Friday, 31 October 2014

From a doodle to a day out. Coco number 5

'Coco number five' started with a doodle and some fabric I had bought and liked, but had no idea what to do with ....!

In my previous post (scroll down) I showed you the details..

This post is a 'Coco in real life' post...

From the funny doodle..... (I know I cannot draw for toffee)

 To the coco worn as a dress...

This is what I was looking at....the most amazing sculpture in someones garden!

I'm not quite sure a 'girl' of my age should be wearing something this short?

But it really was cosy and comfy....!

So why not?

Its only a knee, and a tiny bit of thigh...what do you think?

I think everything in moderation and that sometimes life is too short to worry about such things.

Even though I do and always will...

I had a kick around in the leaves...well it is my 'autumnal coco' dress...!

actually I think this is quite funny me flapping my arms like a giant crow hoping for 'take off' any minute....!

Happy weekend wishes to you and yours...

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Sewing Coco the autumnal dress version...

I see you here, I see you there, I see Coco's everywhere...

They are however, so perfect for Autumn especially when sewn in a cosy knitted fabric.

I saw on instagram that Tilly and the buttons has a new pattern in the printing...I wonder what it will be called? 

Its probably safe to bet on something with a french twist! 

Back to Coco, this is my number 5....

I will be wearing it more as a dress and less as a tunic, think thick opaque tights and wedge ankle boots?

The Details:

I used a knitted fabric, it frayed tiny bits everywhere, I had to hoover my rug twice!

My trusty overlocker worked over time ....

The clever matching of the stripes is purely coincidental!

I am ridiculously pleased with my few hours work

I can't wait to wear it and when I do, I will share the pics on here later. 

In case you were wondering here are my coco's 1, 2, 3 and 4! 

Bestest sewing wishes to you today...

Ps. The fabric in the yellow picture is  a vintage 'pussy willow' barkcloth in the blue colourway,  my toh. painted an old frame lives in my sewing can see more here

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

8 vintage patterns I randomly pulled from my filing cabinet.

I have a filing cabinet full of vintage patterns.
I constantly find inspiration, when delving into its depths.

Today I played a game, inspired by Tilly and the button's post on 1980's patterns.

Without looking I reach in and pulled 8 patterns out!

Would you like to see?

This one below was a revelation...I will scale it down and make it up asap..
 View 4 is taking my a soft wool...hmmmmm

No post like this can ever be complete without inviting go on then, spill the beans which one would you make?

Taking votes....

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