2 New Crochet Books Reviewed

New crochet books are always gratefully received, not to mention eagerly anticipated in our house…

2 New Crochet Books reviewed

2 New Crochet Books Reviewed

When I receive a new book to review, I begin by planning a moment for myself. First I brew some fresh coffee, add in a cake or a chocolate digestive or three! I then select a cosy, place on the sofa amongst the blankets and cushions and settle down for those all important ‘first impressions’

First impressions are important even with books!

Oh yes, those all important first glances. I think that first impressions are important even with books, dont you?

The styling of the cover, the fonts used for the titles, the colours etc etc, shall I go on? These things all add up and help me decide if the book is one I want to open, let alone buy, or even make something from.

200 Fun things to crochet

200 fun things to crochet

200 fun things to crochet, edited by Victoria Lyle and published by search press. This one captured my attention immediately. The jacket shows exactly what you can expect to find in the book, cute fun projects and easy instructions on how to make 200, leaves, flowers, butterflies, bugs, vegetables and more.


200 fun things to crochet image of motifs

To make the motifs larger simply switch up the yarn and hook size, et voila a giant sweetcorn!

I hooked up a cute butterfly. It was easy as pie and took about 3 mins from start to finish. Skill levels are indicated as part of the information for each motif/creature. This book is perfect for beginners and learners and will also keep the advanced hooker happy too!

I plan on making a cushion for my niece and popping on as many tiny creatures and flowers as I can fit onto it!

Various crochet techniques used throughout the book are included for reference at the back, very handy. There are also squares and hexagons galore.

This book is a superb reference book and will come in useful for years to come, well worth the £14.99 I say.


crochet book review


Free Form Crochet, with confidence by Carol Meldrum.

new book freeform crochet with confidence

Free Form Crochet, also published by Searchpress.

As an ex textile student ‘freeform’ to me means exactly that

As an ex textile student ‘freeform’ to me means exactly that ie. you are free to interpret the work as you wish, no rules, no patterns. Perhaps some guidance, but definitely no strict pattern to follow. Almost make it up as you go!

Therefore I was a tiny bit disappointed in this book, due to the fact that there are freeform patterns. It doesn’t (in my humble opinion)  teach you about freeform crochet in its truest form, but guides you through the projects suggesting simple ways to make them ‘freeform’ . Perhaps the key word here is ‘confidence’ therefore perhaps if you are a less than confident hooker, this book will help you to make the leap from pattern to ‘freeform’

new book freeform crochet with confidence

Having said that, there are some lovely projects/patterns in this book . I particularly admire the bag patterns.

new book freeform crochet with confidence


In conclusion then, out of these new crochet books there is one book I would definately buy and highly recommend to you, and one book I am reserving judgment on so far!

To be continued…



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