Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Sewing Francois ...yay!

The pattern arrived on Saturday morning, I started sewing saturday evening, finished it on Monday (would have been Sunday but I had to work) and wore it on Tuesday!

May I present Francois my newly made dress and yet another Tilly and the Buttons triumph!


FABRIC: This was my trial run so I used fabric from my stash, It was a lightweight linen and silk mix, looked nice but I needed a fabric with a little more natural stretch which this did not have.Tilly recommends a fabric that will hold a shape and has some natural stretch. Next time I will make sure of this.

FIT: This was my 'trial run'  so I cut for my size after reviewing the pattern measurements. It fit me perfectly everywhere, I needed no adjustments. However I would cut it longer next time (I am 5ft 7") It is a little too short for me to be comfortable wearing this length.

SEW: No problems, watch out for the long front dart, it does curve and Tilly does mentions this in the superb instruction booklet, you have been warned.

SEWING SKILL LEVEL : This is only my opinion, but if you are a beginner sewer, I would not recommend starting with this pattern,Tilly has so many other patterns in her range that are suitable for beginners, such as 'Coco' and her 'Miette' skirt pattern too, I would try those first.

You can find all the Tilly's patterns and info you need on Francois HERE as Tilly is having a sew along..... there is even a competition exciting or what?

I added my new swan brooch for that little extra touch!

No pics of me wearing it yesterday, I forgot the camera....duh!

bestest 'sewing Francois' wishes to you!

Saturday, 15 November 2014

My crochet christmas wreath 2014

Genuine inspiration takes you by surprise, devours you, and spits you out whole again only after you produce your inspired project in real life!

Does this happen to you?

So I was inspired by these two in Simply crochet:

My fave one is the one on the front cover, designed by the ever talented and superb crocheter; Kath Weber find her here  

I gathered some supplies:

I began to crochet and block my holly and mistletoe...

I double crocheted my way around a large polystyrene wreath available from hobbycraft

.....added some teeny tiny old fashioned lights.....

a tiny tree...

.....a snowman with a candy cane....

and a blue bow just like Kath's....

Taa dah indeed!

all in all I am very happy with my 2014 wreath what do you think?

....are you going to have a go?

Hopefully I have inspired you as I in turn have been inspired...lets pass on the inspiration?

Bestest festive (almost ish) ?!
Ps you can find a very simple how to for my other crochet christmas tree HERE

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Seven on Sunday: Vintage childrens sewing patterns.

 These are so adorable, I just had to share....

I am sorting my huge filing cabinet of patterns into 'sections' or 'depts' starting with the childrens patterns, and I discovered these little beauties.


look she is sniffing a daisy...

The illustrations are so sweet and so detailed, as for the colours... well i think they all deserved to be framed as art... ?


.....more daisies, I would hazard a guess that its the same artist?




A lollipop,


This is my favourite,

I think thats me...and just look at her bow and her blue shoes.... divine darling, just too, too divine!


So beautiful, I think I may just have make one of these and hang it on my wall as art.

I opened this one and found the pattern had been used and loved and carefully put away.

The pattern markings are attractive too and very clear, it is obvious that this dress was made more than once....

and I wondered about the dress and the little girl who wore it, where are they now?

It is sometimes bitter sweet to collect these old things, don't you think?
but then I do love and look after them.


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