Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Sewing Coco the autumnal dress version...

I see you here, I see you there, I see Coco's everywhere...

They are however, so perfect for Autumn especially when sewn in a cosy knitted fabric.

I saw on instagram that Tilly and the buttons has a new pattern in the printing...I wonder what it will be called? 

Its probably safe to bet on something with a french twist! 

Back to Coco, this is my number 5....

I will be wearing it more as a dress and less as a tunic, think thick opaque tights and wedge ankle boots?

The Details:

I used a knitted fabric, it frayed tiny bits everywhere, I had to hoover my rug twice!

My trusty overlocker worked over time ....

The clever matching of the stripes is purely coincidental!

I am ridiculously pleased with my few hours work

I can't wait to wear it and when I do, I will share the pics on here later. 

In case you were wondering here are my coco's 1, 2, 3 and 4! 

Bestest sewing wishes to you today...

Ps. The fabric in the yellow picture is  a vintage 'pussy willow' barkcloth in the blue colourway,  my toh. painted an old frame lives in my sewing can see more here

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

8 vintage patterns I randomly pulled from my filing cabinet.

I have a filing cabinet full of vintage patterns.
I constantly find inspiration, when delving into its depths.

Today I played a game, inspired by Tilly and the button's post on 1980's patterns.

Without looking I reach in and pulled 8 patterns out!

Would you like to see?

This one below was a revelation...I will scale it down and make it up asap..
 View 4 is taking my a soft wool...hmmmmm

No post like this can ever be complete without inviting go on then, spill the beans which one would you make?

Taking votes....

Sunday, 26 October 2014

My sewing storage

In my last post I showed you how I organised my sewing ideas and plans.
In this post I thought you might like to know how I store my sewing stuff?

(do forgive me if you have seen some this all before on instagram, there are pictures you haven't seen promise)...!

All those tiny bits and bobs...where to keep them, so they are handy but tidy?

I keep my thread in 4 wire cake stands, my talented other half (toh) painted them for me...

Three above and number four below...

I keep my patterns (many of them vintage) in my restored, and professionally spray painted, in my favourite colour, old filing cabinet.

It was a christmas present from the Toh.

A 'to do' job at the top of my list is to sort them out into categories, so I don't have to search through the whole lot to find a skirt pattern...I would simply look under skirts..easy peasy. 

I keep my stash of small scraps in a vintage cupboard I painted myself...(makes a change?)

Small scraps are defined as 'can i make a pocket out of it?' if yes it goes in the cupboard. These are all roughly FQ size.

My buttons are sorted in to jars and sit on a shelf unit, that sits on my worktop.

Vintage wallpaper and pattern tracing paper is kept in my vintage basket trolley, yes it was restored and painted by the Toh! 

Handy bits and bobs that I need whilst sewing are on a trolley that tucks under the worktop.
.. another TOH restoration, using paint and sticky back plastic.

Can you can see it tucked under the worktop in this birds eye view...?

and just incase you missed it.....

Lace and zips and ribbons and interfacing and trims are all kept in vintage vanity cases, collected from boot fairs over the years...The unit was made to fit by the one and only Toh.

Large fabric pieces and spare yarn for crocheting is kept in a large wardrobe from ikea.
It has those handy sliding baskets is crammed...and unattractive but so very useful.

I just shut the doors, but I'm thinking it really does need a de-clutter?

Magazines storage can be seen in this pic too...
Talented other half built me a made to measure unit just for mags...his idea not mine!

Reading this back, it dawns on me... what would I do without that talented man?

I would have to make it myself thats what!

Bestest wishes for the coming week...

Ps. of course no post on storage is complete with a cat sitting on the laptop picture!

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