10 Lotions and potions I would buy again and again

Lotions and potions I adore them dont you? Especially this little lot, 10 of my faves!

10 Lotions and potions I would buy again and again

As you grow older do you find you wear less and less make-up?

As an Air stewardess for British Airways (way back in the day!) we were encouraged to wear it,  but even then I tried to get away with as little as possible? I have never
been a heavy make-up fan and chose to wear it for work or going out only.

Lotions and potions however are another story: I love them, I am always experimenting and could not live without my ‘bathroom products’ Whenever I discover something new, that actually works or does the job of two products and saves me precious time, I want to shout it from the rooftops!

Here then are 10 of my lotions and potions, some are old friends and some are new discoveries that I would love to share with you…

Face moisturisers:
Since the age of 12 my Mother (who has amazing skin) taught me the value of a good moisturiser. It is the one thing I always wear day and night.One is an old favourite the other is a new discovery.

For Day:
I prefer a day moisturiser with an spf and my favourite for some years now has been Clarins HydraQuench cream with a factor 15 Spf. Smooth, hydrating and pleasant to use, like it says on the jar! I notice the difference when don’t use it, this one is almost empty.

For Night:
A new discovery ‘Oils of life’ intensely revitalising Sleeping cream its so light and airy, (I cant stand heavy greasy creams at night) it smells divine and I will buy again.


Body moisturisers:

This one oh this one! It would be a desert Island disc choice. I have dry skin and sometimes find it a time consuming chore to moisturise after a shower. This wondrous product is my answer. You use it like you would a hair conditioner, you stay in the shower and apply it after washing then step back under the water for a minute and like magic your skin is moisturised and soft, simply exit the shower and pat dry. it smells like roses. It is my number one all time shower product. It contains argan oil and cocoa butter.


I was sent a sample of this one. I have seen it in all the big supermarkets and would not have bought it without first trying it. Now I am hooked! Vita Coconut oil* you really can use it for everything! I have used it on my legs as a moisturiser and I have tried it on my face (but I will stick with Clarins) It is perfect as a lip balm, as a hand cream, and brilliant for nail cuticles.

The best use I have found for it so far is for my hair. I use it like a hair treatment mask (leaving it on my damp hair after washing, for approx half an hour before rinsing it out) My hair was so shiny and so soft afterwards. I have also rubbed a small amount onto my dry ends and left it, again shiny and soft. I will definitely buy again. The small one is kept in my hand bag the large tub is in the bathroom.


 Nails and Make-up

This Nail Nurse by Rimmel. a favourite. I have short nails and prefer to keep them that way, long nails no longer have a place in my world! I have had all the fads over the years, shellac, acrylic etc etc they all damage your nails and cost money. So I keep mine short and use this, like a protector and a natural shine in one. Simple.


Now having said I am not a fan of full on make-up I do of course still wear a few bits…

My favourite lipstick is by Stila it is a creamy lipstick and lip balm all in one called Olivia,

I love this ‘More Brows’ product by Model Co. I am a brow person and fussy about my eye brows, I dislike thin arches and am all about the fuller look these days. This product keeps everything in place and adds a little colour to my stray blonde brows.

The Eborian CC cream is magical I use it over my moisturiser, it gives a very sheer tint and a hint of colour. It adapts to your own skin tone by itself!

If I want a slightly heavier more of a foundation like coverage, I use Bobbi Brown tinted moisture balm spf 25 and put it on with a brush, it adds a lovely moist but not shiny colour to my face and stays all day.


A Face Mask
Last but not least when I feel like a treat I use this…lush’s Mask of Magnaminty: it is exfoliating, freshening and makes my skin look so much brighter. Plus its minty, green and makes Marc laugh, whats not to like?

My beauty philosophy:
This is a personal list, and all of it suits my skin. After years of trial and error I know what I like, but I am never afraid to try new things and be open to new experiences. I firmly believe that this, as well as being happy and content with your life, your body and yourself is what keeps us all young. Oh and a smile always a big smile!


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  1. 16/04/2016 / 10:45

    Thank you for your comment, my hair is dry so it does not leave it greasy, but be sure to rinse very well!!

  2. 16/04/2016 / 10:44

    You are welcome even my husband likes it!

  3. Davina Eaton
    15/04/2016 / 18:53

    I am definately going to try that body conditioner. I can't walk past Lush without going in to treat myself so now I know what to get next time . Thanks
    Davina (sewniceandhandmade)??

  4. Christina
    15/04/2016 / 14:24

    I am not a potions girl and stick to Lidl £2.99 face cream for everything. I shall however show your post to my daughter who loves loves loves creams and potions. I just looked at the very same coconut oil at Tesco's for my next batch of soap. I didn't know you could use it to moisturise hair. Does it not leave it greasy? I must try that, my hair is always very dry. x