April 22, 2015

A chair restored with love and fun...

I inherited a chair from my darling Nan. She died 11 years ago. I still think of her almost everyday and my chair is a precious link to her.

 Nan was frequently having chairs upholstered and re-upholstered, so this one has good 'bones' but I did not like the fabric, a plush velvet in a dreary pink with tatty fringing.
My dilemma was whether we could afford to have it professionally re-upholstered? The answer was easy we could not. We would have to have a go ourselves....

This is how the chair looked as we very carefully stripped it back to basics

It then disappeared for awhile, to my talented other half's workshop. he sanded, filled and smoothed it, finally painting it in my requested colour, a glossy sunshine yellow...

I took it to my sewing room and set to work. Quickly realising I did not have the skill to upholster it as it originally was.
My solution was to weave a back for the seat using strips of sewn fabric, pulled very tightly.
It took a whole day just to finish the back...

Next the seat cover, I added a layer of wadding to replace the horsehair (not ideal I know but we are saving pennies here don't forget?)

I used newspaper to cut out a pattern, allowing lots of overlap.
 Then holding my breath, I cut out the fabric...

My chair now looked like this...
To celebrate I sat on it! and enjoyed a well earned cuppa with a bowl of cadburys mini eggs

Now to tidy it up and add some finishing touches.
What could be better than a trim of Pom-Poms?
 Luckily I had some in my stash.
The final flourish was completed by hand using strong thread and a thimble to cover my poor pricked fingers.

so from this:

to this:

Time to add a few well chosen accessories...

I sewed a new cushion cover in denim and the other half restored a beautiful vintage industrial Anglepoise light!
My Nan would have said 'bit bright ducks' and 'very you' and she would be touched to know I was loving and using her old chair.
Have you ever tried upholstery of any kind? next time I will wear gloves!
PS. Unfortunately the light is not ours it is a special commission for someone else and we have to let it go soon. How I wish we could keep it.

April 18, 2015

My version: Butterick B4790 the walk away dress

Oh yes!....I too jumped on the bandwagon when the GBSB gang sewed the walk away dress.

This is my version ...

April 16, 2015

Sewing a Denim Jacket: Butterick B5187

I found this pattern in a charity shop. It is a pattern that is unattractively styled (in my opinion) there was only one view I liked: view d, but what the heck, it was 50p I bought it. 
That was in september 2013, by October of the same year I had sewn it in a peachy coloured baby needlecord, I wore it a lot. I had always planned to make a Denim version. 
It took me almost 2 years to get around to it, so here is the 'lowdown'....

April 14, 2015

A round-up post: Shakespeare and other stuff...

Like it says on the tin, 'Round-up': a summary of facts or events.

It has been the Easter Hols. here in Dorset.

So lately I ...

April 03, 2015

New obsession refashion sewing...

At the moment I have a new fascination: chopping up old clothes...

and making new ones out of them..wanna see?

April 02, 2015

Throw back Thursday My shelfies then and now...

I have only just begun to notice all the 'Throw back Thursday' posts or #tbt as they say on IG.
Have you seen them?

So I thought I would blog a #tbt and why not? .....it is Thursday.

I am combining it with another popular image and hashtag #shelfie
(For the uninitiated its a pun on a #selfie but you post a pic of your shelf) get it?  Just look at this...

March 31, 2015

Paper flowers, a simple how to, and the kids can join in too.

Do you remember 'Golden Hands' magazines? My Nan used to have them, I always loved the back page, it had great project ideas for children.
   Imagine the grin on my face when I spotted this recently...

March 30, 2015

March 25, 2015

My favourite sewing blogger...

Have you ever been advised against favouritism? I understand why its for reasons of exclusivity i.e. by favouring one, all others are excluded.

Well I have a favourite sewing blogger. Apologies in advance to everyone excluded by my favouritism! Its that moment, you know the one when....

March 23, 2015

Round-up: a summary of facts or events.

I visited Ikea,

The boy is collecting cacti he keeps them in his bathroom...

I bought a kitchen storage basket for those sewing bits and bobs and  added it to my peg board like this...

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