Lamps and bulbs; rusty restorations in our home

The lights in our home are special, they are precious. Why? because each one has been bought for mere pennies at a boot fair, or such like.Then transformed from rusty broken down pieces back into their original beautiful condition. They are literally in pieces like this:

If you are a long time reader of my blog you will know who is responsible for these transformations. Not me, oh no! it is of course my ‘talented other half’ Marc.
The lights are precious to us because of the time, care and love he bestows on these little bits of metal. Restoring rusty things is his passion!

One year I even had a special Anglepoise birthday cake made for him.

I have found some old pictures of these Anglepoise lamps in situ…

Some of the rooms don’t look like this anymore (a reminder to self to update all my interior pics)
I am constantly amazed at the colours and the fact that we have so many, at least two in every room, sometimes three!

Marc can even build a set of lights for me from various industrial bits and pieces, he did this in our lounge:

It is the little details that bring everything to life, the correct bulb is a must! (Marc says they are called lamps and bulbs are what you put in the garden!)

For instance look at this lampshade below, the bulb/lamp is an ugly older energy saving bulb. Energy bulbs are much prettier now, so it really needs a filament LED bulb (which is also energy saving) you can buy similar here: Bulbs2go

You see this one below… a much better looking bulb? But it still energy saving because it is an LED filament. LED lights are also sooo much brighter. this is the kitchen jam jar light close-up.

You can buy ‘funny metal bits and pieces’ (my words) from various trade companies like this one Barrier Components but all that stuff I leave to Marc. I simply would not know where to begin.

best wishes

Ps this is a collaborative post 

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  1. Don't Cramp My Style
    15/03/2016 / 13:46

    I love angle-poise lamps! i want one badly in my home, original one! Not the £2.75 wilko i currently have haha

  2. 13/03/2016 / 11:19

    These Anglepoise lamps are fantastic and so beautifully restored! The mint one is my fave 🙂 And I totally LOVE the look of your blog!!!
    Happy Sunday, love

  3. Daisy Jones
    11/03/2016 / 12:35

    He restores them for us mainly but we he does sell them too! Especially when we have so many like now!!
    bestest xxxx

  4. Candy Pop
    11/03/2016 / 09:37

    Oh my goodness how clever and they are beautiful. Does he sell them or are they simply restored for your home? x

  5. Julie
    10/03/2016 / 20:58

    Hi Daisy, just had to stop by & say how beautiful all of the lamps are. You sure do have one very clever TOH. I especially love the photo of the red lamp & your little corner display … that little person with the polka dot hat is just so beautiful. Did you make him I wonder ?

    • Daisy Jones
      11/03/2016 / 12:34

      Hi Julie, thanks for your lovely words!
      Yes you guessed correctly I did make him that is Paul the trade! He is from a pattern designed by the wonderful lalylala
      Bestest xxxxxx