integrated in to the lid is an odour filter compartment that holds a replaceable carbon filter, which helps to eliminate any unpleasant odours.

Fingerprint-proof stainless Steel.

Ok stainless steel has been a no no, for me until now, why create extra work for yourself? We have tried and tested this amazing bin for over a week now and not a fingerprint in sight!

A lid that stays up.

There is a large handle so you can pick up the bin and move it for cleaning. The lid has a slow close or ‘stay’ function, no more trapped fingers or loud bangs! The pedal is perfection you can do everything handsfree.

Compact Waste.

There is a clever mechanism that pushes (compacts) the waste down so you can fit more in. We recycle our waste so the bin gets full of the non-recyclables like polythene, which always takes up space.

Titan Joseph Joseph Trash Can Compactor

Everything is provided bags odour filter and of course an easy to follow advice booklet.

Joseph Joseph have given me everything I will ever need in a bin. I cannot fault this Titan!

Plus, it is very pretty, when you consider the plastic bucket we had before!

Titan Joseph Joseph Trash Can Compactor

Ok so I will be honest and admit that in real life (aka ‘IRL’) I would probably be unable to afford a bin like this, but if I could I would because sometimes you have to pay for quality that delivers and this clever compacting bin, certainly does for my family. It is going to be around for years and years. If not then it comes with a ten year guarantee!

Titan Joseph Joseph Trash Can Compactor

You can read more about Titan here and also see a video of how it works …


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Yes, in case you were wondering, this fabulous Titan trash compactor was gifted to me by Joseph Joseph, a UK Company I am very proud to work with. The views in this post are all my own and the words were written by me. Please feel free to contact me here or via the email link in the sidebar, if you would like to work with me too?


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    So interesting Ashley, thanks for sharing. Jacqui

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    This is just what I’m looking for! Lucy you! xx