Lately what I’m Eating, Reading, Making and Wearing

lately on lazy daisy jones


I do realise that these ‘lately’ post have become a tiny bit of a blogging cliché, but I truly love writing them and very much enjoy reading other people’s ‘lately’ posts, doesn’t everyone? I will admit to having a strong, natural curiosity… so let’s just say I am nosey!

This type of post is perfect for recording the normal everyday things that happen and in this way they become a diary to treasure. Like this one from October last year. So who cares about a cliche every now and then?


This brilliant book about branding by Fiona Humberstone, I am planning a refresh of my logo and blog soon, so this will come in very handy…

what i'm reading lately



Cherries, cherries and more Cherries! I love this fruit more than any other. I was born in Kent and when I was very young my Mum would take me to work cherry picking with her in the summer…

Salad for lunch and mini shredded wheat and bananas for breakfast. In between this healthy stuff, I scoff milk chocolate digestive biscuits … !

what I'm eating lately



Trying to knit a scarf by wool and the gang and failing miserably after this instagram pic was taken I dropped lots of stitches and gave up!

Consoling myself after my Knitting failure with this corner to corner blanket… now thats better. I will never be a knitter.

what i'm making lately



This lovely t-shirt fabric, denim look dress from Bonmarché…

Picture taken by the 15yr old!

what I'm wearing lately


So thats me lately, now I would love to know (because I’m very nosey) what meals you eat, or plan for in this hot weather, do you have a family favourite…?



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