February 09, 2016

Liberty love

As mentioned in my previous post, I recently visited the Liberty in Fashion, exhibition in London, showing at the Fashion and Textile Museum.

The Fashion and Textile Museum is based in Bermondsey and housed in a converted warehouse. Dedicated to all aspects of fashion and textile design and founded in 2003 by the designer Zandra Rhodes. The museum showcases an ongoing programme of temporary displays. Looking back over their catalogue of past exhibitions I was heart broken to see all the loveliness I had missed last year.

I met up with fellow blogger and
 textile fan, Jane from Handmade Jane. We started with coffee and cake (what else?) In the very cute cafe adjoining the museum, then toured the Liberty exhibition.

The beauty and the fine details of these garments do not show up in my photos. They are far more beautiful in real life! So I suggest that you visit before it closes at the end of February?

The exhibition gently leads you around from era to era. From the 1920's/30's to the present day...

Jane and I thought these first few images were very 'Downtonesque' as I am I sure you will agree?

Moving on to the 30's and 40's ...exquisite details.

Collier Campbells textile designs seen below appeared to be so familiar...late 70's - early 80's

Present day... Vivian Westwood dress and Nike air max. How cool is Liberty?

My favourites? These three below...

At least 70 years apart, but I love them equally and would happily wear them today, texture, print and colour with superb details; Harris Tweed dress and Cacharel Macintosh. 
Swoooon..........what more could a girl need?

1920's silk jacket sleeve detail...

 Lunch that's what!

Jane and I retired to the splendour of the Liberty regent street store and shopped and chatted and lunched. then shopped and chatted some more. A splendid day out.

Anyone else seen it? I highly recommend it if you haven't.



February 08, 2016

Lately a round up...

So its the second week, of the second month of the year already! As usual there has been crocheting happening around here. I have made progress with


February 06, 2016

Instagram made real

Instagram: I adore you, but you are an addictive, amusing, beautiful time waster. You inspire and make me smile daily. Indeed I find it hard to live without you. Thank goodness you are only available to me online. I need a screen and the internet to view your pretty pictures...

February 03, 2016

Six sewing books on my wishlist.


I posted a crochet book wishlist last week. This week it is the turn of  six sewing books that have caught my eye recently. some of them haven't even been published yet...!


February 02, 2016

The Back Story: Jelly Jam Ellie.

This is the third installment of my monthly series, 'The Back Story' In which I put 5 questions to some talented artisans, ones I particularly admire. This month may I introduce you to Ellie from Jelly Jam ? Some of you may already know her, or may even be lucky enough to own one of her fabulous vintage fabric creations.


January 31, 2016

Rust to retro, a mini filing cabinet restoration.


Yet another restoration from my very talented other half. He has been busy, busy, busy in January. Not only did he make me a superb industrial

January 30, 2016

5 crochet books on my wishlist


Five  new crochet books I need and want asap... 

January 28, 2016

Five guilty pleasures


Just Five? Well ok, so that is as many as I care to admit to in this post!

But for heavens sake girls, tell me why, oh why do we have to feel guilty about so much?
Maybe its my age, but I think, if it makes you feel happy, if it makes you smile, then simply throw out the guilt and enjoy yourself! Life is just too short dont you think?


January 26, 2016

3 Crochet projects for 2016

crochet plans lazydaisyjones.com

Three Things I fancy hooking up asap, or three things I really cannot wait to start! In no particular order...

January 24, 2016

Can't cook won't cook?

Hunger is a rare thing for me to feel. I simply have no appetite, it has always been this way. I have been known to forget to eat! For me
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