August 03, 2015

Two new discoveries: A place in print and Nancy Straughan

I would love to share with you two of my recent discoveries:
Two different but amazing independent British companies, both producing two things I am passionate about and love buying for my own home, namely: Art prints and textiles .

The first Is Nancy Straughan from NS

'Established in 2013, Nancy Straughan Printed Textiles produces beautiful homeware and accessories crafted from her own unique range of organic printed fabrics. Nancy focuses on combining classic sophistication with uncompromising attention to detail for each print collection and product. Inspired by the motifs seen in Scandinavian and 1950s textiles she creates simple and refreshing contemporary products for you and your home.'

 Nancy says  "I set up my homeware company in 2013 after completing a degree in Printed Textiles a few years before. Every stage of the design and production is done by me from the pattern sketches to the packaging and photography. Sustainable and ethical practices are so important to me and I only print onto organic fabrics and recycled papers with eco friendly inks. Each stage of production is based in the UK, I don’t like to outsource anything as I want to support British manufacturing. "

I have to say she had me at Scandinavian and 1950' very me.....I think she is one to watch, don't you?

My second discovery is 

A place in Print  

Place in Print is a South London based design studio. They design a range of prints and products that celebrate the unique identities of the UK's neighbourhoods. Their aim is to bring beautifully designed, modern and affordable products to people's homes.

My favourite are these 'neighbourhood puns' prints...visual puns on place names.

This one caught my eye because my son was born in Eastbourne so a town very close to my heart! Clever and colourful win win I say? and its in my fave colour too

Ttake a look, there are lots more puns to smile at maybe even one with a place that is close to your heart ...?

Have you discovered any new websites recently? Do let me know .....I love to shop!



August 02, 2015

Crafty sewing for children, a portrait doll

A long while ago I designed and sewed up some soft dolls for children's toys. The original pattern for the body was from an early issue of Mollie Makes magazine.
I recently found them whilst sorting fabric piles and noticed one looked very much like my brother. I carefully wrapped the doll and sent it to him in time for his daughters 4th birthday...


July 31, 2015

Sewing for men: Mr July, Burda 7230 and Girl Charlee Fabrics

I bet you thought I had forgotten about Mr July didn't you? Well here he is, checking in as the last of July's sunshine is setting on the horizon...


July 30, 2015

A Scattering of cushions

I was looking for the collective noun for a group of cushions.
Unable to find one, I gave up and made one up! I was in the mood for some re-arranging, sofa cushions re-arranging...


July 28, 2015

Progress on my Sea Glass lace crochet shawl

I have never before undertaken such an intricate lacey pattern and enjoyed so much. My usual crochet menu consists of amigurumi and blankets...

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