May 24, 2015

Sewing plans ...

I often think that if you publicly announce a list of things you are planning to sew, then very often those things actually get sewn...?

Here then is a list of things I plan to sew...

Another pair of Sew Over It Ultimate trousers this time in stretchy denim with a hint of gold thread...oh la la!

 A fathers day gift:

A plain style t-shirt with a lace panel for myself:

A man sew project:

and a teeny tiny vintage dolls dress:

I suppose then I had better stop blogging about this list and actually start sewing it? because from my point of view that pile is looking rather large ...

I have to ask I the only one with a pile this high or are you more organised? Thank goodness its a long weekend!

Have a good one!


May 23, 2015

What a difference a duvet cover makes...our bedroom:

The story behind the story:

I rarely write about or photograph our bedroom, simply because it is an undecorated mess!
From previous experience with our other houses, I have noted our bedroom is always the last to be decorated. The first is always the kids room with the second usually being the Kitchen or lounge closely followed by the spare rooms. Is it the same in your house? Here are some before pics...


May 20, 2015

Our spare room, my feature in June Reloved Magazine.

Actually not all the spare room is featured, just a part of the wall and some surrounding d├ęcor,

Reloved Magazine picked up on an old Tutorial from my blog and asked me for an updated photo. Its in the June issue, out now. Its a project from october 2012, wow nearly three years old...


May 18, 2015

Sewing Simplicity 1699 and old Tractors

A Saturday afternoon visit to our local annual steam rally comes in handy for three reasons:

#1 the 13 year old gets to bring a friend and they 'geek out' on the vintage tractors and tanks.
#2 TOH gets to drink cider and 'geek out' on the vintage tractors of his childhood.
#3 I get a brilliant backdrop plus an eager photographer to document my latest sew. I also get to drink cider and 'geek out' on all the handsome tractor drivers! Win win or what?

The details:


May 15, 2015

Paul the Toadstool

My version of 'Paul' the amigurumi Toadie was finally completed this week. He can now be found  in the mud with the dog, getting down and dirty with all the numerous critters in our garden...take a peep?

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