February 06, 2016

Instagram made real

Instagram: I adore you, but you are an addictive, amusing, beautiful time waster. You inspire and make me smile daily. Indeed I find it hard to live without you. Thank goodness you are only available to me online. I need a screen and the internet to view your pretty pictures...

Not any more! I am holding forty of my favourite ig images in my hand right now. My Instagram feed has been made real. It is as if it has come to life. How? read on and be amazed my friends.

The Box
Today I received the cutest box of treats in the post 'La Boite รก photos'  * The box contained 40 of my selected and especially favourite instagram photos, a cloth drawstring bag of teeny tiny wooden pegs, some washi tape printed with chevrons in a blush pink, 2 envelopes, so you can send a pic to someone special? A card of bakers twines, some photo corner stickers, to frame the pics with if you so desire and some pretty cards. The box itself is perfect for keeping the photos in too!

The hows and the whys: Cheerz
Cheerz is the name of the lovely company that make these photo products. Even the website is adorable, and there is also an app that you can download to your phone (Android or Iphone) to make it easier, you can order your pics from your phone.

The Products: there are so many and they are themed too, So next up are some Valentines and Mothers Day gifts. I am definitely going to send my Mum a box of pictures this year!
There are also magnets, photo albums, collages. photo strips, like the old fashioned photo booths. So many things to choose from. All of this is produced in a modern but quirky way. Love Love Love.

How it works.
You simply use the website or the app on your phone to first select your product. Then you choose the images that you want to use for the product. Next you decide on any extra's ie, plain frames or coloured frames. I chose some multi coloured edges for mine! When you are happy you add your details est voila! Mine arrived much quicker than I expected too. I am a convert. How about you?

The best thing?
The price the photo box I received only cost £20 plus £4 postage (yes twenty! for 40 images and all the bits, and the quality is high) These are perfect prices for special gifts and you know they will be appreciated too. If you have long distance relatives like I do, and struggle to send gifts here is the perfect solution?

Whats was in my box?

Faffing fantastic! This is how I played around with mine, they are all over the house...

I have seen other companies print instagram pics, but I have to say this is one of the best quality and fun product of this type I have seen so far.

I will be ordering the Mothers Day box asap!  Isn't this just gorgeous?


PS I was sent this box as a gift, but I still think it is one of the best around. I wouldn't write about it otherwise.

February 03, 2016

Six sewing books on my wishlist.


I posted a crochet book wishlist last week. This week it is the turn of  six sewing books that have caught my eye recently. some of them haven't even been published yet...!


February 02, 2016

The Back Story: Jelly Jam Ellie.

This is the third installment of my monthly series, 'The Back Story' In which I put 5 questions to some talented artisans, ones I particularly admire. This month may I introduce you to Ellie from Jelly Jam ? Some of you may already know her, or may even be lucky enough to own one of her fabulous vintage fabric creations.


January 31, 2016

Rust to retro, a mini filing cabinet restoration.


Yet another restoration from my very talented other half. He has been busy, busy, busy in January. Not only did he make me a superb industrial shelving unit (to be revealed at a later date) but Marc also restored a mini filing cabinet for me too. Both of these are for my sewing/craftroom/homeoffice, multi functional room.

I decided in November that everything felt as if it was crowding in on me, I felt the need for more calm and less clutter, more soothing colours and less dazzling brights. I like change in fact I embrace it. I hatched a plan.

Over the next few weeks I de-cluttered. The charity shop benefited, £175 raised from my de-clutter so far.

The first thing we up-cycled was the little cupboard next was the scrap fabric cabinet which I then moved into our bedroom. We then measured up for new worktops, I wanted wider and longer with the extra space I had gained from de-cluttering. I also needed the worktop slightly higher so adjustable legs were needed. We bought new wider grey worktops and adjustable legs from Ikea (where else?)

The Mini Filing Cabinet make-over:

From this to this in a few weeks...


... some of the process, fascinating or what? Taken apart, stripped, primed, painted with spray guns (big ones!) and polished.



A before and after: I love both but the new space is calmer, more organised and less chaotic


Do you see what I mean? Now when I walk into this room I am ready to work, less distraction too.


Brighter, calmer and less cluttered, not a huge change but exactly what I wanted. The grey desktops work so well and make the room feel very warm and welcoming

I'm loving it so far how about you?


I know grey has been around for aaaages, indeed we painted the whole of the hall in our old house a 'battle ship' grey in 1999!
I loved it then and I love it now. I am therefore embracing grey in 2016, 17 years later...

Did you notice my new vintage camera 'shelfie' ? again I think its less cluttered but still adorable?


I will show you the rest of the room soon and the shelves too!


...and Marc x (of course without whom etc etc)


January 30, 2016

5 crochet books on my wishlist


Five  new crochet books I need and want asap... 

January 28, 2016

Five guilty pleasures


Just Five? Well ok, so that is as many as I care to admit to in this post!

But for heavens sake girls, tell me why, oh why do we have to feel guilty about so much?
Maybe its my age, but I think, if it makes you feel happy, if it makes you smile, then simply throw out the guilt and enjoy yourself! Life is just too short dont you think?


January 26, 2016

3 Crochet projects for 2016

crochet plans lazydaisyjones.com

Three Things I fancy hooking up asap, or three things I really cannot wait to start! In no particular order...

January 24, 2016

Can't cook won't cook?

Hunger is a rare thing for me to feel. I simply have no appetite, it has always been this way. I have been known to forget to eat! For me

January 23, 2016

Pinteresting bedroom headboard plans and inspiration.

Bedroom decorating has been in the 'air' for over a year. It is going to happen and most probably soon!
The hardest part is...

January 22, 2016

Crochet Crochet Crochet

lazy daisy jones crochet

When you look back at all the hooky goodness that has come off your hooks during the past year, do
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