How I Styled my DFS Velvet Sofa using 5 Interior Trends.

Velvet Sofa.

dfs burnt orange velvet sofa

Do you remember me writing about my visit to Salone del Mobile in Milan? I was there as a guest of DFS.

We were there to identify some future interior trends and then try and incorporate them into my our own home decor.

DFS do this very cleverly by designing beautiful, inspiring sofas that we all can afford.

To refresh your memory here are the 5 Interior trends that were identified.

5 Interior Trends

  1. Burnt orange.
  2. Curves and cocooning.
  3. Velvet
  4. Marble
  5. Casual upholstery.

We also saw greenery everywhere, foliage is taking over the world!

So, without any further waffling, would you like to see our newly decorated room?

Our new DFS Velvet 3 seater Sofa bed? Ta-dahhhh….!

dfs orange velvet sofa

We have a huge ‘burnt orange’ (this colour is called Marmalade)  Chester velvet 3 seater sofa bed. How beautiful is this?

So, taking those 5 trends into consideration let’s see if I managed to incorporate them into our newly redecorated room?

  • Burnt orange, TICK! this colour velvet from DFS is called Marmalade.

corner of room with plants and velvet sofa


  • Curves and cocooning, TICK! How can a chesterfield style sofa be anything other? This version has an amply padded back and oh so comfy arms, that gently cocoon you.
  • Velvet, TICK! It’s so soft, it feels like silk.
  • Marble, TICK! Do you see those cushions? I adore them. They are from the Topaz range in the colour of forest green marble velvet

velvet marble cushions


  • Casual? Well ok 4/5 is not bad. However, we have decorated the room in a casual style did you spot our graffiti art. It stops the room from taking itself too seriously don’t you think?


diy Graffiti art lazy daisy jones blog

The rest of the pieces you can see in the room have been restored by my old man Marc. Beside the sofa is a very old silk thread retail display case. He painstakingly restored every little piece, we are now trying to collect the original threads to go in it…

burnt orange velvet sofa

Last but not least there is ‘Greenery’ lots of foliage in this room and of course that dramatic green backdrop.

I suprised myself with this choice, I am not usually a fan of a ‘highlight’ painted wall, but after looking at wall paper and not being able to make my mind up I settled on this Dulux paint colour to set off the orange. I like it, the room is still light but has a cosy feel to it now.

green wall orange velvet sofa

This is our second sitting room and we use it just for sitting and listening to music or reading, we don’t have a TV in there as that’s in the larger sitting room. This is our cosy tech free space.

My Mum who lives in Orlando will probably be the first to try the sofa bed out, she reads my blog and I think she will approve.

So tell me what do you think?

Here is a before and after…small sitting room before and after

We all love our new sofa bed!

bestest wishes

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  1. 26/05/2017 / 08:01

    It looks stunning – what a beautiful thing! Lovely styling. x

    • 26/05/2017 / 20:17

      Thank you Natasha, i am a little in love with this one, its so soft too!
      Ashley xx

  2. 24/05/2017 / 08:40

    I love that room! The Chesterfield is to die for. Very stylish. Lucky you having a handy Marc who can restore and repair things!

    • 25/05/2017 / 17:36

      Hi Gail, yes he is very handy to have around! I know I am lucky he can mend or fix anything too!
      bestest Ashley xx

  3. Sarah Ford
    23/05/2017 / 15:05

    Love. Love. Love. I was going to ask how it would hold up with ‘dog use’ (ie- dog dribble, bits of chew/treats, dog hair etc) but as its your second sitting room is the dog banned from there?! I would love to renew our very old sofa with a new velvet one (I have my eye on a teal one) but I think I would have to keep a throw on it permanently to prevent various doggy stains

    • 23/05/2017 / 19:26

      For now the dog is allowed in the room but not on the Sofa! Lets see how long that lasts eh? Our main sitting room has the big sofa and occasionally he is allowed to sit on a crochet blanket on that one.Teal sounds like a cool colour I love teal anything!!
      best wishes

      • SFord
        01/06/2017 / 11:34

        Thanks Ashley!

  4. 23/05/2017 / 09:44

    OHMYGOODNESS!! Love it Ashley — I’m a huge fan of an inky dark wall — I painted our snug in the deepest, darkest grey earlier on in the year — I love it. And as for the sofa!! It’s fabulous — what a gorgeous choice; the orange is perfect against the deep green. I bet DFS are thrilled to see how the sofa works in your fab home! xx

    • 23/05/2017 / 19:20

      Thank you caro its is very cosy in there now I must agree, love that word snug! Might adopt it and use it instead of the ‘small sitting room’
      lots of love
      Ash xxx

  5. 21/05/2017 / 21:10

    I think the Green wall gives off a really warm and cosy feel to the room. The sofa is gorgeous! Lucky you!

    • 22/05/2017 / 11:31

      Thanks Laurie! difficult to decide colours isnt it, but luckily we all love the result of this room transformation!
      best ash x

  6. Carolynsallhandnade
    21/05/2017 / 09:06

    Very chic but comfy and inviting. The greenery looks very calming. The sofa bed looks great (but I loved your Ercol day bed!). The typewriter looks great next to the books. A fantastic room for relaxing in. Xx

    • 21/05/2017 / 11:16

      Thank you it is very cosy! I still have my Ercol its just moved to the conservatory!
      bestest Ashley x