Graffiti Art a Simple Diy Idea for you to Make at Home.

Graffiti art are you a fan? I am, I enjoy the looseness of the style, the freedom and wildness of it all, not to mention the colours!

I don’t however, approve of vandalism and graffiti ‘tagging’, thats a subject far removed from Graffiti Art and artists.

This idea would work very well in a teenagers room

Selwyn Senatori

I recently met a wonderful artist in Shoreditch, London. It happened quite by accident, Marc and I were having lunch at the Hotel he was exhibiting at, his name was Selwyn Senatori  He was very elegant and very funny. If I could afford his art work I would be snapping it up. Here then is the obligatory selfie taken by Marc…

Selwyn Senatori artist and Lazy daisy jones Blogger


Graffiti Art in Shoreditch

Shoreditch is filled with the most awe inspiring graffiti. A city art form we dont see much of in rural Dorset! In london it is everywhere, colourful, cheerful and doesn’t take itself too seriously!

graffiti art lazy daisy jones blog


Inspired by what I had recently seen and after spotting a similar project in Abigail Ahern’s decorating book. I set to work on my own version…

A Graffiti Art Diy:

You will need some ‘tourist tat’ oil canvases you know the type almost like the paint by numbers you probably worked on as a child (oh my goodness how I loved my oil paint by numbers sets when I was young!) I find lots of these pics at boot fairs. They are invariably freshly painted.

graffiti art diy lazy daisy jones


I could never use old ones, so please don’t be horrified by my irreverent use of somebody’s ‘ART’ In fact I have old kitsch ones up on the wall too…

graffiti art diy lazy daisy jones


Spray paint, I think luminous colours work well I used neon pink, but you can’t actually see how bright it is in the pics for some reason?

Be brave and just go for it..!

Next either sketch a very simple design with a pencil on the canvas first, or go free hand as I did with my peace sign. For the heart I ripped out a heart shape from a piece of paper and used it like a stencil, then sprayed over it.

I like that one the best, it gave a clean edge…

graffiti art diy tutorial by lazy daisy jones blog

graffiti art diy tutorial by lazy daisy jones blog

I know this may not be everyone’s cup of tea! But it is definitely ours and we love it.

Slightly shocking, totally unique and all handmade. It also adds some fun into the room and you can’t argue with that!

Here are the finished oil paintings,  alongside some really old beauties and a few of  those kitsch ones I mentioned earlier… Taadaaah!

graffiti art diy tutorial by lazy daisy jones blog


You can click here to see and read more about this room and our orange velvet sofa

If you like this idea why not pin the pic below to your pinterest board and save it for later?

graffiti art diy lazy daisy jones blog

bestest wishes

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