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Crochet Book review: Mandalas to Crochet

I am happy today, another book that was on my wishlist and is now on my desk, yay!
Mandalas to crochet by Haafner Linssen is published by Searchpress. I have been sent a copy to review. I know its a hard job but somebody has to do it

There are 30 mandalas to crochet in this book, all sorts of colours and all sorts of stitches. However what I particularly like about these mandalas is the fact they are all new and contemporary. Nothing too lacy and the colours are for everyone, neither too bright or too pastel.



These days I like to review a book by actually making something from it. I find it is easy to lose yourself in beautiful images, be inspired to get your hook out and all to often be disappointed by a pattern that is hard to follow or is not well written. Has that ever happened to you?

Mandalas To Crochet 30 great patterns!

Mandalas to crochet


I made two mandalas from this book,  the patterns are superb, easy to read, they flow nicely and there are charts too if you enjoy working from symbols? Charts are my nemesis at the moment. I find if I do not understand a pattern instruction, a quick glance at a chart makes it all very obvious as to where I am to place my hook for the next stitch.


2 crochet mandalas from the mandalas book by Haafner


The photographs are clear bright and enticing and best of all there are projects. My problem with mandalas is what to do with them after you have made them. This book has the answers.


a crochet mandala from the mandalas book by Haafner


a crochet mandala from the mandalas book by Haafner


My next project from this book, will be a mandala that I will turn into a dream catcher, I have feathers and everything!

If you are pondering buying this book (as i was) ponder no more… go and get it. Message to Haafner …’please can you write another crochet book asap please?’

Have you seen my crochet patterns?



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  1. niki murray
    16/06/2016 / 16:11

    I have this book and agree it is fab xx