Friday, 19 December 2014

Five on Friday: Mens Vintage Sewing Patterns

Continuing on with my "sewing for men" theme...

I was interested to see how many mens sewing patterns I have in my extensive collection.

Well I say.. and this proves my point as discussed in my last post HERE

After an extensive search of the pattern filing cabinet, this is all I could find...and all tucked away in the back too....

Four vintage patterns and one new one what a poor show?

This time next year , after my "man sew" challenge is finished, I hope to have tripled this collection.

The vintage ones I did find are 'cute in a funny' sort of way? 

Lets take a look...

Number 1:
Dont you think he's sweet?

Number 2:
My fave

Number 3:
(the funniest)

Number 4:
(the oldest)

Number 5:
The newest

All together now...

This is the one I have my eye on for my man....thinking of sewing it in a heavy grey sweatshirt type fabric?
Yes seriously...lucky him!

Bestest keep warm wishes to you

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Sewing for men. Burda 7916 a long sleeve t-shirt for him.

We sew for ourselves all the time,
 We sew for our children when they are younger, as they get older they start to prefer shop bought 'trendy' clothes (well my teenage son does)

How many of you have sewn a garment for your man? 
I feel it is an area of sewing that is unfairly neglected.

From patterns to fabric, even the Burda pattern I use here has a "young" label on it. 
As for fabrics I recently tried to shop for 'boy' fabrics but if you don't want a moustache or sunglasses as a 'fun' print for boys or men, then you are left with stripes or chevrons?

I have decided to try and remedy this situation.

 Next year I plan on setting myself a challenge, to sew at least one "Man Sew" garment per month.

The wonderful Rachel from House of Pinheiro blog, posted some info HERE last year, that I found to be very interesting and it will aid me in my future challenges.

To Kick off my challenge and as mentioned in my last post with details HERE , I have sewn my other half a long sleeved t-shirt in a two tone contrasting colour knit fabric.

He loves it, it fits him perfectly and as a bonus he agreed to model for it!

The Details: 

Pattern: Burda 7916 was half price  =  £2.40
Fabric: jersey knit  1.5m @ £9.99pm  =  £14.98
Total outlay =  £17.48
(All other notions I already had)

Yes you can buy cheaper elsewhere, but this is handmade and the only slave labour was mine?

We took these pics at Sherborne Abbey, look at the drainage pipe details....superb or what!

Are you planning a 'Man Sew' anytime soon? do let me know....


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