April 30, 2014

Vintage lamp love,diy idea

I love before and afters do you?

Quick recap...

My other half is very talented (toh) he has 'spray guns' these are special men things, apparently you fill them with a particular mix of paint sometimes called two pack

(I thought that was a wrapper rock star person)!

Then you simply screw on special heads and spray things.

See here for some he did earlier when i first started blogging about it! 

If you add to this his love of perfection ...then hmmmm...

Lately I figured out and I am a very lucky lady.

You see he restores and spray things for me!!

I say to him "can I have this in yellow, that one in blue and that one over there in red?"

He then takes bits of rusty old junk away and brings back delightful treasures that you simply could not buy in the shops

I like that.

Sometimes he mumbles a bit but on the whole he loves to get his guns out and play in his workshop...

For example last weekend he took away this....

 and brought back this... (just the stand)

So are you ready for the befores and afters..? 

I need to tell you that the finish on this is like the one on your car, super super shiny, perfectly smooth and tough....did I mention glossy?

The shade was one I refurbished last year.

 I intend making a new one for this splendid sunshine yellow stand...

I even have the old lampshade, its gorgeous and it has fluted edges, it is also very large, so will sit better than this one.

However that is a 'before and after' for another day
watch this space.

What contrasting colours would you suggest?


PS As always the talented other half appreciates compliments and is tremendously encouraged by them...so don't be shy!



  1. HeHe! I won't leave a compliment for the other half Miss Daisy...
    People will only talk....! :).
    Don't think you'd remember, but, l have an identical lamp stand,
    in the front room...You may not have noticed....With a light greeny
    shade..Given me an idea, l'll pop up to TOH works....Have a word,
    see he'll do mine....A certain colour...!
    The lamp used to be my Granny's....
    I think it looks great....! :).

  2. Tell TOH he is a gem and must always remain so! The lamp stand looks fabulous in glossy yellow, great shade, chair and cushion too. xxx

  3. It looks super shiny too & a fabulous colour. What a lovely other half you have!

  4. Perfection it's self. I think a petrol teal colour would look good but I am a bit frightened of yellow! Jo x

  5. Please tell your other half that he did a fantastic job on that lamp stand. Wish I had somebody so talented in my life to help me with those projects. I love the cheerful yellow color and yes the shine is wonderful as well. Now it needs a lampshade with yellow, orange and green (nice and bright). Just saying, lol.
    Have a lovely day!

  6. The lamp looks fabulous and other half is indeed very talented. Do you rent him out to teach less talented other halves how to pack a paint spray gun? :o)
    Enjoy the rest of your week.
    Jane x

  7. Love that yellow...it looks great! x

  8. A spray gun and talented other half ... sounds a perfect combination and Oh! the possibilities. The lamp looks absolutely fab, a perfect finish. I would be raiding the car boots for things for him to be let lose on .... not sure would let my hubby get his mitts on one though.

  9. Well done Mark! It marches your bucket!!!!

  10. Fabbo finish on your lamp stand and I like the shade even more.

  11. Just the can of lamp I'm after! It's beautiful, you make a great team :) x

  12. I LOVE it! ( I think I love your husband, too...perhaps we can do a hubby swap? Mine's good for quiz nights, ya know, all that history knowledge...) Will it be staying there by the chair? A shade of purple might look jazzy, if you get the right purple, it would look good with the chair, too. It's awesome! Cxxx

  13. You make one amazing team!
    Maybe cerise?
    Perhaps with a turquoise bobble trim?
    I think subtle is always best don't you!

  14. So shiny and smooth. I love it. Painting it would be all drippy with a few runs if I did it. Spent two years looking for a tall lamp I'll keep on looking and then try to train my man in gun art. X

  15. This is fab! I really like the contrast between the modern feel of that yellow and the classic imagery on the lampshade. The green/blue of the chair looks really good against the yellow, too.

  16. He sure did get his guns out LOL - very nice

  17. Lucky girl.... I've got a talented other half at home too. Comes in very useful at times like these.
    Jacqui x

  18. Lovely!!!! Every home should have a tho - luckily mine is not too bad - quite good really - although he may not be as enthusiastic as yours seems to be xx

  19. Sorry writing this on the iPad and this morning I hate it !! I couldn't go back to alter tho to tho!!!! Xx

  20. It's beautiful! And that mirror finish your toh has achieved is fantastic! is he a perfectionist by any chance?! I just ask because I'm married to a paint-finish-perfectionist myself and it's a joy. Except of course when one has a go at painting oneself and then the scrutiny can be rather merciless! "Did you paint this outside, by any chance?" Or "I think you should have sanded this down between the second and third coats." !! You get the gist! Anyway your lamp is gorgeous and as smooth as glass clearly! Enjoy! E x

  21. What a fortunate girl you are to have found such a talented TOH. I have a feeling that I have the identical stand in my dining room. I must hunt me out a TOH, on second thoughts, maybe not ;0)

  22. The finish on it is amazing, it looks perfect! I'll bring round my car door that's suffered at the hands of supermarket parkers? xx

  23. love your sun-shiney happy lamp! and the chevron rug and the chair and the pillow and the toadstool!! Love it all!

  24. Looks absolutely fabulous! And would look amazing with a pink shade - or turquoise - but I would say that ;)

  25. Its a beaut! Love the bright yellow shineyness of it, it really packs a punch. Well Done your man!
    Gill xx

  26. What a lovely other half and what a lovely lamp you have created mr other half!! xx

  27. Wow! The things you can do with a spray gun! What transformations!

  28. Lol! the colour is amazing I love it with that shade! looks! Great team work xx

  29. That is great, love how shiny and glossy it is. The man done good.

  30. I hope you gave him a great big kiss, he is so very clever, do you hire him out by any chance?
    Have a lovely bank holiday weekend

  31. Lovely Daisy and very talented Hubby, what a fabulous job - I absolutely love it. Daisy you always have such fabulous projects on the go and you both make a first class team - send compliments to Hubby, I am in awe of the projects he has pulled out of the hat, you are a match made in creative heaven Daisy. Always such a pleasure to call over to see you both, have a fabulous weekend. Big hugs and loves

  32. I love before and afters Daisy, they are my favourite things to read about! I do love the vivid colour, its gorgeous.

  33. Daisy, clearly you and your other half make a great team! Very lovely looking after.
    Anna x

  34. What a great idea! I might paint mine too, thanks!


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