Crochet books: my top 3 favourites, now and then.

crochet sea creatures

In November 2014, I wrote a post about my top 3 crochet books. (I will leave a link to it at the end of this post.) The books were, at that time the ones I referred to the most for projects, inspiration and help.
It was hard to keep it to 3 choices and even back then I had to add a fourth as a ‘special mention’

Today the reasons I choose to read or refer to crochet books are slightly different. I am a more experienced crocheter, so I refer to them less for help and for stitch inspiration, I can also now read a chart. Some books just jump out of the book case and simply beg you start a project, time and time again!

Then as now I am an  amigurumi fan, I adore hooking up funny creatures and I love a challenging project.

With these reasons in mind to explain my book selections, it is interesting to note how my choices have changed, or have they?

1:  Vanessa Mooncie’s crocheted wild animals

crochet wild animals

2: Vanessa Mooncies Crocheted sea creatures:

crochet sea creatures

3: … yep you guessed it! Vanessa Mooncie’s Animal heads Trophy heads to crochet:

crochet animal heads

My reasons:
These books are not for the faint hearted, the projects all take time. They are challenging and very clever patterns.Concentration is needed, however the end results are mini art sculptures and so well worth the numerous frogging sessions. I like a challenge, I love yarn sculptures and I enjoy seeing how visitors react to these little creatures, that were born in a yarn basket and fell off my hook.

I do still love Cecile Balladino. If I an not being challenged by an amigarumi project, I will be hooking up a beautiful design by Cecile.

If a crochet challenge is what you are after these are the ladies to turn to.

crocheted hermit crab

crochet crab

my top 3 favourite crochet books

This is the link to my top 3 crochet books from the 2014 post if you care to take a look?

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