July 05, 2015

Teaching a non sewer to sew is pure joy!

I recently taught two amazing ladies to sew an 'A' line skirt. I think they taught me a few things too..

We were at Butterfly Bright, the delicious fabric and yarn shop in the beautiful old town of Sherborne, Dorset. At the back is a pretty yard with a workshop. It was delightful morning, the smell of real coffee in the air, abbey bells ringing and all the doors and windows open to let the warm breeze circulate.

My two apprentice sewists arrived early, fabric in hand eager to learn. We started with learning about sewing pattern info, about fabric and sewing terms, onto cutting layouts and before I knew it they had their skirts pinned, cut out and were ready to sew.

We used the pattern shown above, new look 6290. It takes less than a metre of fabric to sew this skirt.
I decided that as the class was a small one,  I would join them in sewing a skirt, here are our fabric choices...mine is the end one with tiny stars.

One of these ladies had sewn a few craft projects before, but never made a garment and the other had not sewn since school, as she was now retired, we worked out that was approx 52 years ago!
She was a family lawyer in her working days. the other lady was a science and maths teacher who drove a vintage 1970's land rover! I loved these two, so very interesting and a pleasure to teach.

Below you can see the superb workshop areas we were sewing in, probably converted stables?

 As the garments grew I could see both ladies change and become so proud of their work, there was less chat, more serious concentration. the machines were whirring.

Our finished results...

Yes we still had hems to finish!

My retiree was so proud of herself and her skirt she kept it on for the photos!  My skirt was for Butterfly Bright to use as a sample when advertising classes. I liked it so much I may have to make another to keep and wear!

The ladies taught me that there is a very special feeling that comes at the end of a days sew. It is a feeling you get when you have given someone the confidence to go home and sew alone, when you have seen the pure joy of accomplishment in their eyes that says 'I made this' and knowing you helped them achieve something to be proud of, you can't beat that feeling.

Thank you ladies!

I am teaching very basic sewing skills again this week at butterfly bright, anyone fancy coming down to sew summer Pj bottoms?


July 03, 2015

Modern crochet Boodles lamp shade cover

I'm on a 'modern crochet'  roll.... I am simply loving this crochet book by Molla Mills you can read more about it in my recent post here. I believe there is a second edition in the works, worth looking out for?
Having already crocheted a couple of baskets, I moved on to a lampshade. I  posted about it first on my instagram feed...  with a little glimpse of the shade I was working on...


July 01, 2015

Five baskets and one bowl, full of works in progress

I dont think it is naughty, do you? To have lots going on, all at the same time?...

June 28, 2015

A 30 minute project: Boodles chain and knot hanging plant pot holder

I have been playing around in my brain with this simple DIY. project  for weeks...

A little history by way of explanation...


June 26, 2015

Lillestoff I love you

I truly do...organic cotton, stretch jersey, retro, colourful prints, bright, ethical, so many favourite words in there and all encapsulated by  Lillestoff...

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