Sunday, 19 October 2014

A sparkly wrist warmer crochet how to...

I have recently taken up my hook and yarn, because its that time of year for crochet.

Cosy evenings by the fireside, crocheting and watching tv, snuggled under a blanket with the cat and dog competing for lap space!

 I made a pair of wrist warmers, and then another and another...I had planned to give them as christmas gifts...

 after proudly displaying them on my instagram feed I promptly sold them!

Therefore I thought you might like to see how I made them, so if you are a crocheter you can make your own?

The Details:

Crochet hook size 4, used throughout.

The yarn I used has tiny sparkly sequins in it and is pure joy to make up.

this is the cream...

James C Brett 'Aria' a double knit yarn, in a mohair, wool and acrylic mix.

It comes in soft, subtle colours as well as black and red for christmas...exciting stuff.

The How to:

Fold in half....

Bestest wishes to you all for the week ahead..

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A hotch-potch blouse goes 'walkies' Burda 7798 pt. 2

In which a  hotch potch blouse is completed....

... is worn with wellies...

and is taken out for a "walkies" !

Spot the bow...I like bows.

The pattern is Burda 7798

I even found an old cardi to go with it.....

Thanks for the walkies little pooch..

You can find more details on the blouse and fabric HERE in my previous post...

The 'root' of this idea took flight when the lovely ladies that are Butterfly Bright in Sherborne, suggested I make this blouse for them in the lovely 'Gutterman" fabrics they now have in stock and then teach a workshop on how to make it!

So I gave it  a trial run to remind myself how it 'works', next time I will be making it in some gutterman fabric prints and planning a workshop on how to make it....

I am inspired and excited.... watch this space!


Thursday, 9 October 2014

A hotch-potch blouse idea....Part One

Don't you just love it when someone has an idea for you and suddenly your imagination grows wings and takes flight, just because of someone elses little idea...?

Well it happened to me.....I will reveal the root of the idea at a later date, but this is what resulted...

A hotch-potch idea:

For sometime I have been admiring Boden clothings hotch potch tops and dresses, 

White stuff do this too, mixing and matching prints and colours.

image courtesy of whitestuff

The idea of using up scraps of leftovers, in the most delicious way, in order to make something eye catching. Or using one print in different colourways to make one unusual garment.  

I had plans, ideas were bursting out of my head...a visit to the fabric shop was overdue.

I already had the pattern with the perfect panels and shape.

Burda 7798

I have had this pattern for some time now, I made a dress that did not suit me, and promptly gave it to the charity shop, 
It sold quickly!! (I kept an eye on it, it was my baby after all)

Then having filed the pattern away under 'not for me' I forgot all about it.

Then Georgina sewed it and reminded me about it.

Burda patterns are strange, they are not best for beginners (in my opinion,) 
Lisa from Bobobun agrees with me see her post HERE
Burda assume that everyone knows at least the basics of sewing a pattern. If I am teaching I assume the opposite, until informed.
This pattern is marked as easy, BUT it has a zip, pleats, bias binding and optional sleeves!
The pattern does not have notches, just tiny lines, so it is very easy (if a beginner) to get your sleeves on back to front, or cut two sleeves out for the same arm.

Any how...this was the option I was interested in for my "hotch-potch" idea:

I chose my fabric,

One print in three colourways, the fabric is 100% cotton by 'Lewis and Irene' it is called 'Honey Meadows'

I was drawn to the colours; not too summery, not too wintery, just cheerful and subtle.
Look at the little bee and butterfly motifs....soo cute, talk about a Sewing Bee?

Late on Saturday night I began.....

I roughly pinned the pieces together to see if it would work....

I think it will.....

This is where I am at the moment,
...bias binding is on at the neck and I'm fiddling with the sleeves...

 so bring me the weekend 

and I may finish and even wear this space...?

Bestest (hopeful) sunshine wishes to you all

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