Bathroom Mat Crocheted from Scraps a DIY

Bathroom Mat

Upcycled or recycled, call it what you will. I love to make something from nothing or from things I already have in the house.This chunky crochet bathroom mat project is a good example.

Bathroom Mat Crocheted from Scraps a DIY

We have an ensuite bathroom, so the boys of the house have a bathroom of their own to share. In a day especially after a hot skate boarding sessions many showers will be taken and many bath mats are used to soak up drips from big wet feet… (no matter how many times I ask them to get dry in the shower before they get out)

Therefore new bath mats were needed asap.

I decided to crochet one and use up my Boodles t-sht yarn scraps, of which I had many bits and pieces left over from various projects.

Bathroom Mat

Bathroom Mat Crocheted from Scraps a DIY

The details:

  • Colours: My colours decided themselves (whatever I had left in the scrap basket) use as many or as few as you like or need to.
  • Hook size: 15mm
  • Yarn: Boodles t-sht yarn (used to be sold in hobbycraft?) I used two colours together, as one strand, joining in another as it ran out.
  • Similar chunky cotton yarn is sold here from the t-sht yarn shop

The Pattern:

Bathroom Mat Crocheted from Scraps a DIY


This depends on the space you have. So have a measure up of your bathroom first. My finished mat measures approx  60cms x 80cms and is quite heavy too.

Pattern note:  I used two strands together as one. Optional but it gives a thick sturdy stitch that is perfect for a bathroom mat, you dont want it to be too lacey or it wont soak up the drips?

As one length of yarn ran out I simply added another always keeping two strands together, it makes for a nice ombre effect.

I used a starting chain of 31 for my width .

  • Foundation row : chain 31 turn (last ch is turning chain)
  • 1. dc in each stitch across ch 1 turn (30 sts)
  • 2. ch1, miss first dc, dc in next dc *ch1, miss next dc, dc in next dc* rpt from * to end of row ch1 turn
  • 3. ch1 and dc into chain space, *ch1 and dc into next chain space*, cont from *to end of row. ch1 turn
  • (repeat row 3 until you have the length you need)


Bathroom Mat Crocheted from Scraps a DIY


Using a smaller hook  (9 or 10mm) for a tight even finish, dc evenly around the edge twice. 3dc in each corner.

As the yarn is thick, you can hook any yarn ends through the back to finish.


I find this yarn is too thick to block, so I chucked mine in the washing machine and then stretched it into shape on the washing line!

The result…

The boys love it and the more it is used and washed, the better it looks! I think i may make another for myself…

PS Let me know if there are any mistakes, I wrote the pattern out as I went, so I may have missed something!

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How to crochet a bathroom mat from t-sht yarn scraps



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  1. 23/06/2017 / 15:03

    Ashley, you are so clever! You make it look so easy. Lovely X

  2. 20/06/2017 / 09:11

    It’s wonderful – well done! xx