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May 03, 2016

Amigurumi Succulent: Cactus Carl is finally finished.

I have been hinting at actually finishing something for sometime now, so you know what is coming next don't you? Yep this is a FINALLY FINISHED post, it feels so good I had to shout it out in capitals!


May 02, 2016

Lately: a look back at April.

April, 30 days in the fourth month of the year! Oh how whizzed by in a flash of rainy weather,

April 29, 2016

Fridas Flowers: April progress

Having failed miserably at last years Janie Crowfoot's Lilly pond CAL. I am soldiering along with this years Fridas Flowers! As you probably know a crochet along, is when only a part of the pattern is released at a time (in this case every two weeks)
This is brilliant for two reasons:

April 24, 2016

How I banished insomnia with a Leesa mattress.

A good night’s sleep, what does it mean to you? Four or maybe six hours now and then? Nine hours perhaps and straight through to dawn. Are you a night owl or a morning lark?

April 21, 2016

Five crochet hook holds from five crocheters

Thank you all so much for playing along on Instagram with the #ldjcrochethookup photo a day challenge. I am learning so much from our wonderful crochet community! If you are not on IG here is a peep at what we are doing...

April 20, 2016

How many works in progress?

Cactus carl lalylala

I do enjoy rounding up my 'wip' or my works in progress for those unfamiliar with this word.

I am always surprised that have more than I think and I always find one or two tucked away beside the sofa that I had forgotten about!


April 19, 2016

Home office Memo board ideas

One thing leads to another... So now my son has a new desk, I have decided he needs a memo board to go with his

April 16, 2016

My 10 favourite crochet bags from the IG crochet hook up.

These are 10 of the bags that caught my eye last week, they are either unusual, clever, colourful or all three! I must add that all the pictures on instagram last week were awe inspiring and it was so hard to choose just 10...

April 14, 2016

10 Lotions and potions I would buy again and again

As you grow older do you find you wear less and less make-up?

As an Air stewardess for British Airways (way back in the day!) we were encouraged to wear it,  but even then I tried to get away with as little as possible? I have never

April 12, 2016

Book review. Modern crocheted shawls and wraps: Laura strutt.

I have long been a fan of  'Made Peachy' aka Laura Strutt. So this book went on my wish list at the end of January, with several other new crochet books
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