The Scents of my life..perfume favourites.


There have been  many for me, but only a few are special and remain lingering amongst the memories of my life…they can transport me back to a time a place or a person in an instant with just a sniff…..

They are magical…

This is a tour through my life in perfumes….

My first….it was the seventies! 

I was 15….seems like last week…

Then ‘growing up’ at 16-17 years old  it was this one….Rive Gauche by YSL

Then I settled on this one for a few years on and off…

Cristalle by Chanel

 A beautiful fresh classic…

In the eighties…there were many….here are a few….

Poison oh gosh! however did I wear that?… 

I think it was short lived…?

I simply Loved this one…. 

Escape by Calvin Klein

I remember the launch in Harvey Nicols 

This was my Favoured Scent of the eighties….it was strong…but I loved and wore it for a few years…


In the nineties….there were only two main runners… and I still love them both today…..

Do you think it had anything to do with these lovely images?

and this one….and again I still love it….”l’eau d’issy  by Issy miyake

although I did have a passion for Annick Goutals gorgeous scents during the 90’s

They are so expensive now….!

In the noughties….. it was these 

Cristalle AGAIN

and a couple from Lancome..Tresor…for awhile…..

 and Miracle (I wore that when I got married)

Today….. now I am a real grown up?

 and a Mum etc etc…

I adore Miller Harris 

Terre d’iris is my favourite….but I am wearing ‘feu de bois’ today 

I think thats how you spell it…I cannot be bothered to run upstairs and check…

after all I am a Lazy daisy…!

and Jo malone …wild Bluebell…is in my handbag

But guess what….whilst in london recently…I fell in love with and bought this one AGAIN…

So I am thinking that this must be my ‘signature scent’ ?

What was your first?

 and what are you wearing now?

…I’d love to know?

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  1. 30/01/2014 / 17:18

    My first perfume was Californian Poppy. The perfume I wore when I got married in 1974 was Quelques Fleurs, although it is reputed not to have been re-launched until 1988? Very strange as I know that is what it was. My daughter's first perfume was White Musk. I remember my mum wearing White Mischief, Coty Lamant and 4711. I still have a bottle of mum's 4711 and I wear it when I wear vintage. I went through a Poison phase for a while but can't stand the smell now. At the moment I am wearing Obsession. perfume and magazines do evoke a sense of time and place I think and help to define who we are.

  2. Karen Read
    16/05/2013 / 18:32

    My first perfume was 'Charlie' and today I wear Coco Chanel and 'Rain' by Marc Jacobs…….. I also like mens 'Paco Rabanne', lots of memories with that one! 😉 Karen x

  3. 13/05/2013 / 16:09

    First it was Tresor, then Eden, then Coco Mademoiselle. Now it's Lola and Oh Lola. Mum used to wear Poison – it's a strong one! X

  4. 13/05/2013 / 11:15

    lovely wafting through your smells miss daisy…..i started with cacharel 'anais anais' and then also went through a stronger period of 'samsara' then onto 'safari' like you…….loved quite a lot of Ralph Lauren….did Issye Miyake until morning sickness put me off for life……now I'm a Jo Malone girl…..lime, basil and mandarin love it X

  5. 13/05/2013 / 11:10

    What a super idea for a post! I really enjoyed reading it.
    I love Red Delicious (DKNY)!

  6. the woolly dog
    13/05/2013 / 09:20

    hat a fantastic post! you're so right, catching the scent of something can transport you back in time and remind you of people… for me, did Rive Gauche to death then suddenly couldn't stand it, it seemed metallic, Chanel 5, Guerlain's Mitsouko and Jicky (people certainly know you're around)then a treat, Chanel Bois des iles, nothing for years and now on the very rare occasions I use something, back to Chanel 5♥

  7. 13/05/2013 / 06:16

    Hi!! I remember all these perfumes! My favourite is still Chanel No5.

  8. forgetmenots blue
    12/05/2013 / 21:16

    Lots of lovely scents there. I like a bit of White gardenia from the body shop cheap and cheerful.
    I had a bottle of flora by Gucci for Christmas which is my favourite for special occasions x

  9. 12/05/2013 / 18:34

    Well hello Miss Daisy … you smell positively divine … I love a gorgeous scent too … there have been many but I think I started with Poeme, then I too fell in love with L'eau d'Issay, still a favourite, I wore Romance by Ralph Lauren on my wedding day and I am using Beauty by Calvin Klein at the moment … I keep going back to my old favourites and have been lazy about trying new ones … my birthday is coming up so I think I might drop a few hints 😉 … Bee xxx

  10. 12/05/2013 / 18:29

    Hi Daisy,

    I enjoyed your post. Lots of familiar scents :-)! My first eau de toilette was Anais Anais by Cacharel and the ones I use now are L'Instant Magique by Guerlain and Flora by Gucci.

    The bottles by Miller Harris look so pretty!

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x

  11. 12/05/2013 / 16:00

    I have a Miller Harris candle with the lovely sunflowers on the glass – maybe from Liberty? Loving your post – if only the screen was scratch & sniff 🙂

  12. 12/05/2013 / 15:20

    Oh my I'm afraid to say my first was Poison too such an awful cloying smell I have no idea why I loved it so much in the early 80's. Although I did used to sit at my mom's dressing table as a child and spray Tweed and Charlie about. Today I'm wearing DKNY the one in the green box, I'm to lazy to go upstairs and check too. Sarah x

  13. 12/05/2013 / 14:30

    Rive Gauche – was wearing it in the 80s and still always have a bottle, just love it.

  14. Leanne
    12/05/2013 / 14:22

    Hello Daisy,

    This post intrigued me. There is one perfume that I have returned to throughout my adult life (and I am wearing it today. Chanel No5. A timeless classic. I have flirted with Obsession in the 80's. Paloma Picasso in the 90's. For a while I wore Mitsouko by Guerlain.

    Thanks for taking me on a trip down memory lane. The perfume I wore, the age I was, the stuff I got up to.

    Leanne xx

  15. Chel C
    12/05/2013 / 14:01

    Yes, in the 80's it was Rive Gauche and funnily enough that photo looks like me in the 80's…oh the days! Now I'm quite simple, Body Shop White Musk and if going out Joy. Have a great week. Chel x

  16. Daffy Suburbia
    12/05/2013 / 13:53

    What a fab post – a real trip through the memories. I always return to Channel 19 – like comfy slippers. x

  17. 12/05/2013 / 13:31

    you hit three of mine too! Rive Gauche, Poison and Issy Miyake! I still have a guilty pleasure when I smell Poison, I think they made a light version of it in the late 90's!

  18. 12/05/2013 / 13:09

    Hope no one minds….But, l'm gonna
    leave a little comment on my smellies!

    Soooo! The first one l ever used was Old
    Spice…I think, that was about the only
    one around then..In BC.! HeHe! :).
    Then l got to like Aramis…Well, it's made
    by Estelle Lauder, and l do like that for
    Currently, l use Giorgio Armani and Ortigia….
    Though l don't use that much, not one of these
    blokes…'That splashes it ALL over'. Heaven forbid…!
    My Mum, always used Chanel No5…God! I hated it. Every Sunday to church….HeHe! Yuk!

    So there….Just a man's opinion…!
    Oh! And, l still use a bit of Carbolic from time to time….!!! :>).

  19. Ethel Johnson
    12/05/2013 / 13:07

    Lazy? never but I bet you smell…….nice. I like the smell of freshly cut grass, bacon frying and babies (not all together) but they haven't bottled them yet. EE xx