May 06, 2015

A little birdy told me...

There's a new girl on the block...

and she's rocking the stationary world...

I am a super-fan already.

Who doesnt love a super tasteful and very 'on trend' cactus print? add some of my favourite words...
"Just because" and you have me hooked from the start. 

You should see the rest of the range, you can find it here There are even flamingo's and pineapples..swoon swoon!

So dig out your best pen and write something 'just because'

You can see more on Instagram Here
and find them on twitter Here

Do pop in and say hi from me, I'd say they are one to watch

DEAR to ME is also launching in Paperchase soon! 


May 04, 2015

Another very simple sewing tip.

My sewing tips may not be 'rocket science' clever, they are however simple, so simple in fact you may be doing the same thing already and calling it common sense?
Or you may find them useful to know, therefore I will share, they work for me....!

The scenario: you are happily sewing with a commercial pattern, everything is neatly cut out and you have transferred your markings from pattern to fabric.

The pattern pieces have been left on the fabric until the actual moment that you need to sew them as it helps with identification of each piece....

The Problem:
Time to remove the pattern from the fabric ie. those small pieces of the neck facing and sew them all together, in your excitement at your progress, you  leave the tiny pieces of tissue paper on the floor and they start to drift around the room.....
Later, you need to check the correct positioning of a pattern piece and want to refer to the actual pattern piece but you cant find it!

The solution: These small but handy, sturdy plastic bags. As I remove my pattern pieces from the fabric (especially the tiny pieces) I simply pop them inside the bag, with the pattern and any instruction info.
Only when I have completely finished sewing the garment do I then put everything back tidily in the envelope.
Even then keep the pattern stored in the bag, with any notes I have made about the pattern outside the envelope but in the bag, so when I am perusing patterns I can easily see my notes.

It works for me, what works for you?


May 03, 2015

Mr April a belated Man Sew.

This months 'man sew' was actually completed by mid April but unfortunately 'Mr April' has been away on business. As a result he has been unable to attend modelling assignments for yours truly.

I managed to book a slot in his busy appointment diary and 'captured' him on a Saturday evening stroll around the fun fair....wanna see?

Pattern and Details:

Pattern; Burda 7916 (third make from this handy pattern)

Fabric: 1.5 m of a heavy weight cotton stretch knit.

Sew Time: approx 1.5 hours from start to finish.

Approx Cost: £11.00

Meanwhile back at the fair with man's best friend in tow, I found him showing the 'nice lady' his new sweatshirt...

Here, he has just spotted the Thomas ride and has set off at a fine pace, eager to get first place in the queue...

...only to arrive a little too late! He has to patiently wait for the next ride...

Still waiting, this time for me to get off the Fun Bus...

As the light faded and the afternoon turned to dusk....

...he realised there was still time to grab a balloon to take home, he was after that shiny purple one!

You can read more about my 2015 man sew challenge here

Wishing you all the fun of the fair for this bank holiday weekend!


May 01, 2015

Yarn Shop Day at Butterfly Bright!

Tomorrow is YSD or Yarn shop day. In yarn shops throughout the land all us 'yarnie' types will be celebrating, will you be joining in and supporting your local yarn shop?

I will be popping down to my fave fabric and yarn shop that is Butterfly Bright in Sherborne.
I am very excited, those lovely girls invited me to help out with the crochet, I will be holding mini ....

April 30, 2015

Sewing ruffles...

I am loving the sound of this word today 'ruffles' don't you think it sounds like something soft and fun? It even rhymes with truffles. How can anyone not love a word like that?

I want to sew ruffles on everything at the moment...

April 25, 2015

A perfect 'Crafternoon' with Laura Ashley...

This time last week I was excitedly planning a 'road trip' to Bristol. 
I had been very lucky to receive an invitation to attend a day of crafting with Laura Ashley and some other crafty bloggers.

To me this sounded like the perfect way to spend a Sunday as it would involve a few of my favourite things ie. crafting and meeting other bloggers. The icing on the cake however, involved fabric and not just any fabric oh noo.. we were going to use Laura Ashley's Spring Summer 2015 range of fabrics and wallpapers, be still my beating heart! 
The event was to be held in the centre of Bristol at an amazing venue called @ Bristol. A science Museum!

April 22, 2015

A chair restored with love and fun...

I inherited a chair from my darling Nan. She died 11 years ago. I still think of her almost everyday and my chair is a precious link to her.

 Nan was frequently having chairs upholstered and re-upholstered, so this one has good 'bones' but I did not like the fabric, a plush velvet in a dreary pink with tatty fringing.
My dilemma was whether we could afford to have it professionally re-upholstered? The answer was easy we could not. We would have to have a go ourselves....

April 18, 2015

My version: Butterick B4790 the walk away dress

Oh yes!....I too jumped on the bandwagon when the GBSB gang sewed the walk away dress.

This is my version ...

April 16, 2015

Sewing a Denim Jacket: Butterick B5187

I found this pattern in a charity shop. It is a pattern that is unattractively styled (in my opinion) there was only one view I liked: view d, but what the heck, it was 50p I bought it. 
That was in september 2013, by October of the same year I had sewn it in a peachy coloured baby needlecord, I wore it a lot. I had always planned to make a Denim version. 
It took me almost 2 years to get around to it, so here is the 'lowdown'....

April 14, 2015

A round-up post: Shakespeare and other stuff...

Like it says on the tin, 'Round-up': a summary of facts or events.

It has been the Easter Hols. here in Dorset.

So lately I ...

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