Friday, 30 January 2015

Room to create magazine and my room a... little peep.

Way way back in the summer of last year, I had started on a major project to de-clutter my sewing room.
I took pictures as I went and played around posting them on instagram by way of distraction.

By sheer luck and coincidence, I was contacted by a lovely lady from America who had seen my pictures and wanted to know if I would be interested in taking more detailed pictures so she could use them in her new publication that was possibly launching at the end of the year?

Well what would you say?

I sent her my images, answered some questions and devised a very simple "how-to"

That was that, I promptly forgot all about it.

Then just in time for New Year celebrations, the magazine launched and was published in America.

I was terribly proud to see my little sewing room in the magazine and it has been a revelation to me to find and connect with my fellow bloggers and crafters who are also featured in this lovely "bookazine" 

Most of you will never see it because it has only been published in the US, even my Mum who lives in Florida was unable to find any copies. 
The publishers were sending me copies but as you can imagine I was impatient to see it with my own eyes!

Two wonderfully kind and generous people came to my rescue....

The first was Marjan from Cowroad  blog, Her husband had managed to nab the last copy at their local store and she scanned the pages of my bit and sent them to me!

The second was Chrissie from Chrissie crafts blog. She contacted her Mum in America who promptly sent her 2 copies one of which she posted to me!

Thank you to these two very special  (to me) ...ladies of Blogland.

Here are some of the other bloggers featured in the magazine:

I think I will do another entire post and feature all of my fellow crafter and bloggers from "room to create " because they are all fab and fascinating...

So you had better watch this space...

Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Art Of Knitting

Knitting? I can hear you thinking...she does not knit!

You are right, I cannot and do not Knit, so when I was asked to review a new magazine all about knitting I said yes...


I said yes because I want to learn how to knit again, I was taught to knit by my darling 'Nan' when I was about 10 years old.

However I have not knitted for years and years, so was keen to start over.

I even have my own lovely collection of old knitting needles...

A large exciting parcel arrived, containing not just one issue but two, with yarn, knitting needles and a handy folder to keep all the issues in.

Lovely colourful photography, so far so good. The idea is that each issue teaches you a new stitch that you can combine to make up a pretty blanket.

I had a couple of hours free time and sat down with a cuppa to teach myself the basics...

The instructions are clear and easy to follow...

....and just look what I knitted in 10 minutes...I know, I know it would probably take you knitters  2 seconds to do this?

But I am trying....I am giving this knitting malarky a go...

Then it all came back to me, the reasons I disliked knitting; the counting rows, the monotony of the same stitch, how slow it gave me a headache, and I put it down.

I am so sorry to have to admit it to all you knitters of the world, but I am not a knitter and never will be!

I am a Sewer first and a Crocheter second "and thats that and all about it.." as my other halfs Nan used to say.

It is a good publication, Great for newbie knitters, there are simple beginner patterns included and it will build up to a fab collection. I have the crochet one (well of course I do!)

More details on this and other issues can be found HERE

So if anyone would like the first two issues plus the folder and knitting needles and the white yarn..(the dog got the pink and I have used the blue to crochet a slug ooops sorry)

Then let me know via comments and I will send it off to you  asap (the 'toh' will pick someone 'randomly' in 1 week)


Ps I was sent this magazine courtesy of  'The art of knitting' but the opinions are mine all mine!

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