July 03, 2015

Modern crochet Boodles lamp shade cover

I'm on a 'modern crochet'  roll.... I am simply loving this crochet book by Molla Mills you can read more about it in my recent post here. I believe there is a second edition in the works, worth looking out for?

Having already crocheted a couple of baskets, I moved on to a lampshade. I  posted about it first on my instagram feed...  with a little glimpse of the shade I was working on.

An tatty old  lampshade (total cost 50p from a boot fair) was stripped of its stained cover, given a wipe down and revamped with crochet.

I used a size 9 mm hook and 3/4 of a multi coloured Boodles roll of yarn. I made up my own stitch, I crocheted 2 double crochet together. (2dctog) this made for a wider stitch with added depth.

I took some obligatory work in progress photos, I love looking back on them and seeing my progress over the last couple of days.

Finally a  finished lampshade, by daylight and in the evening...


Already flicking through the pages for my next project....!

Anyone else caught the modern crochet bug?


July 01, 2015

Five baskets and one bowl, full of works in progress

I dont think it is naughty, do you? To have lots going on, all at the same time?...

June 28, 2015

A 30 minute project: Boodles chain and knot hanging plant pot holder

I have been playing around in my brain with this simple DIY. project  for weeks...

A little history by way of explanation...


June 26, 2015

Lillestoff I love you

I truly do...organic cotton, stretch jersey, retro, colourful prints, bright, ethical, so many favourite words in there and all encapsulated by  Lillestoff...


June 24, 2015

Lilypond crochet along: progress report

Considering this is a progress report, I have to admit there is not much progress to report! I am taking this one slowly. I am delighting in the stitches, loving all the colours, but above all I am 'savouring it' like a bowl of my favourite ice-cream, definitely not a project to rush.

So far I have crocheted at least one of every pattern release, here are the latest pics...
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