Instagram my Do’s and Don’ts and those Insta Clichés

Instagram I have three accounts and I learn something new from each of them every day…

Instagram my Do's and Don'ts and those Insta Clichés

I do believe we should always be open to learning no matter how old you are and even if you are considered an expert in your field, there is always room to learn more!

Instagram, a few things I have learnt:

6 Insta things I try to do every day.

  • Post once a day.
  • Reply to comments and answer any questions.
  • Share and credit others.
  • Take photos to post for the next week.
  • Discover new hashtags and use them.
  • Keep my pics bright and cheerful.

Instagram my Do's and Don'ts and those Insta Clichés


5 Insta things I don’t and won’t do.

  • Talk to someone else on a feed and ignore the host (so rude)
  • Follow someone I don’t know, just because they followed me. I follow people I know and accounts that inspire, plus I change these when I get bored. Apologies in advance its not personal!
  • I will never complain or be negative online. Positivity rules!
  • Post badly lit photos. (Ok I try not too)
  • Post pictures of my family. Social media is an ever changing whirlwind, my family is my sanctuary and I want to keep them to myself.

Instagram my Do's and Don'ts and those Insta Clichés


Instagram clichés I am guilty of:

  • Flatlays with pretty embroidery scissors, lying open.
  • Matching my manicure with my coffee cups
  • Matching my crochet hooks to my yarn (yep!)
  • Pictures of my shoes i.e. ‘selfeets’
  • The odd succulent!

Instagram my Do's and Don'ts and those Insta Clichés


Instagram Clichés I try to avoid:

  • Flatlays with a crumpled grey linen tea towel.
  • Flatlays with marble surfaces.
  • Chopping board on a bed holding a mug of coffee (that one always always makes me nervous)
  • Pictures of a keyboard and pretty notebook and pen, usually with a chanel lipstick just out of focus?
  • Pink, black and white ‘dreamy’ themes (arghhhhh!)
  • Aspirational quotes, enough already.

Instagram my Do's and Don'ts and those Insta Clichés

My Accounts:

My largest and oldest account is LAZY DAISY JONES it is based on my creative lifestyle in general with crochet thrown in as a highlight.

My newest and smallest account is my over 50’s style account DAISY JONES STYLE. Here I share clothes I buy, how I wear them, and things I like, or that are on my wishlists! You will see pictures of me and lots of shoes and handbags.

My third account is my community account HANDS THAT HOOK. As you can guess its all about crochet… hands crocheting to be precise. This one was started in December 2016 and has rapidly grown to over 12K in less than 6 months.

Afterall, sharing via this wonderful Insta community and ‘meeting’ new people in your niche is what its all about, I think you will agree?

Please remember this is all just my personal opinion and it has all been written slightly tongue in cheek!

There is no right or wrong way, remember its only pictures and not real life, so do what works for you if it makes you happy.

I wrote about Instagram here too


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  1. 21/06/2017 / 20:22

    Aaah I love your IG accounts!! I’m so happy to have stumbled across you Ashley — both online and in real life. I am really struggling with IG at the mo… I almost feel as though the algorithm has shifted again and my followers have dropped — which happens — but worse, my engagement has dropped off too — which is REALLY annoying!!!! That was the one good thing that my little account had going for it and now that seems to have gone too!!! *almost* ready to chuck in the towel with it. It’s sapping my enthusiasm. LOVE this post — I think I’ve done all these things at one time or another!!;)

    • 21/06/2017 / 23:06

      Hello my Lovely girl!
      Forget the algorithm and just do it for you!
      love ya Ash xxx

  2. 20/06/2017 / 09:15

    Love this post! I think I’m guilty of a few – haha! xx

    • 21/06/2017 / 13:38

      Ha! You are not the only one!! me too…x

  3. SFord
    16/06/2017 / 15:49

    I’m late to the instsa party (started Feb this year). I ‘abide’ by most of your rules above. I only have one account but find I post a variety of subjects on it, simply because I have a wide interest in things. On my account (longdenlife) you will find pics of: my shoes (selfeet, love that!), the garden, flowers, food, the dog (whose photos get more likes than any others), interiors, views of where I live (Padstow, Cornwall) etc. But I don’t think I could split these into separate accounts based on interest. I would get more followers I guess, but couldn’t keep up with it all.

    • 19/06/2017 / 11:55

      Hi Sarah, You live in cornwall wow how lovely I’m a little envious!
      Actually two accounts are hard work so you are best sticking to one!

  4. 08/06/2017 / 21:42

    Good reading Ashley, interesting points I agree. x Jacqui

    • 08/06/2017 / 21:56

      Thanks Jacqui! your insta is looking good!
      best Ashley x

  5. 08/06/2017 / 06:24

    Some great tips here! I can’t do the hands thing, mine are way too ugly! I can’t believe how popular crochet is! I might just have to take that up. xx

    • 08/06/2017 / 21:57

      Haha I cant imagine you crocheting! I can teach you if you want?

  6. Chrissie Crafts
    07/06/2017 / 17:14

    This made me grin! Words of wisdom and words that make me giggle! Cx

    • 08/06/2017 / 21:57

      haha i know so pleased you ‘get it’
      lots of love Ash xx

  7. jodie filogomo
    07/06/2017 / 13:56

    I can’t believe you have 2 accounts Ashely!! I have a hard enough time keeping up with one!! You rock!

    • 21/06/2017 / 23:07

      Ha ha! Thank you Jodie, it is hard work but as long as I enjoy it I will keep at it!
      bestest wishes
      Ashley xx

  8. 07/06/2017 / 13:03

    Ha! Ashley, your crumpled grey linen tea towel made me laugh! Love your insta – I could never get bored of it xx

    • 07/06/2017 / 13:24

      Tee hee and thanks Lucy I do hope I dont offend anyone? But if I see one more crumpled linen tea towel…!!
      bestest as ever
      Ash xx